Natural Remedies to Treat Common Illnesses

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomThe onset of a new season and the extreme weather conditions amplified by daily life stress and struggles can cause different illnesses to a lot of people. Traditionally, nature has been generous in providing relief to some health problems that are not that severe. There’s been a resurgence of adapting a more natural way of remedying mild illnesses because of all the toxic byproducts of other medicines.  All the supplies you would need can be found in your kitchen pantry. These are inexpensive and would not give any side effects that cause other health problems.

These remedies are typically just made with a single ingredient or a concoction of different herbs, fruits, and other spices.


Garlic particularly is very powerful in treating and preventing even chronic illnesses from happening. It helps in relaxing the muscles and causes blood vessels to dilate that in turn reduces hypertension. It can usually be eaten raw or pulverized in a capsule form. When cooked, garlic soup can be a remedy to help reduce the harshness of the common cold and flu, accompanied by ginger and plenty of water. Most of the spices you have in your cabinet have medicinal properties. If you are experiencing a dry cough, you can mix basil leaves and ginger in hot water to make tea and drink it whenever you need relief from your itchy throat. Cinnamon is a great remedy for bad breath, high blood sugar, abdominal constipation and nausea. You can mix it in your drinks for a better flavor which can also give you respite when you are sick.


Fruits are delicious sources of vitamins and they can be used as natural remedies for some illnesses as well. Coconut water is a great beverage when you are sick because it has properties that are great for rehydration after excessive sweating, diarrhea or vomiting. Natural cures can easily be found in your backyard as well. For people near farms, bananas and avocados can also be a great source of fiber after experiencing a bad case of diarrhea which results in nutrition loss. Both fruits are great sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Lemon, lime and oranges make a great concoction mixed with honey to relieve any stuffy nose during the cold season.

Other Herbs

The flowers of Calendula are great for the skin to relieve allergies and wounds as it is a common ingredient in topical creams. Other remedies found in your garden are making tea out of Peppermint to provide comfort when you experience indigestion and vomiting as well as treatment to sore muscles when applied as a lotion. Rosemary is not just great for marinating but also helpful in boosting energy and memory by bringing in more oxygen to the brain, a healthier alternative to caffeine in coffee.

Nature is rewarding in supplementing us food and cure for our health problems. These remedies can be incorporated in our daily lifestyle in terms of the food we eat and the beverages we drink. Natural alternatives will secure not just our health but the quality of our overall life as well.