The Grandmothers: We Surround You In Love

the grandmothers eraoflightdotcomWe are the grandmothers. We speak once again with great love to ascending humanity, angels in form. We were once in your form, like you, many of us. We have had many incarnations. We have been the beauty, the young mother, the wizened one, the crone. We are all things. We embrace the bounty of love and energies that are available to us as we connect deeply with Mother – Father and we encourage you, children of the way, of our hearts, to please do the same. For you are not alone. Oh, yes, you may feel that you are, but you are not. See through to the feeling of it. Love surrounds you, in fact you are love.

We love you. We surround you in a circle of our love. (I am seeing wrinkled hands of all colors joined in a circle around me). Yes, dear. We are weaving the codes of light around you. Embrace your inner beauty and it shall become your outer. The wrinkles of the wizened ones are lovely for they are experiences and proof of lessons learned. Do not be afraid of being old, for you are just as old as we are (laughing) but you have forgotten. These lovely shells of clay, these vessels of light, are transforming into the light that is encased within them. (I am seeing beautiful slightly cracked clay vases glowing with inner light. The light shines through the cracks). Yes, dear, the cracks in this pottery of your form are your lessons. You all are processing many things for the collective, and for yourselves. Many lives of pain and misery have you had, as well as many moments of joy and bliss as you remember that you are more than this experience. You are more than this jar of clay. You are life eternal smiling at the days ahead with joyful expectation of all good things. Remember the light. Weave the codes.

We are the grandmothers. Now is not the time for a pity party. Now is not the time to feel sorry for yourselves. Now is the time to ground the light, to do the hard bit and to love the frightened ones around you. Do not judge them, for they are awakening in their own moment of choosing. You have chosen to awaken earlier. Good. But do not judge those who chose to allow you to lead them. And so lead with compassion. As a young mother gently teaches her child, lead with love. Do not over talk. But do love richly. Give of your light, of your love, from a distance and from nearby, with great intention. Send love to the collective of hurting humanity and you shall be doing yet another great service. We grandmothers wish to remind you that you are strong enough for this or you would not have jumped at the chance and been selected from the throng of many. Remember you are Source in form. Remember our great love for you. As a young mother cares for her child so we care for you. (I am feeling them stroke my hair). Children, darlings, you are home. The matrix is in your minds. When you sleep you wake up and remember. Wake up! Remember now! Remember us. Remember yourselves. Remember the Christ child within and ground it. Change this reality from dark to light and together we will hold your hands from our side of the ethers.

We place this crown of pink and yellow roses on your heads. The thorns add to the beauty. You are beautiful to us, to the all, to the many. You are beauty in form, for you are the hands and feet of the Christ when you serve globally, just as master Yeshua did and does, so you are doing, you are continuing this great service of serving sacrificially. But do not forget to love yourselves, to serve yourselves in solitude and quiet healing. This is grace. Show grace to your world and to yourselves. Show compassion to the less fortunate and unawakened. These are not new words but we see you are weary and perhaps need a pep talk. Be strong in these days and do not let fear get your goat! Do not allow the dark to win. You are glorious. Shine your glory and shine your hearts. We are expanding your heart space a bit. (I am seeing green leaves, oils and herbs being ground by a blunt stone in a stone bowl, creating a poultice and applied on my chest. It burns, it smells spicy). Yes dear. The chest pain you are feeling is the expansion. You are expanding, all of you reading these words with intention of purity. We now speak to those who do not have the intention of purity but the intention of judgement and small thinking. Enough. When you judge you limit your own belief and shrivel in the process. It is drinking poison. Drink life instead. Drink in these herbs of healing, of grace, of love, of joy. We spread these herbal mixes onto Gaia onto her ley lines. (I am seeing them singing and dancing as they spread the herbs of healing onto Gaia). We are all healing in our own way, children. Fear is your biggest item of clearing in this now and so do not be surprised that you will feel it. Being brave doesn’t mean that you are not afraid, it means that you are able to see the love within it and bless it, and proceed unhindered. You have been in many battles but never like quite this. And so you have tremendous love and support. We love you dear ones of our hearts, of the way of the master Yeshua. Peace. Feel the healing expansion of these ancient herbal mixes on your heart space. Smell the beautiful fragrance of the crown of roses. Feel the slight pinch of the thorns only alerting you to their presence. We see the roses as the masterpiece of balance of duality. Beauty and thorns. You are beautiful like the rose but you are strong, you need not be afraid. The thorns make you stronger. Again, the thorns make you stronger.

We are the grandmothers. Now go on and be changed. Spread the light, spread the healing, ground our love deep into your hearts and feel our presence, our joy, and hear our laughter in the ethers cheering you onward. You are home. We love you! We are the grandmothers. Peace.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl