Seeding the Original Flower of Life

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomWith less than a week before Mercury turns direct, we are in the midst of wrapping up an extremely clarifying cycle that highlighted some important issues around accountability…in ourselves, those closest to us, and the places where we need to make changes and/or adjustments to align with our personal integrity.

Accountability, personal responsibility, inner-authority, etc. are key themes for 2020 as we set out to build a fully authentic life based on a solid foundation of inner alignment and Truth.  The nirvanic state of consciousness is governed by the higher, divine laws that demand right thinking & right action…inspired by non-polar, universal LOVE…and while this is our default setting on a spiritual level, there is a learning curve on the human level.

It’s been taking a minute to adjust, to reorient, to come to terms with all-new ways of existing in this new dimension of reality…to create the new, necessary behaviors and adopt the new habits that are required to live as a unified being, in the Heavenly realms.  We have no real point of reference here, no compass to navigate this new life experience so we are having to be very tolerant…very skilled at discerning True North, at listening to the voice of the Higher Self and abiding by it.

As is always the case with True Creation→ we are having to build the plane while in flight.

Moving from the separated world to the unified reality while in physical form is almost like being a walk-in to this existing body and life.  We feel different, more genuine maybe, but we are still in the flesh body that houses the cell memory of duality so as we look around our lives with True eyes we are confronted with the sobriety of our conditioning from lifetimes of separation, of fragmentation…and now that we have returned to ONEness, we are charged with the task of cleaning up the mess we made while in causality.

Everywhere we turn we are finding unhealthy patterns that need to be eradicated and/or resurrected in order to harmonize the lower body template with the Higher.

This Mercury retrograde cycle was challenging but extremely helpful for disentangling from the last of these old template dynamics.  Any remaining victim consciousness, codependent behaviors…hooks, snags, leaks, or openings…surfaced so we can seal up our field and recondition ourselves to new healthy patterns that honor our divinity, above all else. These new patterns are essential for rerouting our life force so it is self-contained, self-sustained, and regenerative…so we can channel all of our Creative reSources into our own potential, into the long term plan we are all creating for ourselves.

Now that the creative/sexual enslavement programming has been eradicated, the feminine Cosmic Christ within each of us is coming online to seed & birth our new physicality, our new temple, our ascended life experience from the Original Flower of Life. And so the entire focus of this (universal 4/feminine energy) year is on reCreating Life from the sacred, from the cosmic womb of Creation.

Ultimately, we are in the long-term process of embodying our birthrights…born of the alchemical marriage…to Create as fully integrated cosmic conduits.

So it is really important to finish up the inner-work this month, and especially thru this final cocooning week of retrograde.  We will continue to clean up and balance our energy, to pull our parts back, to establish & solidify healthy boundaries, and to tie up loose ends…well, all year likely…but during our time under Pisces Sun, this is our time to really cut ourselves loose from the entire Piscean astrological age (of crucifixion), leaving that played out story of suffering behind so we can finally eradicate it from our biology.

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