Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Battle for Planet Earth Intensifies

world map news eraoflightdotcomThe Battle for Planet Earth is reaching a climax as opposing forces try to use the “coronavirus pandemic” to achieve their agendas. The liberation forces are using the lockdown as an opportunity to arrest senior Khazarian Mafiosi, while the Satanists are hoping to vaccinate and microchip the general public back into submission, multiple sources agree. It’s almost as if reality is bifurcating, with one version filled with fear and death and other in breathless anticipation of planetary liberation.

First, let’s look at what the white hats are saying.  Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prince Charles of the UK and many others will be or have been “coronavirused” (arrested), according to CIA and Pentagon white hats.  One CIA source says:

“They are putting out disinformation to keep this as classified as possible.”   Merkel is going to have a third test and Macron also tests positive.  This is code for they are being removed.”

He adds, “Abe is going to collapse the country’s economy because he works directly for the cabal so he has to be removed. (Since this is the age of deep fake computer graphics, here in Japan I will keep in touch with press ID carrying colleagues to see if the real Abe vanishes).”  Pentagon sources agree and say, “regime change may also happen in Japan as Shinzo was forced to delay the Tokyo Olympics for one year.”

Maybe it’s the fear of American assassins coming for Abe that has prompted Japan to consider an entry ban on all American citizens.

In any case, a purge has clearly accelerated inside the U.S.  Pentagon sources say:

“The Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy arrived at LA on March 27th and its sister USNS Comfort to NYC on March 30th but they may provide neither mercy nor comfort for arrested Zionists and pedos.  Also, truckers have been ordered to not deliver to New York as [U.S. President Donald] Trump personally went to Norfolk, Virginia to send off USNS Comfort to New York City.”

Now let us look at what the dark side is up to.  In the video at the link below, starting around the 15:20 mark, Bill Gates is calling for only people who have a vaccination certificate to be allowed to travel.

NSA sources confirm this and say the cabal is hoping to get the sheeple to show up at the local Walmart to get vaccinated and micro-chipped in exchange for receiving “digital wallets.” This is serious folks, do not let them scare you into being vaccinated because I guarantee you any vaccine they provide will be worse than whatever it is they say they are going to protect you from.  U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden was probably telling the truth when he said, “We have to take care of the cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what.”

The key battle to watch over the coming days will not be the one against the “pandemic” though, it will be the one over control of the financial system and thus the planet.  On this front, any veteran market expert will tell you what is happening now is beyond a black swan event.  The United States military did not call up one million reservists and move its headquarters to an underground bunker because of a mostly bogus coronavirus threat.

By the way, if you still do not think this pandemic is mostly hype take note of one thing: fewer people are dying now than before the so-called pandemic started.

Anyway, to understand why the planet is now moving into historically uncharted territory take a look at this NASA video of activity around the sun.  I do not usually write about space stuff but this was sent to me by several trusted sources.  It appears to show the solar system undergoing some sort of fundamental shift.

Now take a look at this photograph of FRB chief Jerome Powell

Maybe it is just my imagination but if you look at his eyes, he doesn’t appear to be human.  Is he a Reptilian overlord of the sort David Icke describes?

OK, enough space stuff for now.  Regardless of whether cosmic forces are involved or not, what we are seeing for sure is a battle between fiat and reality backed money that will determine the future of this planet.

The controllers of the old system with its G20, IMF, World Bank, and United Nations are pumping out trillions upon trillions of dollars in an attempt to keep their control grid intact.  It is being advertised as well that the U.S. Treasury Department has taken over the Fed and will be handing out money to the common man.  However, as Catherine Austin Fitts notes, ( a former high-level establishment insider), control of the trillions of dollars being pumped out by the FED has been given to arch-cabal company Blackrock.  “The guy who runs Blackrock was going to be Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury.  I used to work with Blackrock.  NO PATRIOTS THERE!,” she tweets.

Despite the increasingly desperate FED adding ever more zeroes to their promised numbers, their helicopter money is increasingly getting out of touch with reality.  Creating dollars out of thin air means nothing to real-world restaurants, airlines and oil companies, etc. watching their businesses collapse.

