The Real Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

earth shining eraoflightdotcomHey Astromomma fam! I have missed you all! I have wanted to write a piece on the astrological interpretation of the recent corona-virus for days now. I honestly couldn’t write a thing, and literally had writers block for days. Like most of you, I have been in a state of ” information overload”. We are in unprecedented times. Astrology has always been my go to in looking to the higher meaning to everyday affairs. This virus is no exception, so I decided to look to the future of the astrology to perhaps provide some clues and even comfort on what is to come. This is by no means a prediction guide, but hopefully can provide some insight.

When looking at the astrology of the recent months, we had one particular aspect that we have never had in our lifetimes. This would be the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, that occurred on January 12th. This aspect last happened over 500 years ago in 1518. Saturn in astrology, represents: restriction, boundaries, obligations and karma. Pluto in astrology, represents: transformation, power, hidden forces and regeneration. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, represents: the government, big business, the patriarch, destiny and authority.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn aspect catapulted our awareness of power and control. Or in the case of current times ,the lack of what we really have control with in our lives. This once in a lifetime aspect, which by the way, is still playing out, even though it was exact in January, brought up the limited way we have reacted to fear and “being in charge”. Capricorn likes to stick to the rules and follow protocol. Unfortunately, there is no protocol for a virus that has never been seen or made recognized till now. As we now know, restrictions on our everyday life are now common place. Isolation and quarantine have become the new norm. This is very much a Capricorn tactic of holding on to one last thread of order in a world of panic. Now I am not saying this is wrong or unjust, considering what we are dealing with, just making note of these very Capricorn like tactics.

The true enlightenment of the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn aspect was realizing that we in fact are “out of control”. Everything is. The illusion that our job or the government could save us is something of the past. In the end, its our own connection to our internal power and source that will always remain. It is actually the surrender to this fact that allows new creative solutions to emerge. This is where we are headed. The real Aquarian age is upon us. Aquarius, is the sign of the people and invention. A true rebel who thrives in the unknowns. Let me explain why this is so critical, not only in our survival but for setting up future generations to come after we are gone.

The outer planets of: Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto will continue to progress through Capricorn, each one will eventually enter the sign of Aquarius. The outer planets in astrology tend to show activity on a larger scale as they are stay in a sign for a longer time and impact us for months if not years. Saturn, the planet of: restriction, obligation and duty enters Aquarius on March 21st for a brief 3 month transit, before going retrograde, then re-entering Aquarius for good later in the year. Jupiter, the planet of luck, wisdom and expansion, enters Aquarius in December 2020, to stay till the end of 2021. Finally, good ol Pluto, the planet of: transformation, regeneration and power, enters Aquarius in 2024-2044( yes you read that right).

Aquarius, as previously described, is an air sign, that is known to be all about: people, invention, dreams, originality, progress and sweeping change. If there was a time for re-invention, or dealing with the craziness of life, Aquarius, would be the maverick in charge. In true Aquarius style, we are set to come together to unite in a way that has never occurred. Yes, Aquarius rules technology, so many of these “connections” will still continue electronically. The difference now is the awareness that even technology, within its finest, can’t really connect us. It literally took something “beyond our reasoning” to figure this out. That is where the true genius of invention is created. Expect breakthroughs of unprecedented kinds within technologies to help us combat this and similar types of pandemics in the future. With all the craziness of these times, from an astrological standpoint, we are so fortunate to be entering into the Aquarius age. True liberation from our old ways of being is upon us.

In closing, this is just a perspective and I hope it has settled your mind and heart a bit. No one has the answers. It is time to step into a new way of being and thinking as we are now dealing with circumstances and conditions that we have never seen. If anything (my humble opinion) this virus, has the potential to connect us like we have never been connected before. It has shown what truly matters and in many respects, the liberties we so take for granted. As mentioned, the Aquarius age we are now entering is all about realizing ” WE ARE ONE”. Take care of yourself and one another. I will continue to write about future aspects and hope you found this article to be of interest. Sending you all lots of love and well wishes. Remember, we are all in this together. Let us stand united in love and compassion for ourselves and one another.

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