Experience Clean And Fresh Air With This Helpful Advice

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomClean and fresh air is a gift from nature but the environment we live in nowadays has become so polluted because of human activities. If there is one helpful advice to help you experience the best air quality: avoid artificial chemicals in your home and invest your time in a natural way to achieve the best quality and breathable air. To give you concrete examples on how to achieve this, Check the following:

Keep Your Environment Clean

The simplest way to make sure you have great air is to ensure that your environment is clean. Air brings in whatever is in your environment or within your household. Make sure that your backyard or your lawn is free from bins that collect trash and decaying items. Cover patches of soil that may turn into mud when rain comes because you may bring whatever it has into your house. There is a reason why shoes are off-limits inside the homes of most Asians. If possible, avoid bringing in anything that was exposed to the outdoor environment for long periods of time. Even the clothes you wore all day outside could have particles in them. This is also why it is important that you wash up and sanitize first the moment you get home.

There can be toxic chemicals hiding in your environment that could be polluting the air. Discarded plastics and metals could contain harmful and toxic chemicals that could be activated from  sun exposure and carried out by the air. Turn your environment into a source of clean air and not a source of pollutants by cleaning out and maintaining a clean environment.

Be Careful With Your Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been a fad caused by the internet of late. People have started crowding their homes with plants and although they produce air and experience similar to having fresh air from your garden and actually make your place look pretty, they could also be collecting dust and even insects. To get the best out of your indoor greenery, clean them and bring them outside too from time to time. Make sure that dust doesn’t sit on those leaves and the soil is not inhabited by tiny insects. If you have flowering plants, it is better to leave them outdoors to keep pollens that might cause allergic reactions. You could just build a garden just outside your window if that is easier.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Air cleaning systems are great tools in filtering out airborne particles. The particles that it sucks are filtered and accumulated within the air filter itself and could be recirculated into the air if they are not taken out and replaced. Most air filter systems are easy to clean and have filters that are easy and cheap to replace. Use a filter for only a couple of months before discarding completely. Clean the other parts of your purifier/ filter to remove accumulated dust and other particles to keep it in great condition.

Invest In A Quality Air Filter

Speaking of air filters, invest in one that is of the highest quality standard. This equipment is essential especially for city living because of the higher exposure to air pollution. They are useful in cleansing the air form any airborne particles that’s impossible to remove with manual labor. According to this article about HVAC advice, air filters are useful to eliminate not just dust but bacteria, pollen, and mold among others. They could filter out those that are often missed out when cleaning and vacuuming. Not only these, they could also filter out germs that float in the air when people cough or sneeze. Only one air cleaning filter that will last you for years is all you need to invest on. Choose one that is heavy duty and can withstand long hours of use without the risk of damage that could also release toxins in the air. It wouldn’t be wise to invest in cheap ones that would break down easily after a couple months of use.

Make Way for a Natural Ventilation

The kitchen and the bathroom are the common sources of indoor pollution within the home. It is recommended that in these areas of the house, open air through a window or a vent is installed so that particles from food and human waste do not enter the house. It’s better if natural ventilation for the whole house is incorporated in the design already to maximize the potential fresh air in entering your home.

Natural Air Filters and Purifiers

There are natural air filters and purifiers that are making waves because of social media and modern home designers. Some examples of these are salt lamps, activated charcoal and even herbs like dried sage. These are popular for their ability to pull out toxins from the air. Essential oils are also another example because of their ability not just to give aromatic scents but also a more relaxing ambiance. Not just beneficial, they are also pretty adornments for your living room and bedroom. These are handy if you prefer an artsy type of home decors that are also useful in keeping fresh and clean air for your home.

Maintain Your Pet’s Hygiene

Pets are a great company to have at home but they require constant grooming and upkeep because they cannot do that for themselves. You should always give them a bath and regular check up from the veterinary because they could also be sources of air contaminants. Their furs could accumulate bacteria, pollen, and other particles especially after a walk at the park. Their feet could also be a breeding ground of fecal bacteria especially because they have a tendency to cover up after their own waste. It is important that for all the inhabitants of the home, hygiene is well maintained.

These are all part of a helpful advice that you should always remember: invest and practice natural and practical ways of maintaining clean and fresh air for your home and even workplace. Fresh and clean air is important not just for our health but our comfort as well. It is great to come home to a house where you can breathe easily knowing you have clean and fresh air around you.