James Gilliland: The Tipping Point

the truth rising eraoflightdotcomI woke up this morning feeling invigorated, energized as if a major weight was taken off my shoulders. A very big shift happened. The Pleiadians told me they would intervein along with other Star Nations. They said the Creator will have its way, Universal Law will prevail. My analytical side said we will see. This journey seemed like two steps forward and one step back. Many lost friends, family, lovers an entire way of life. Unfortunately, that is Nature. In the big picture nothing is ever lost everything is always connected it is only in our be lie fs we experience separation. We knew before we incarnated this planetary liberation would not be easy. In fact it was more challenging than most believed. These challenges are not over there is still a lot of work to do. We have spoken of the wars not of flesh but multidimensional. The multidimensional aspect mostly fought in the lower 4thdimension has been successful. There has been a massive cleanup of unseen negative influences. This will free up the Earth in her ascension. Lessor evolved souls unaware have been manipulated like puppets by these unseen negative factions. Some call them negative greys, reptillians, serpent beings, and fallen Annunaki. Religions call them demons, the Jin, Lucifer, Satan etc.

Creator/ God/ Great Spirit whatever one wants to call the One consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions, the well spring from which all life springs has been pressing its energy in exponentially increasing waves of consciousness and energy upon all dimensions of Earth. Within this consciousness and energy is Universal Law.

These unseen negative forces have infiltrated and have their puppets in almost every institution. Political, religious, business in many cases the higher to the top the darker it gets. It is said power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. This path of corruption is a very decadent path. It involves drugs, predation, pedophilia, drug and human trafficing.  The depths of the journey into darkness ends with the ultimate slap in the face to God, child sacrificing. Do not be so naive or in denial to think this reality does not exist. The good news is this is all coming to a close. It is finished is ringing throughout the galaxy. The Saints, Sages, Masters, benevolent spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders in conjunction with the White Hats or ground crew are all doing their part in removing these forces.

The Luciferian, Satanic energies are the most dense and they will be hit the hardest by these waves of higher consciousness and energy. They are not aligned with Universal Law and are not frequency specific to the ascension process. There are many posers, wolves in sheep’s clothing professing to be on the side of the light, by their fruits you will know them. They are self-serving narcissists in many cases pointing fingers at others with three fingers pointing back trying to keep the attention off themselves. Use discernment, many of the most, well known leaders in many of these movements supported by the media are not what they profess. The ones above them that hold the purse strings and control the narrative are in most cases, beyond redemption. Beware of promises of fame and fortune where eventually you will have to sell your soul as payback.

The chaos you are seeing is the fall of the tyrants. The bio weapons released on the masses, “corona virus”, is a last ditch effort of the global elite to maintain power and continue to enslave the masses through dependency. They are the war and disease profiteers. They are directly responsible for the wars, the plagues, the manufactured lack that keeps peoples nose to the grindstone in competition distracted from accessing their own creativity. Their reign is over, it is unwinding and collapsing as we speak.

In three weeks the effects of the virus will be down to a minimum, in four weeks things will be getting back to business as usual. There have been other viruses, flus released on the people that have run their course some more virulent with a higher death toll. Fear is the great crippler and the dark hearts are using and spreading that fear through the corporate owned multi media. There are solutions just as in the past epidemics. Right thinking, right eating, cleanliness, social distancing, cleansing the body and boosting the immune system are all beneficial. The real solution is to find out where these viruses are created, who released them and who is capitalizing on them. Often those with the solution created the problem.  It would also be wise to know the plans of the Global Elite one of which is depopulation throwing the entire world into serfdom. They have publicly bragged about releasing the viruses, having the cure, “inoculations” which are part two of their depopulation program. Know what is in the vaccines.

Another threat is the 60 megahertz 5G systems that correspond with the outbreaks. There are realms of creation that are being interfered with by these frequencies. This will cause illness and mutations in the realm of 3D. 5G can be utilized to transfer the frequencies of disease, affect specific organs in the body, control your emotions, throw you into rage or sedate you into complicity. 60 megahertz effects oxygen changing the spin and availability to the blood. If you walk by these devices while broadcasting you will find it hard to breath, feel something is wrong and experience negative health effects to one degree or another. This is a tyrant’s dream. Total control of the masses with the flick of a switch. Many promoting these technologies are in ignorance yet those who created them are in full awareness of what it will do to humanity and the Earth. These wayward scientists and their billionaire handlers will be exposed and held accountable. The detriments outweigh the benefits. There are safe, biofriendly ways to communicate using frequencies that are actually beneficial to life. Demand these come forward.

We all have to do our parts, research and educate yourself. Step into your divinity and hold the leadership accountable for anything that harms humanity and the Earth. Live by impeccable integrity, that paycheck if aligned in anyway with actions that are harmful will have karmic consequences.  Live by Universal Law which in its simplest form is, Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. Know you are not alone, God/Creator/Great Spirit and the multiverse is behind you. There is a big sweep underway, a major cleansing. Be the solution. WWG1WGA, Where We Go One We Go All is quite the slogan for the Great Awakening which is in full swing. Take care of each other. Follow your heart. Trust that you know from within and find the courage to act on that inner knowing. God/Goddess speed.

James Gilliland

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