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Congratulations you made it through the last major shifts of energy. The good news is another shift is coming in on the 18th through the 21st. Although these shifts of energy are intense and at times extremely challenging they are a necessary component of the awakening and healing process. We have been extremely busy with plumbing repairs, winter cleanup, painting and remodeling along with the births of 13 new lambs. One today is walking backwards? All the white ones are males, the black and white ones are all female? Playing with the new born lambs watching them run and jump gives one a whole new perspective. We have had the pleasure of spending several days with Corey Goode filming the Accelerating Ascension series along with other shows. Get ready for some real bomb shells, nuclear in nature, that are going to shake up the Spiritual and UFO community. The Luciferian deep state has infiltrated and controlled the narrative within these communities especially the disclosure groups for years to the point where the narrative is now controlled, almost in it’s entirety. It began with the Rockefeller Initiative then grew from there with the same players backing the majority of the researchers, lecturers, and conferences who went along with their agenda. It’s going to get biblical.

Rockefeller Initiative
Link https://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Rockefeller_Initiative_Documents.htm#Widnall

Gaia TV’s Top Presenter Confirms That it is a Corrupt and Luciferic Organization! His Resignation Letter in Full! — Steemit
Link – https://steemit.com/news/@ura-soul/gaia-tv-s-top-presenter-confirms-that-it-it-is-a-corrupt-and-luciferic-organisation-his-resignation-letter-in-full

ECETI has always maintained impeccable integrity throughout this infiltration and take over not succumbing to the temptations of fame and fortune. Unfortunately, most fell victim too or were willing participants in this takeover. It’s never too late to shift back to the light side of the fence. There were some in the field of ufology that knowingly and willingly took their place as planned opposition, pointing the finger at the government for censorship and deception with one hand while the other was taking a check behind the back. I found it odd those who profess no New World Order often had card carrying CFR members and shills on their boards. Any question why ECETI and others who are authentic have been black balled. It has never been about truth, education or contact. It is about profit, entertainment, and controlling the narrative.

We ask the question why we do not have contact and why the off-world visitors are not contacting the main players? Why do the main players not have any information as to who they are, why they are hear, what are their cultures, their technologies? The answer is simple, they have not met the requirements for contact. They do not have an open mind, loving heart and pure intentions. Their come from is all wrong. Those participating in the controlled narrative cover-up are the problem, not the solution and the controlled narrative agenda is to suppress and censor legitimate verifiable contact. Many claiming contact often have no evidence, just a story often in need of attention. Others continue to tell stories over 60 years old. Keeping it in the past, nuts and bolts, far away sightings are the tools of the censors. Major shows covering aliens ancient and now are for entertainment and profit always keeping the questions unanswered. They stay within the confines of the controlled narrative. There are also attention seeking trolls and detractors trying to make a name for themselves with their Ad hominem attacks and character assassinations all of which establishes their own ignorance and character. Lately there is a group I refer to as Luci’s Angels, who are given a platform, promised fame and paid to attack those who are authentic by known Luciferian organizations. Follow the money and connect the dots. They attack your character viciously with such vile and venom then scream victim when you call them out on the lies and deceptions. What is even more ridiculous is some claim they are enlightened, Masters, Sensei, or following Jesus?

I can just see Jesus in some basement at a computer spreading lies and gossip all day. can’t you? It is hard to believe they cannot see the paradox and what does that have to do with creating heaven on Earth, Jesus or any other Master? I will let you in on a little secret. Contact comes with enlightenment. It is an internal process and you have been deceived by all the external distractions and false messiahs. Those who are empowering you to heal, awaken, make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection are the ones we need to listen too. Those who are humble, not ego driven, competitive seeking acceptance and approval outside of self. Those creating Unity rather than division. The higher consciousness and energy coming in will reveal all of this, bring it all to the surface. The phrase the Emperor Has No Clothes will be the theme at many of the major conferences in the days to come. The true motives and agendas will also be revealed. Enjoy the show.

Contact comes with enlightenment. This message is to empower you to have your own personal contact with Source and the Beautiful Many servants of Source which includes spiritually and technologically advanced Off World and Ultradimensional Beings.

James Gilliland



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