One sign of the fiat collapse is the fact that physical gold and silver are now far more expensive than their paper equivalents.

However, it is interesting to note that the Perth Mint in Australia still offers physical gold and silver for sale.

The mint in Perth is the only mint recognized by the Western financial system that smelts Asian off-ledger gold.  This is particularly interesting, as three Chinese warships have just entered Sydney Harbour, apparently without the knowledge of the Australian military. Has China just taken control of Australia?

The Russians have also taken a big step by de facto confiscating the world’s largest oil reserves in Venezuela. They now belong to the Russian government. This means that any step by the Washington DC regime to seize Venezuelan oil will lead to war with nuclear-armed Russia.

The FED is now obviously losing control of the petrodollar, as the price of some Oil prices will drop to $4 a barrel. Experts are now predicting a negative oil price as the world runs out of storage space for the stuff. t-of-places-to-put-oil

So why doesn’t the US dollar collapse?

The answer is that the US dollar is not controlled by the United States. There are many countries that produce US dollars, including China, Japan and Indonesia. What happens is that the formerly oil-backed dollars produced by the faction that controls Washington DC will not be accepted by most other countries.

Japanese or Chinese US dollars are in great demand, however.

The seizure of Australia and the Mint of Perth was necessary to ensure that the cabals could not get their hands on more gold to secure their dollars, say sources in the Asian secret society.

To now take a look at the cabal’s plans for China in this undeclared third to throw a World War II, we want to get a personalized CIA version of what’s going on with the pandemic:

Wuhan will not open; this is all a stage show for the media. There are still hundreds of houses that are sealed with welded doors. China is starting a new round of infections by returning nationals who carry another strain of the biotechnologically produced virus. Before the end of the year, China is expected to implode with hundreds of millions of dead.

The goal of the cabal is to destroy up to half of the population. There are five different strains of this weaponized coronavirus that are present in Ft. Detrick were developed.

The tribes that have attacked China and Japan are different from each other, but Italy and Iran have the same tribe. India will have few problems and the number of deaths there will be marginal.

The lockdown will be enforced by the cabal that still controls India. The pandemic should abate by July, so that everything will be settled by the summer.

It is interesting to note that the Israeli Minister of Defense, Naftali Bennett, in Israeli television said that the pandemic could last two months, it could last three months, it could take a little longer, but that is the plan.

Then we have a rabbi who tells the Jews not to worry, because the coronavirus is only for the goyim.

In addition, we have CIA sources in Southeast Asia that indicate that 100 People in a country with 270 million inhabitants have died of the new flu and the country is being closed.

He adds: “This is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against humanity.

All over the world people are waking up to what this really is. We see the whole affair as a pre-emptive strike that went spectacularly wrong has run. Now we will see a counter-offensive that should bring all parties to the ground, MI6 said to the pandemic talks.

Interestingly enough, the satanic number 666 reappears in various news reports these days. Two examples are linked below.

What Social Distancing Looked Like in 1666

These BBC and Fox News stories suggest that asteroids will be used next to scare people when the pandemic ends. ic-bomb report

We also hear from many sources that the preparations for what is happening now have been going on for quite some time. Take a look at this sentence from a conference in September 2007 entitled Defense in 2020 and Beyond:

The British Armed Forces Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre expects a general breakdown of the world order in the next decade, and other strategic thinkers are equally pessimistic.

The strategic thinkers may have known that their Fiat-based control grid was mathematically doomed to lose contact with reality. However, they obviously did not see that the collapse of the old rule grid paves the way for a phoenix-like rise into a new age.

Soon our concrete and steel cities will be green with vegetation and full of animal life. rtical-forest

Remember that the cabal requires fear and hatred to maintain control.

Friendship and love will prevail if they are supported by overwhelming military force. Just watch how many villains will disappear in the coming days and weeks.

There is much that we cannot say for operational reasons, but rest assured that the good guys will win. It’s time for a revolution.


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