Ascension Wisdom; Red Overtone Serpent

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomWhen we incarnate in human form, we come in with amnesia and forget who we are – we take on karmic trauma for Soul growth and have to lower our frequency in order to exist in a physically dense environment. And living in third dimensional existence can be challenging at times because of the density and duality that we experience here on the Earth plane (please understand that I don’t mean there’s anything wrong with Mother Earth…it’s the density and distortions here that make us feel uncomfortable…Mother Earth is Beautiful and pure unconditional Love.

At times, we feel separated from Source and our own Divinity within. This Ascension journey is helping us to remember that we are multidimensional beings who came here to embody and integrate our Light and to assist Mother Earth to return to her natural state of harmony.

Our cellular DNA is going through major upgrades as we continue to receive higher light frequencies from Galactic and Cosmic forces.

Having a Human experience and feeling deeply is how we grow and transform our Soul. There’s no bypassing the unpleasant feelings of this Human Soul Journey….we must feel the depths of our Soul’s story….all of it….pain, fear, sadness, loneliness, anger, etc. It’s not about dwelling in the stories of the ego-mind or escaping and distracting ourselves to avoid the wounds and traumas of the past. If you can stop and meet yourself with Love and Compassion and just sit with you right where you are in the messiness of it all, then you will have given yourself a wonderful gift of acceptance that is both empowering and transformative. Our Big Beautiful Hearts are opening and there’s much Joy and Bliss to be experienced as we shed the layers of density and old programming.

Ascension brings in Higher Frequencies of Light that cause many unusual and unpleasant symptoms to our physical body, this is necessary in order to shift to higher and more expanded states of consciousness. The old patterns and programming within can’t reside in the higher dimensions, so they have to surface and be felt to be released – we get to stay in our human vessel as we go higher and can access our innate healing intelligence, unique abilities and insightful wisdom. As a result of raising and expanding our vibration, we can live in a very new and empowering reality with heightened awareness where our Hearts lead us into Unity Consciousness.

The New 5D Earth is being infused with Higher Light Frequencies that are activating the Crystalline Light Codes in our DNA. These Crystalline Light Codes connect us with the library of our Soul that contain the records of creation. They hold the memories of our past, present and all consecutive lives in all dimensions and time.

» Source » By Maryanne Savino