The Storm is Almost Upon Us

it is time eraoflightdotcomRIGHT ON Q, the 93rd DAY cycle (18 day period) of the ninth wave commences on 2 April in the energy of STORM.

Out of the darkness of night and from the call of the primordial mother birthing energy of the 92nd NIGHT (18 day period in DRAGON/Imix), and into the LIGHT of DAY with powerful, catalysing STORM/CAUAC energy, we all contribute to creation together.

Sudden and unexpected change comes from the chaos of a storm. Let’s focus our intentions on the outcomes to serve the LIGHT of creation. Let’s continue to birth as we pass through intensity, from the centre of our self. The soul within the heart is the safest and surest place in any storm to BE.

Ease in birthing comes with surrender. Our Mother Earth rests between contractions in expansion. She breathes with us, centred in her heart and the new Earth rising within her and through our consciousness. Midwives gather to BE, to WAIT, to SUPPORT, to make all as SAFE as it can be for birthing. As midwives supporting our Earth to birth into freedom, we attend her. We stay with her. We hold her in our hearts and keep our focus. She becomes all that matters in the sacred time of birthing.

We are all going through rapid change and we are becoming in-LIGHT-ened. I know that when the mainstream media is dealt with and the truth finally revealed, it may be intense. It may also be a relief to no longer have to navigate our lives in a quest to what is true, when agendas and propaganda no longer hold their illusions.

The LIGHT of truth will call us home to what matters. We will be finding new ways of harmonising with the Earth in the future. We may need to drop old and harmful patterns that pollute and destroy. When the grip of the patriarchal hierarchies loosen, we then will find new ways of living in balance and harmony with our beautiful sentient planet.

The great news is that there is so much ready and poised to be released. It will no longer be suppressed. All that is ethical, loving and in service to creation will thrive while greed, competition and fighting will drop away, in time. Let’s be open to the quickening of TIME that is organic and synchronistic.

We will become free to gather in communities of support again, to find our place where we may serve, heal, teach, learn and live. It all takes time and there is nothing like storm energy to catapult us into a more IN-LIGHT-ened Life, in unity. The ninth wave pulses that emanate from the cosmic centre hold these frequencies. We are becoming more aligned as a collective every moment.

As systems release and newness rises, stay calm and centred. When the internet and communications go out for a time, as non mainstream intel is preparing us for, keep holding the LIGHT for the Earth and all of creation. It matters what we consciously create together, and during birthing, our centredness and focus is vital. Creation relies on our hearts aligned with nature and in UNITY. We have always ever been the ones that we are waiting for.

We all have a purpose and only we can live it. Those whose purpose it is to deal with overlords in all realms, are empowered more as we are calm, focused, centred and surrendered to the highest outcome of life in a new way, for all those who choose the way of the heart. Love prevails, and so it is.

Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!

Perhaps ‘lock down’ will take on a new meaning soon. It may be rather unexpected, just like any lighting bolt that comes out of the blue. Rise up!!!
Masses of love to all at this TIME and what a TIME it is where we have a grand opportunity to unite our focus, intents, prayers, energy and love for the birthing of the New Earth.

Many of us are experiencing these energies within the midst of the outer chaos of change. So many of us are excited about this time and feel the wonder of what we are creating together.

I have noticed the programs and loaded energies that still come through, in attempts to pull us away from this focus, so I will mention them. It is only to bring it to awareness so that we are emPOWERed to keep our focus where it is most needed at this TIME.

Let’s convert loaded expressions like ‘lock down’ into ‘rise up’, because this is the truth of what is really happening. New Earth is rising up in our consciousness. Knowing this and BEing with this enables the high frequencies of e-motion (energy in motion) to rise up and keep the rising up happening.

COVID-19 is another very loaded word magic phrase. As I am perceiving it, it has more to do with the agenda that is burning itself out NOW than the New Earth that is rising. The agenda of world control is dissipating. It is dissipating only because enough people are focusing their conscious awareness on what they do want, and not what they don’t or fear.

So every time you hear or see the loaded expression, “COVID-19”, I am suggesting we make the shift immediately within to bring our attention back to uniting our focus for the New Earth rising. It is unavoidable that this bombardment will persist for a while. It is totally empowering that we can transmute the energy with the loving strength and power of consciousness too. Let’s go for it.

The New Earth rises within the shared dream of each one of us contributing. There is no fight that needs to be fought now. It is the perfect time to simply make the adjustment to UNITY within our hearts and then have our minds serve our hearts, create the thought forms that manifest reality, and rise up with the Earth.

Today is the day of Jaguar/Ix in the sacred Mayan true count of TIME. This is the shamanic dreaming energy that is deeply, deeply one with the Earth. This is the energy that rises through humanity as one with the Earth, to serve the Earth and align with her wishes and desires. She calls upon us all as the toxins and pollutants clear from her (and us) from the shut down, that wears the mask of a of face of a virus.

Sure, the virus is real, but the fear that goes with it has more power if we choose that. Others will choose to go with the virus. It is a matter of choice and humans are free to choose. Love is the highest frequency, so is therefore the leader of e-motion (energy in motion).

It is an emotional time. We are each experiencing life events that are helping us break through the obstacles or blockages of true high frequency living. Peace, calm, gratitude are a wonderful foundation for rising up with New Earth. Loving ourselves and those we are with raises the frequency too. We don’t all have to know or think the same to do this.

It is an epic time of UNITY creation, and this means leaving behind fight, division, and illusions that hide or cover nature. It is okay to take space from people who choose to be fearful and negative at this time where necessary, if we need to recuperate or recharge. It’s great to pass on the infection of hope and positivism too. We can tune into what is true, pure and lovely in meditation, and time with nature.

Practicing a balance of aloneness and togetherness is healthy and most of all, responding to intuition and being the authentic expression of your soul, creates harmony. Let’s make sure we have plenty of nature time, even if it means sitting by a window and reflecting. Nature speaks to us when we listen.

This may be practiced within the openness of our rising up or the limits of the lock-down, whichever way we choose to look at it. And when we may experience a possible black out of internet and communications, we will be prepared and ready to hold space for the New Earth, to love, to trust, to surrender any fight or uncertainty to creator, etc. Challenges are temporary. We each pass through. It’s is the easiest with the least resistance.

Below is a meditation I put together recently. It may help at this time. The background noise is cicadas and 528 love frequency sound. I have written more about what I ‘see’ this time of reset being about here. What is the reset? There is a very well presented youtube movie in it. Both awakened and newly awakening people may be empowered by.

​We all have had different life experiences that form the perceptions within our holograms of existence. I feel there is something beneficial in this for everyone, but mostly the practice of ‘knowing’ within personal meditation is my greatest strength at this time.

We are all awakened to different things and still asleep to others. Only love matters. That is why I know that some of my loved ones who have not been aware of the bigger picture are fine, just fine. It is because their essence is loving and it is that loving essence that carries us through these fires of purification, so to speak.

And, one more thing to add that may be handy for some. Let’s keep our fields clear and clean. Let’s make a conscious affirmation to allow only those whose energies are aligned with ours into our personal psychic, astral and emotional spaces. A healer taught me how to throw up a vision of a circus for those who may seek to come in uninvited and take. It works. You just throw the image out there to hold as long as you need to, playfully and joyfully. No stress.

If you feel you lose your intuition, or suffer perhaps health deterioration, it may be a sign of needing to release energies. It’s all healing. It all has a purpose. It is often related to the past, so be kind and gentle on the self. Self-care comes first, so that we may hold the highest frequencies of light and be the most effective we can be in co-creating with the Earth. All may be done with Love. That is all that matters (materialises) – and so it is.

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