Q: Rig for Red

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomA Q drop on 9th March 2020 said, ‘Rig for Red’. Anons have wondered what it means. Now we know. The Empire State Building is currently flashing a red signal, supposedly to support the virus emergency workers. It is much more likely to be the signal to us that the massive Deep State arrest operation is about to begin…


The USA Today article accompanying the photo quotes Anthony Malkin, CEO of the Empire State Realty Trust…

‘The Empire State Building has always served as an international symbol of hope, of challenges overcome, and of New York City itself.’

‘International symbol of hope, and challenges overcome…’ What a fitting start to the arrest operation. I am sure Light Warriors will be as excited as I am by this amazing turn of events.

Here is Q drop number 3891 from 9th March 2020 about ‘Rig for Red’…

The drop features a re-post of a meme of President Trump playing a violin. The text on the meme reads: ‘My next piece is called “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming”.

Here is the Q text…

‘Nothing can stop what is coming.
Rig for Red.’

Anons have come up with a potential time frame for the start of the arrest operation: 3 – 4th April.

I ET 17 retweets Maga Mel Q…

Phase 4 marker 4[10]
POTUS time stamp 10:4
Mirrored 4:10
10 days of darkness.’

I ET 17 watched a POTUS press conference and tweets about it here…

‘He just said, LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE CAMERA (in ref to SBA loan) FRIDAY APRIL 3rd is when it BEGINS.

Here is another tweet from I ET 17, quoting President Trump…

‘We are going through a tough 2 weeks.
When you see the amount of death caused by this “invisible enemy”.
Rough 2 week period.’

Finally, I ET 17 retweets Seamus…

‘He also said when it ends it will be like a burst of light, and referenced a light at the end of the tunnel…’

This intel matches information from many credible sources who say there will be a period of internet darkness (maybe three days) during which the Alliance will make the mass arrests.

Also I have read that the internet shut down is to ‘clean the internet’ of material by the dark forces, rebooting it.

What a significant statement by President Trump…

‘When you see the amount of death caused by this invisible enemy.’

He is not talking about the Corona virus. He is talking about the murder of millions of innocent people, mostly women and children, at the hand of the Deep State satanists. He is talking about the horrors to be revealed to Earth’s population, possibly within the next two weeks.

All roads lead to Easter Weekend. It is such an appropriate time to liberate humanity. The Christ energy is over-lighting humanity’s ascension into the higher dimensions, just as Christ ‘rose from the dead and ascended into heaven’.

Please focus your prayers on the huge army of Alliance troops involved in the mass arrests. Pray for our brave President Trump – because we World Patriots think of him as our President.

God speed the liberation.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

2 Replies to “Q: Rig for Red”

  1. Cheri

    I feel this too Sierra about Easter! Trump originally said “this is the timeline I see in my mind” lol! I don’t see our literal internet as going down. I do see their internet (the timelines I am working on dismantling the AI programming) finally going offline permanently meaning the mind control. People are asking up fast now! Our Trumpet is on TV every day for all to see his love and compassion for we the people. This is a massive disclosure in itself! Without the mass distraction of working to survive people will be home using the internet and being soul led into their own disclosure through personal research.

    I see the inner solar flash as the awakening. The outer events are the reflection of our mass consciousness projection. The earth is already free as we control the quantum timelines. I can see it because of the quantum work I do to free the blueprints. All will awaken within their own filters. The great thing about creation is no one size fits all!

    The arrests are happening as indictments are unsealed through our judicial process. In the quantum realms all their dark threads of living fragmented consciousness running the AI mind control are being removed from the blueprints. Their soul is being released from the hell realms and reset to begin again with no experience and no influence on any reality anywhere. No akashic records or memories whatsoever. A win win for all! Here we are dealing with zero consciousness archons animating DNA. The soul and organic life force left long ago through SRA and MK Ultra.

    A good friend of mine was talking about the mass meditations with Sandra Walter’s group a couple Sundays ago and they were all chatting telepathically before the meditation began. Big changes as telepathy will be our internet! WWG1WGA!! šŸ˜˜