Countdown Has Begun

it is time eraoflightdotcomDear groundcrew so much is happening behind the scenes now and things have indeed accelerated since our FULL DISCLOSURE FALL OF PATRIACHY GLOBAL MEDITATION which I just realized is only 9 days ago… though it feels like ages ago… a united effort of over 1100 groundcrew pioneers of light have surely had an impact, of course multiple groups and councils are working for this common goal in the seen and in the unseen. We must not underestimate the power and impact that we have when uniting our light and loving hearts for the all.

I really feel everything has been escalating this last week… and is cracking and opening now… all the files, the vaults, the secret chambers that hold the most horrible things as well as the most amazing things that are going to turn our world as we know it upside down radically within a short time from now. Countdown has begun, arrest are being made and those accountable are trying to flee or escape. We got this. All this is happening in the midst of the Corona as we are numbed and abstracted by fear… at least that is what is aimed, but I feel that fear has not got a hold, though many are in fear, the predominant energy is trust and faith, that we can do this! A wave of hope is sweeping across the planet… a true resurrection and liberation is taking place and it is tangible… there is a profound feeling of joy beneath the surface bubbling and pushing forward to brake the dam and veils of deception!

Today I had a massive cry outburst…. a waterfall of tears were leaving my eyes and heart for all the children that are soon to be liberated….. having known for so many years about what is going on behind the scenes has been immense…. and I just realises that I have actually held the pain of all those children, that have been subject to the insanity and cruelty that the human mind cannot even fathom. And I was just shown now that liberation is TRULY near, ALL will be revealed now, whether we are ready or not…. and really you can never be ready for this because it is unfathomable what has happened throughout thousands of years on this planet. I could feel and see the reason the true reason that I have been looking like a pregnant woman the last decade or so (not that I am overweight though could loose a little weight) I knew it was because I am an earth keeper and transformer of energies for mother Gaia and assisting as a midwife, as so many of you, but now I could see that I also “held” all the pain of those thousands of children being tortured and traumatized and worse than that. I will not go into details … do you own research, there is enough evidence… closing our eyes will not work, because truth will be for all to behold soon. And yes I have noticed that I am loosing weight at the moment without me having changed anything in my diet… and I even discussed it on dreamstate with my sister. The weight (burden OF PAIN) of milleniums are falling away. Two days ago I felt like that there was a collapse of the old planetary grid or a complete dismantling… it is like the plug was drawn… no matter the chaos and insanity currently taking place before our eyes, Eden is returning, the angelic tribe (it is us) is returning. Be in trust soon we can breathe out… but yet we have to remain strong thru this next phase… but ehhhh we were made for this. We can do this shift. My deepest gratitude to each one of you for being here… by god what we are doing here is beyond the imaginable. Victory to the light.

~Grace Solaris

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