Rapid Reality Shifts and the Equinox Gateway

star bright eraoflightdotcomBlessings Beloveds ~

Our predicted amplification is producing some surreal effects in the Ascending collective. As always, we embrace these shifts, knowing we are the pathcutters for the renewed Divine Template of Freedom. ⁠

I woke up yesterday infused with the new light energies and a brand new reality. Everything felt completely different – again. This happens throughout our Ascension process as we shed the old Self. However, now that we have a Cosmic-Level dismantling of the old systems through the New Stargate systems, and some very high-level Embodiment occurring on Gaia, the collapse of lower realms will feel like this – consistently.  A complete drop-off of old realities, timelines, and attachments.

Artificial creations are easy to dismantle/turn off with collective intention, unification and agreement (action.) Organic Creations survive because they use pure Source energy; the background vibration of Divine Love/Divine Mother. Since we are in training to experience all of this simultaneously through a Zero Point heart, we feel the higher Now, the old Now, and the strange in-between in the body. This is why balance, meditation and self care are essential.

Your reaction demonstrates your level of Consciousness.

The timeline divisions are becoming physicalized this year – and that is quite evident with the current physicalization of artificial fear-based timelines and organic New Earth crystalline creations. Look from the higher perspective (do not forget who you are, dear heart) and witness the truth of what is unfolding.

Those aligned with the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods may feel the distinct drop off of the controlled timelines happening in this now. You are being released from those realities, and the Freedom codes are up-regulating right in your own DNA. There are massive shut-downs occurring both behind the scenes and on an energetic level. Remember it’s a removal of energetic support, not a battle. Note the vibrating, flashing fields as the new light breaks through the veils.

We addressed widespread death at the beginning of the year; Gatekeepers may feel a bit overworked, yet excited. Our Teams and higher levels are very aligned right now. Many are very busy in dreamstate since this involves multiple levels of self and the alliances you maintain upstairs.

In our personal life, it feels like a surreal drop off of trajectories. These shifts in our realities do get physicalized; yesterday the Yoga Festival was cancelled, the day before it was to begin.

Mount Shasta has called me home for Equinox and I AM feeling the power of what is about to unfold. ⁠ Clear Cosmic-level, Source-level perception through the heart will serve us well during this passage.⁠


Saturday March 14: Pre-Equinox Webinar

Since the predicted transformational phase of March 13 – April 13 is upon us, I AM hosting an online webinar this Saturday, March 14 from 10AM -12 noon PDT.  I will provide uncensored intel on what is happening during this phase, address the global issues at hand, strengthen us in our Divine Light, provide some tools for rising above the fray of collective thought form, and align with the Golden Race DNA codes and influxes of Christed activation.⁠ Q&A afterward.

Join us live or watch/listen to the replay. Details HERE.

Crystalline Convergence Update

First, let me send a giant heart-beam to the High-Vibe Tribe as registrations increased this week. That says a LOT about the starseed perspective, unified intent and following higher guidance.

I had a heartfelt meeting with the Sedona Creative Life Center about our event and current public health concerns. They witnessed (and admired) the focus, power and presence of our group on the 12-12 and agree that it is important to implement our higher level guidance and activations during this powerful Gateway.

Honestly, I AM feeling more powerful than ever. Some are struggling with the collective thought forms, and have genuine concerns. I honor all experiences of what is unfolding. I feel – and the Center and our caterer agreed – that this fear/control/illness agenda will dismantle quickly. Rather than cancel or postpone, we are negotiating Livestream and replay options for those who would feel safer at home. It feels like a good investment. More on that very soon.

Current ticket holders: Please give me a moment to work out the details. Hold off on any what-to-do emails through Equinox, please. You will receive a lengthy email with options and details will be posted on the event site as soon as possible. Remember I have to travel this week. Breathe and feel the higher experience of transformation we are co-creating.

Decrees for the Now

I AM still sharing DNA Decrees on Social Media, right through the early June Gateway. You may view them even if you don’t have an account.

SUNday Unity Meditations: Equinox Unification

Consistency builds spiritual power.  Collective DNA Golden Race code-shares are ON. We amplify the overwriting and overriding of all uncomplementary realities in this Now.

Join us on SUNday March 15 at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT (UTC -7) for our Global SUNday Unity Meditations. Details HERE.

Equinox Global Meditation/Ceremony

We will have a special Unity Meditation on Thursday, March 19 at 8:49 pm PDT (UTC – 7) for the Equinox peak. Open your heart, meditate or celebrate with clear intent to raise the LoveLight level.

Sending everyone extra peace, power and protection this week. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

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