James Gilliland: Moronvirus

justnews eraoflightdotcomWe are renaming the outbreak due to censorship not to minimize concerns for those who have contracted it and those who have lost loved ones. Moron virus is dedicated to the morons that created it and released it. There is so much confusion concerning this virus. We are going to cover some of the stories as well as other agendas playing out by what some call deep state operatives.

According to sources this virus originated in the US and was distributed to a level 4 biological research lab in Wuhan. There are several stories on how the genie was let out of the bottle from a botched alphabet agency operation and fire fight to one of the doctors getting infected all happening at a wet market place or fish market. None the less the source of all of these flus and virus are labs where they are genetically modified. Follow the money, know the agenda of the NWO. This will reveal everything. Know who is going to profit from this, who has the patents, and who is making the vaccines. Who would want to shut down commerce and take down entire nations to throw people into abject poverty, “Slavery”. Then you will know the source of these plagues and how to stop them. Anything else is like putting a band aid on a severed limb.

Now that the genie has been let out of the bottle there are solutions. We need to first disclose we are not doctors, or giving any medical advice just sharing our own personal health activities. One boost your immune system, drink lots of pure fresh water, eat close to the ground no processed foods. Alkalinize your body and oxygenate the blood. Langenburg Water is the best oxygenated water you can get. Google, “One cup one life” and make gans water.

We are also taking boron adding it to the water or in capsules. Look up boron beneficial effects and dosages. High levels of vitamin C and Zinc also help be sure you have a good vitamin C. There is also energetic or frequency devices that can eliminate the virus. Most important don’t get into fear. Be vigil and responsible taking necessary precautions like you would do during any flu outbreak. China is also saying the virus has peaked numbers going down and businesses starting back up in China. The vast majority of deaths were elderly people average 80 years old. Comparing this outbreak to other flu outbreaks thus far it is not as deadly although as a contagion it is very fast moving. This to shall pass. By summer most likely it will be a memory.

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