Needing Nothing, Attracts Everything

light waves eraoflightdotcomLet go of the need and it will be fulfilled like magic

Everything we have believed, every meditation we have done, every prayer we have sent for another, every good deed and blessing we have accrued thru time now stands tall with us in a Clarion Call of divine intervention. This is a karmic cleanse, clearing of a planetary lineage beyond our ability to see the full perspective and dimensional shifts that it encompasses.

So many of us Old-Timers in the light thought we did that karmic wash over and over and over again but obviously it’s at a much deeper level than we realized. The very atomic structure of our human being and essence unravels like a ribbon in a child’s hair on a windy day. Everything is Shifting the DNA of the cells perspective into a place of observing and looking at itself from the inside out and the outside in.

We have always known that the very atomic structure of us at a Quantified level holds a Divine blueprint that is pure in nature and purpose, exhibiting itself always as a changing geometric structure like a snowflake that changes its costume every winter. Some people call this the Christ DNA or God Light, some people call this the Garden of Eden DNA, and some people don’t want to call it at all. It is within this stellar cellular place of livingness that houses a great Light that mimics the original birth and blue print of humanity. Hope in a cellular form!

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