James Gilliland: COVID-19 Statistics and Information

alternative news eraoflightdotcom newAs of March there are 11,679 cases in America.

There have been 170 deaths, a .0145% death rate mostly elderly over 80 or those with extreme health challenges.

98.5% of the cases lived having mild to flu like symptoms.

The genome of the COV19 is 70% human, 20% bat and 10% fish according to UC Irvine Bioinframatics division. It was created in a lab over ten years ago. Many of the corona virus patents go back to a bio lab in Georgia. Other bio labs also worked on the same projects. A very well-known billionaire owns the patent who is very vocal about eugenics and population control. The global elite have also made it very clear they want the vast majority of the world population to be exterminated. Do the research and connect the dots. If you want to stop pandemics, ask the right questions. Hold those responsible accountable. Who created the virus, who owns the patent, who benefits and how does it fit into the plans of the global elite. None of these questions will be asked in the corporate owned main stream media.

The Swine flu another manufactured virus in 2019 infected 60 million people with 300,000 hospitalized with a mortality rate of .02%. The death toll was 12,500 according to CDC and was much more virulent. There was no panic, no toilet paper hoarding, no stock market crashes and no 24/7 news coverage with talking heads running around like their hair was on fire saying you should be very, very scared.

There are two possibilities, one they are lying about the statistics and this is less or more severe than they are telling us. Two there is another agenda, something else playing out. Some say it is due to unsealing the indictments and mass arrests. Others say it is due to a global reset of the monetary system. Another theory is America is separating itself from China. One death is to many and the elderly are not expendable so error on the side of caution. Cleanliness and proper hygiene, social distancing, cleanses, eating healthy are all great ideas pandemic or not. Stepping out of the herd and finding self, your own unique purpose is always beneficial. Having 3 weeks plus food supply is also a great idea due to severe weather, natural disasters, or social unrest.

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