Master Kuthumi: From Light

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomThank you for receiving my message today on Gaia. I’m Kuthumi.

Like our friend Sanat Kumara and many others – many of you reading this – I was at the beginning of the earth’s creation. Gaia was – and is, of course, still in her beautiful soul – a Divine Creation, a creation created in Love and Light. Out of Light, both Gaia and all you Humans on earth have come and the Light radiates back into Gaia’s beautiful crystal heart as well as in your hearts beloved Friends who work so hard in this wonderful time.

Me, Kuthumi is good at healing. When you are tired – which I see many of you are now – take a moment’s rest and take in my Love which heals your tired physical bodies. I also want to give you the strength and power to stand and dare to stand in your Light and in your Truth.

The transformation of both Gaia and your dear Friends is going very fast now. The golden and crystalline spiral lifts Gaia high in the energies and what we have all been waiting for so long is happening right now. Be in joy, be at peace and take help from us here in the spiritual spheres where you also belong. It is wonderful that so many of you are now beginning to remember. Many of you are also beginning to remember that you and I have met before, in different earthly lives. Maybe you’ve just been a Franciscan monk or Clara sister (nun) in the mountains of Assisi and lived a poor but happy life, dedicated to God the Father and the mother of all of us Gaia. Or maybe you lived an aquatic life at the beginning of Gaia and remember me as the Sea God?

It doesn’t matter what you remember or what you have done or where you stand today, you want to receive my healing; seek contact with nature, animals, elements of Mother Earth and seek contact with me Kuthumi, I am immediately at your service with healing healing that helps your soul find peace and harmony, even if you are in the eye of the Storm.

Remember that the storm is only positive, it is the chaos that develops and transforms so that Light, Love and Peace can penetrate everything around you. It is always darkness before dawn, which you have heard lead now perhaps. But under the veil of illusion, the day has already dawned and only perfection through Gaia’s rebirth / return into the highest spheres of love of the Universe remains.

Keep up the fashion ALL Beloved friends and be at peace and love when the day is soon in zenith.

I love you all so much. I, like so many others, are right next to each of you.


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