Did the Alliance Take Back Social Media?

era of light alternative news connectionSocial media censorship has been rampant for years. Since the 2016 election big tech companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have shadowbanned or deleted pro-Trump posts, QAnon content, and natural health treatments. But due to recent developments, censorship is being lifted. In the past 24 hours, four different articles were uncensored that were damaging to the Deep State. In addition, QAnon searches have exploded on Google, and Pizzagate related conspiracy images are now able to be found on google images. What’s happening?

Stillness in the Storm has been sharing information for over 7 years on this site, revealing spiritual teachings, natural health treatments, cabal corruption, occult secrets, and an ocean of other topics that dismantle the false reality of the powers that be.

The control systems use propaganda and mass media to feed you lies that ultimately are designed to control your mind, your will, and your spirit.

I became aware of this insidious agenda after waking up in 2010 when I discovered Dr. Max Gerson’s suppressed cancer cure. Once I realized that the belief that cures do not exist was the conceptual block that was preventing people from grasping the life-saving power of the truth, I knew that the solution was to bravely speak the truth, with integrity and compassion.

Soon after the 2016 election, big tech censorship efforts ramped up considerably. Major altmedia sites and social media pages were taken down, some with over 10 million followers.

But since the coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, clues suggesting a shift has taken place began to surface. We reported on these shifts several days ago, and those articles were swiftly censored on Facebook.

Here are the posts that were censored (in blue links):

Trump Pushes For The Biggest Emergency Economic Stimulus in History — Mass Arrests, NESARA, Financial Reset Initiated?

The Storm Is Here! On the 7th Birthday of Stillness in the Storm, Let’s Bring the Stillness

Just hours ago, something truly unprecedented happened.

Before I say what that is, you need some context.

The content we post on this site has been censored for years. Usually, our posts are removed or censored without any notice at all. About a year ago, social media companies started giving notices that posts were being removed. This new policy allowed for people to contest the decision. And I would take the time to contest every censored post. Facebook never responded or removed censorship on a post.

All this changed earlier today when the five posts listed above were spontaneously uncensored. Here are the screenshots to prove it.

What the hell is going on?

Did you notice the date? March 17th…

» Source » By Justin Deschamps