The Collective: The 4/4/2020 Gateway

the collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We speak today on the 4-4-2020 gateway, which is a beautiful entry for your world and your inner selves, to a higher form of living.

We are aware that many forms of change have been flowing to you over the past year or more, as you move increasingly into that phase which is more emblematic of the changeover into the age of the Aquarian, as you move out of the Piscean age.

You move now also into the Sat Yuga, the era you have long awaited in many Earth lives.

Know that you have come to Earth at this time specifically to be part of this changeover from the Kali Yuga, the 25,800-year cycle of the age of destruction, to an age of peace, prosperity, restoration, and wholeness.

The Kali is not necessarily an energy of utter loss or destruction, for the crumbling and dissolution of the old era had to occur before the new one could begin to root itself into your outer and inner reality.

Often what appears to be a loss—a sudden uprooting, or the dissolution of an old situation—is quietly serving a higher purpose.

And so all phases, all seasons in the Universe and in your life serve their sacred purpose, and deserve your honoring of them, though of course some feel harder to navigate on an Earthly level than others.

This particular portal that you enter on April 4 of this year is one illumined by an energy that will open your inner conscious Seeing more fully, lifting it to a higher level.

You will be increasingly capable now of seeing what you could not see or fathom in the past, except in your sleep state or other altered perception.

You will begin to sense and feel more clearly how energy works in everyday situations, and how it flows universally.

You will come to understand more completely what emotions and expectations create more good in life, and which do not.

And you will increasingly see a greater integration of your own higher purpose and soul-level existence into everyday life than you experienced previously.

This is because this particular portal or gateway is one that affects your subconscious and etheric energies in ways that empower them to help you more consciously remember Who you are—Who you always are, whether you are in an Earth life or in the etheric.

This opens the way for old illusions to pass, as old misunderstandings, grudges, and losses, which the ego-mind has used to define itself, increasingly fall away in favor of an inner-standing in which you increasingly see how Earth life works in conjunction with your soul’s desire for growth, wisdom, and higher Love.

This can lead to a number of things.

It can lead to less resistance to Earth matters, including those situations which you have felt were difficult or unfortunate for you or others to experience.

It can mean increased memory of past lives and the old wounds you still need to heal, old contracts that must now be dissolved and ended for all time-space.

It can lead to increased sensing of intergalactic and Angelic presences.

And an increased understanding of Earth processes, including the healing and detoxification She is currently undergoing.

And it can lead to an increased understanding of the 3D dynamic amongst humans, which has been characterized as contentious and chaotic for so long.

Why has this particular portal opened at this time?

For one, moon and planetary conjunctions and configurations have called it forward, in addition to Earth’s own place in your solar system shifting in vibration and therefore, in experience.

For another, you have called it forth, speaking as soul groups with planetary souls, and requesting certain forms of assistance from those you are able to work with for the further Ascension of your planet and Universe.

We would say, do not feel that these shifts will be painful or bring even more pressure and uncertainty into your lives, for the survival aspect of the old human construct may well wonder if that is the case.

Instead, accept that these changes have come because you are ready for them.

Because you have learned all you could learn, seen all you needed to see of the forms of struggle, loss, and conflict experienced by human beings for hundreds of Earth lives.

So that now you are ready to move beyond, and move ahead of where you have lived before now while in a human body.

“Does this make me an intergalactic human?” you may ask.

“A traveler of time and space, whose planet is ready to join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds? An emissary of new life for a New Earth?”

Most assuredly, you have come forward for such, and have long ago claimed those roles as some of your reasons for being on the planet at this time.

And now, we would say, make complete your other roles, as you move into this new and unprecedented phase of Earth life.

Have a look at your daily habits, thoughtforms, relationships, emotional resonance, and spiritual practices (though one could say that that is all of these).

Step back a bit, and look at them objectively, asking if any of these are part of the new life, or typical of the old one, however progressive that may have seemed in some ways.

Perhaps there is some housecleaning (outer or inner) that can be done, to release the illusions which the ego loves to draw round itself as a protective covering.

Or some old bit of training from family, culture, or education that has stuck with you, despite your dislike of it, and which manages to influence you in quiet ways even to this day.

Ask your Spirit team for guidance here, for they will offer it, and so will all of us.

As you take on what some call the New Human form, outlook, and resonance, there are many things that will no longer suit you, as if you had just gone from using one very outdated computer to the latest highly functional one.

Or moved from a diet of processed grains, meats, and sweets to a far cleaner one of fresh fruits, water, raw vegetables, and time in Nature.

You will be surprised at the ease of some of this transition, while at other times, the left-brain will stop to question you as if you have no right to change things.

We assure you, this is not a question of rights, for you have taken back full rights of your individual life, soul, and consciousness.

Let it know that “All is well,” and carry on with those shifts that in many ways, will feel more natural and reassuring to you now than the old forms ever did.

Your body as well may express some surprise at eating lighter now, drinking more water, going to sleep earlier, needing quiet and meditation more often, without the stimulation of internet or television.

Be patient with these shifts, for they demonstrate not that something is wrong, but that your overall life energies have shifted to a level they have long desired, without knowing it.

You have desired mastery, and are stepping into it now.

Will you accept it, dear ones? Will you open arms wide to knowing Who you are, in the sense of all the interconnected Oneness that can never separate, never be done, always ring with the soul-grounding note of what is Truth for your path?

We are present with you in all of these transitions, as your mainly etheric family who are part of what you experience now.

This is so, though you are the brave ones at the front of that scouting party that has gone ahead to establish the lay of the land before many millions of others follow.

And so it is.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, and we assure you, All is Most Well.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan » Source