5 New Jersey shore cool travel tips

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomThe Jersey Shore may have produced one of the biggest and well-known reality shows of all time. However, the shore is also an excellent budget-friendly vacation destination for anyone looking for a good time on the East Coast.

An annual summer tradition for families and visitors going down the shore, the Atlantic Coast of the Garden State, characterized by its great beaches and boardwalks, really does have something for everyone to enjoy.

The Garden State is surrounded almost entirely by water. The Atlantic Ocean which paves way for the famous Jersey shore is to the east and along the Hudson runs the popular Palisades, offering jaw-dropping views of the Manhattan skyline.

The Pinelands situated in the middle of the state is a biosphere reserve that is home to unique flora and fauna. Several mountain chains also run through the state including the Appalachians and the Kittatinny mountains.

As such, although a Jersey Shore weekend may start with the beach, there is plenty of things to do that do not necessarily involve the beach or water activities. If you are thinking of going down the shore soon, here are some New Jersey shore cool travel tips to get your vacation started in the right direction:

Consider traveling to the shore during the offseason

If you are looking to have some Jersey shore fun without all the human traffic, then you should seriously consider going down during the offseason. Everything is typically a lot cheaper when travel is not at its peak, which is good news for anyone traveling on a budget. For instance, vacation rentals and casino resorts offer customers dramatic discounts for any stays outside the busy summer months.

Going to the shore during off-peak months also means that you will not have to deal with the crowds. Usually, the summer has holiday weekends such as Fourth of July and Labor Day that see long lines of traffic. However, by the time September and early May rolls in, the crowds have melted away making it easier than ever to find a private oceanfront section of sand to enjoy.

Start planning early

To ensure that you have the best vacation, you need to start planning your vacation early to make certain that you get the best deals possible and to avoid hiccups. You will want to find an affordable place to stay that can give you close access to the shore. If you are traveling during the busy summer months, you need to start looking for accommodation as early as possible.

According to Kate Huber at NJGamblingFun,’’ a lot of families that head down the shore have rented on previous visits. So, they typically just renew their house stays before heading down. Any first-time renter needs to know that the earlier that they begin looking, the more variety they will have at their disposal’’.

Should you get a hotel or a rental?

Whether you decide to stay at a hotel or a rental will be based on your budget and your preferences. If you are going down for a short stay with a small group of friends, staying at a hotel or motel would be a great choice. House rentals make sense for people traveling in large groups and longer stays.

Generally, booking your rental or hotel through a reliable booking site will ensure that you get a variety of cheap rooms to choose from. Before you leave, make sure that you get a full picture of what is included in your rental. For instance, some rentals don’t provide linens for their guests; you do not want to show up expecting to find linen only for you to start making plans to find some.

There is an array of activities to do while you are down the shore. However, if you are looking t save money or stretch out your dollars, you should try checking out various brochures and flyers in the hotel or rental that you have chosen. There are also several websites that you can utilize to find discounted offers as well as vacation packages.

Prepare for the nightmare that is New Jersey traffic

Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, you will quickly discover on your visit that wading through the Jersey shore traffic is about as fun as piling a cat. The traffic speeds up, then slows down, and then it remains at a standstill. While there is nothing you can do to speed it up, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you do not lose your mind in the midst of it all.

For instance, consider making a playlist that can keep your mind occupied in the middle of all that traffic. You will also need to ensure that you are wearing comfortable and breathable clothing so that you can be comfortable for the duration of the trip.

Additionally, you should also plan your timing early to get on the road as soon as you can. Leaving your home at 10 am on a Saturday will almost guarantee that you will be stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. However, leaving early enough will allow you to beat the crazy traffic so that you can get your vacation started right.

Keep an eye out for the deer

If you are driving down to the shore, keep your attention on the road. You may not know this, but more than 200,000 deer are roaming the roads of the Garden State. If you are not careful, one might just dart unexpectedly in front of your car causing a serious accident. As such, make sure that you keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Final Words

There is only one state in the country where residents go ‘down the shore’ instead of ‘to the beach’, and that’s New Jersey. The Jersey Shore may be synonymous with summer activities- think long and lazy sunny days on the beach as you enjoy some ice cream and saltwater taffy.

But while most visitors go down the shore for the water, there are plenty of other activities that can occupy your time at the shore. From having some of the best boardwalks in the country to serene escapes, you will be spoilt for choice in the Garden State.