Mary Magdalene: Love and Embrace

mary magdalene eraoflightListen to the wisdom; You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

This concept requires wisdom, love and embrace. It can easily be misinterpreted and used incorrectly. It has many more facets than you can imagine.

Someone interprets it as merely loving one another and not understanding that one also needs to love oneself through one’s shadow pages. Another loves himself and tries to love the other but fails to love his shadow side for it may be reminiscent of something of the past.

This concept may seem simple but by no means is it simple. This is perhaps the most difficult thing at all, you loved. You need to meet everyone, just all your shadow pages. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love the one who has chosen a different sexuality than you represent, the one who has chosen a different religion, has a different skin color, etc.

I, Maria Magdalena, who comes back as just who I am in my feminine being, in my true femininity, I so endlessly ponder the most important thing; RELATIONSHIP. We never get away from the relational. You have a relationship to everything, not least to yourself. You have a relationship with the planet and its surroundings. There are forces that do not want to see you relational. They work too full for you to think it’s nice to not have to work and feel the relationship with you next. You operate so you cannot read each other’s moods, because the features are completely smooth. You can only communicate via a small box and then miss the whole relationship. Dear ones, look through. Do not let the right case fall for the pressure of the superficial. Stand up for what you are, no matter what you look like, with no beautifying filters. Use the technology to help, not help.

It is in the relationship that you can save the planet with all that it means. In the relationship with each other. When it comes to loving each other, you need to be able to fly between the personal and the impersonal. You actually have a tendency to often become too personal. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but because you are so personal you weave threads and shades into each other and can have a hard time finding out. From a spiritual perspective, it may look like a web of nuances in the most diverse colors and if you have a lot of conflicts with each other, the colors are dark and dull.

I ask you to listen when you have a hard time and be a bit impersonal at the moment. Then you get a clearer view and that does not mean that you forsake your feelings. You can live them out as much as you want, but you don’t always have to spend them on each other. You need to be subjective and at the same time objective, going in and out of these fields with agility and skill eventually.

The energy of the new age will mean a more objective view of one another and the ability to see oneself in a different way than the relationship pattern of the old thought.

You swim in the sea of ​​humanity together and you cannot do without each other. There is not a self but a you and you are about to learn to love you next as yourself.

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» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen