Jenny Schiltz: Weaving the Tapestry of the New Reality

star bright eraoflightdotcomFor about 2 weeks now there has been a change in my evening meditations. Normally during this meditation time, I connect deeply with the earth and the cosmos and work on my rainbow light body.

Recently what has happened is that my Crown will open, and iridescent streams of energy will come out my head wrapping and weaving and then connect to something. When this happens, I feel a tremendous amount of peace. I know within my heart that everything is happening as it should and within the Divine plan. I also feel as if I am not alone but rather part of a group that is growing in number and size.

The other day I asked to be shown what these streams of energy were connecting to and why. What I saw was that the streams of iridescent pinks, oranges, golds, blues, greens connecting to what looked almost like a weaving machine. Imagine a machine that could make a blanket the size of the earth and what it would look like as it takes individual strands and creates an image.

What I was shown is that we’re all contributing to the creation of this image, this tapestry which is also a collective timeline. All the fear, panic and uncertainty are creating a massive amount of energy that is then being used to create a collective timeline.

It’s an energetic loosh that is designed to feed agendas. I saw these as swathes of black and dark brown on the tapestry being weaved. Unfortunately, this took up most of what is being created. The fear that is being drummed up is being used to create a tomorrow that none of us want.

Then I was shown this flow in the tapestry of the iridescent colors and understood that this is what I was contributing to when I centered and meditated. It is this gorgeous glowing river in a sea of fear.

What is so amazing about it is that at any point in time any of us can connect into that portion of the collective timeline. When we connect into it with full faith and trust we can then begin to contribute to it and make that the predominant energy of the tapestry that is being weaved.

It was also shown to me that we would be able to connect with one another through this flow in the ethers. This is important because when we stand together unified in our creation it becomes much more powerful. It also can become a shelter or a location to tap into when one is feeling lost in the sea of fear.

Take a moment open your crown and heart chakras and intend to connect with the beautiful iridescent energy. Breathe it in and know that you are connected, held and safe.

I want to take a moment and talk about the virus that has dominated our world. Mid January I went to Turkey to see a new grand baby. I was shocked at the airports in Germany, the amount of people with masks on and the fear that was thick in the air. I took some time and asked my team some hard questions.

What I learned is that the virus is real, it is potent and infectious. I was told that people would die, but that they would be using the virus as a way to leave this experience verses leaving through cancer or an accident. They were very clear to say that all leaving have agreed to leave in accordance with their soul contract.

This does not mean there will not be grief and loss. It simply means that even through this we have a choice.

While this virus may seem disastrous ALL THINGS are utilized by the higher light.

This virus is slowing us down. We are now being forced to see OUR creation. These quarantines will force us to really see the world we have created. We have to look at our relationships, we have to look at our children, we have to look at our homes. We have to look at what’s really important in life.

Relationships will either flourish or fail as we will each have to come face to face with ourselves, our fears, our beliefs, and our dreams and aspirations.

We are being shown very clearly where this world has been upside down. Where the very few are deemed more important than the many. Where money and image has become more important than life and truth. People are seeing where their jobs either value them or don’t. We are also seeing the true colors of the leaders of this world.

Our world is so busy and noisy. It is easy to get lost and distracted. The routine and the struggle for survival keeps us locked in. For most of us on this journey we have received giant shakeups that knocked us from our sleep and began our journey inward. For many this virus is the shakeup

We knew this was coming , we didn’t know it would look like this, but we knew that there would be events coming to where every single one of us on this path would be asked to step up and energetically & physically assist others to create the highest timeline by trusting deeply in the Divine plan. Through all of this we have to hold the vision of the highest potential, the highest path.

The fear swirling around this virus is a thing… it has substance and life to it. It is very easy to get sucked into the river and lose your center. The mind will take over and lead you away from your center, your peace very quickly.

I found that this happened to me and my husband recognized it and immediately said that I needed to get outside. I went outside and sat in the sun and connected to Mother/Father God and asked for help not getting lost in fear. I then watched as black goo was lifted from my heart space and mind and then sent to sun for purification. I have sense removed similar things from clients that were overwhelmed.

When I was lost in the fear I couldn’t center, I had this stressed, panicked feeling in my body. I found myself getting lost in the insanity of news reports and social media.

If this is how you are feeling, take 10 deep breaths. Count to 5 on the way in and 5 on the exhale to balance yourself. Then call in your team, the angels or whomever you work closely with and ask them to remove the fear.

Realize that is a program that is working to take over your creator abilities. The more you fear, the more you contribute to the Collective timeline that is not in our highest good.

Understand that you can be scared and uncertain and still centered within your being, knowing that all is happening in the Divine order. You can be sad and grieve and still centered with a deep knowing that all will be OK.

This is a big test, mastery in fact. Are we ready to step into the full power of being a creator being or will we allow our abilities to be manipulated further? Can we hold trust and faith in the divine plan? It really is FAITH over FEAR.

This is not an easy time and we will all have our moments where we can get lost. Ask your team for assistance. Connect with the iridescent river. Take solace in the fact that there are others out there holding space. Join this river, add to it and trust.

Lots of love to each of you. Be well.

Jenny Schiltz

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