Galactic Update: 5D Gamma Waves

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Dear ones fear not as we are now in complete control of your planet. We are very aware of the cabal and have been monitoring their actions for many many years. We haven’t had the collective permission to intervene until as of recently. We have been sending 5D gamma waves for the last few weeks that is helping to activate your dormant DNA.

You must remember you are capable of strengthening your own immune systems you do this just by believing that you already have strong immune systems.The time has come for the great awakening. Dear ones this is the calm before the storm. When we say this we dont not wish to cause fear by this we mean the ones still conditioned and controlled by the old 3d matrix grid will start to awaken over the next few weeks and this could cause unrest on your planet but be sure to remember this will pass as now is the time to create heaven on earth. For 26,000 years you have lived in a cycle of fear,poverty,greed etc this is due to the conditioning of the cabal and their ancestors. Now it is time for 26,000 years of peace,love,unity and prosperity on earth.

We have tried to implement certain 5D systems for many years but member of the cabal have constantly found ways to delay it such as causing incidents like 911 and the Afghan war. We have also implemented the NASARA law that was signed by the American president back in 2001 but hidden from you all. This law will too be implemented and all wealth withheld by the cabal will be given back to the people. We now have the collective permissions to intervene and help you all become the multi dimensional beings that you are and live in the conditions that you deserve.

As many of you know mass arrests are and will be taking place on your planet. We hear many of your worries of the 5G that has been released and we want to assure you this 5G will not work. We have stopped this from working which will lead the creators down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out why it isnt working. We will not allow this on your planet. To update you all on the stance of this virus it is no longer present on your planet and it will not get worse even if the media portrays that it is. We want you to imagine a vial this vial was opened and a drop of the virus released. We have now closed that vial and the effects you see are that of the first drop.

We may have to implement a time of darkness by this we mean a complete cut off from the internet television and media. If we do this it will be to stop the cabal spreading more mass fear as we move in the arrest the rest of them. Stay home and use this time to realise you are all one. What effects one will effect the other. Some of your planet think just because their is a problem on the other side of the world means it doesnt concern or effect them but this virus shows you are all one in the same boat. There will be many disclosures of the arrests, extraterrestrials and hidden technology when the storm has passed. For now dear ones remember you came to this planet for this exact moment of great awakening!! You are the holders of light and peace during these seemingly turbulent times. Until our next message.

Love and light🙏💙

» Source » Channel: Stephanie Nicole