The 9D Arcturian Council: What Is Triggering You Right Now?

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in exploring with each of you as individuals what you are feeling triggered about right now. Many are obviously going through this experience with the knowing that it is about their fear of death. Others are accessing their fears about financial abundance. Others experience the fear of shortage coming up for them. And still others are more concerned about who is doing what to whom at this time. The fear of persecution is a very real feeling, and that trauma of being persecuted is one that you carry with you from lifetimes where you have had that experience in an exaggerated way and in a very overt one, like being incarcerated because someone felt threatened by you.

You have had at least one lifetime where you have been killed because of something you said or something you believed. And so, now is a time to notice what about life on Earth at this time is triggering you, because that’s what you need to work on. That’s what you need to clear. You don’t just need a vaccine. You don’t just need governments to issue bailouts. You don’t just need to find out who or what is behind the virus.

We have already told you about the dangers of going down a more mental path from where you are right now. And so, we want to reiterate here and now that this is about getting to the heart of those feelings that you in particular have coming up. For some, it isn’t even fear. For some, it’s anger. For others it’s sadness. But all of you have something that is getting triggered within you as a result of what you are experiencing on planet Earth right now, and that’s what’s important. That’s what you need to dive deeper into, rather than sticking your head in the sand or watching the news or looking at your favorite conspiracy theory websites.

You all need to do the processing that is right there, in front of you, right now. Your chakras are the place to be giving your attention. That’s where you will find the stuck energy that needs processing at this time. That’s where you feel what you feel. We recommend doing more chakra check-ins than looking for the latest updates in all of the various places where you can look in this day and age. Doing a mass cleansing and purging for humanity at this time will help to take you to that next level that we’ve also been talking about.

When people talk about being awake, they are not all talking about the same thing. We want you to awaken to what’s going on inside of you. That’s what you need to know about more than any piece of information, and that is true whether there’s a pandemic going on or not. That’s true in every moment of every day. Now is the time when that truth is just being amplified, and we are the ones who are going to amplify it, so that enough of you get it to do the work, process those emotions, and then be the conduits for positive, loving, healing energy that we know you really are.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton