Babaji: The Healthy Ego

babaji eraoflightdotcomNote: This is a conversation between Jahn J Kassl and Babaji.

JJK: In many of the messages I receive, there is always talk about the ego being “destroyed“, “tamed” or “dominated”. Is there such a thing as a “healthy ego”? After all, can the ego serve us as long as we do not let it dominate us? As long as I am the boss in the house, that is, in my consciousness, there is no danger from the ego – is there?

BABAJI: I bless every person who opens himself inwardly for this transmission. The “healthy ego” is of great value.

Healthy is what brings you into your divinity and reminds you of your I AM. A healthy “I” is equal to a healthy ego – and this “I” is to be rediscovered.

JJK: So to “kill” the ego is wrong and would mean to wipe out the I?

BABAJI: The trap that many people like to fall into is an ego or ego-relatedness that separates them from the divine. In doing so, only what serves the “I”, the false ego, is perceived – and everything divine, the spiritual-cosmic, is ignored.

JJK: How can people who are now insecure orient themselves? When is it the divine “I AM” and the ego that is essential for survival and when is the false ego involved?
To distinguish the false ego from the healthy ego

BABAJI: Whenever the motives of man are directed towards light and love, you are in the I AM CONSCIOUSNESS. Anything that appeals to your baser instincts, anything born of envy, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, or underlying fear is to be questioned. Who do I serve in this and how can I correct or rectify this.

The misunderstandings about the ego arise because very old beliefs and initiations are effective and have not yet been redeemed.

JJK: When I think of my many lives in the Catholic Church environment, it is no wonder that my ego has always been my enemy and never my friend. It will probably happen to other people as well?

BABAJI: That is why it is of the utmost urgency to recognize the right classifications, to understand them. If the messages from the Light that are transmitted to you speak of the “destruction of the ego”, then it is the “destruction of the false ego” that is spoken of and not the I Am consciousness, without which no human being can be himself!

JJK: Is this always expressed clearly enough?

BABAJI: If you want to understand it, you understand it.
Must the “false ego” be destroyed?

JJK: Is it necessary to destroy the “false ego”, which is so self-centered that it hides the originally human-divine? “Destroy” is a radical term that might frighten some readers?

BABAJI: What is wrong, what is harmful, what keeps a person in error and darkness must be recognized at its root – i.e. radically. Only then can a person rise to higher things. The process of recognition involves different methods – and “destruction” or “annihilation” is one of them.

A fire that burns everything brings about new growth. Destruction is often the only means of attaining liberation. Therefore, do not be afraid to recognize everything that is wrong as wrong and remove any form of energy that has no place in your life.

JJK: Many people, especially in the esoteric world, believe that the ego is basically something evil that has to be destroyed. Can a sick ego be healed so that it becomes healthy?

BABAJI: Every sick part of the body can be healed – and this also applies to the mental and spiritual areas. Only those parts that belong neither to the body nor to the spirit should not be healed, but must be redeemed or destroyed.

Ego-parts that are controlled by foreign energies or beings have to be removed – and this illness is widespread, because very many people are remote controlled and cannot live their own lives.

The foreign control of a person is always caused by a false ego. This can drive a person into madness and it is good to understand this before it is too late.

JJK: For some time now it has been a matter of course for me to give my ego a lot of space – the human “I”, which also wants to be perceived.

I would even like to go so far as to say: “A certain degree of egocentricity is healthy and essential for survival!

The self-centredness

BABAJI: Whoever understands and appreciates this egocentricity and at the same time stands in his I Am consciousness, lives in inner harmony and the danger of the ego perverting no longer exists. Establishing inner balance and seeing everything earthly in a larger context creates the space for growth.

Human consciousness is only clear and free when it has been freed from all overlapping. Then you will understand what the ego is all about and where the line between a healthy ego and a sick ego runs.

Then every healing is possible and you will reach for the necessary means and always find the necessary tools.

You are and I am.

Together we are one.


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