Finding the Silver Linings; Seeing Our Crisis Through Spirit’s Eyes

yin yang balance eraoflightdotcomIf you feel like you’re in free fall right now, you’re not alone. Among the most scary things about free fall is lack of control, uncertainty about where you will land, and how you will feel when you get there. Interestingly, too, free fall can catalyze feelings of exhilaration and pure joy! When you let go and allow yourself to connect with these positive feelings, your fear disappears and you can enjoy the moment of simply being. Continue reading to understand how this applies to our COVID-19 crisis and what you can do personally to become more comfortable with free fall.

Free Fall Challenges

Beyond what I just mentioned, know that free fall with social distancing is like the cocktail your higher self ordered but you don’t want to drink. Spirit always has the higher view of your circumstances. Your higher self is using the opportunity of our crisis to gently nudge you, getting your attention more easily now as you sit inside your home.

Don’t overthink this. Simply know that you have been served the cocktail, and that spirit has only your best interests in mind. To be sure, it does take time to trust the invisible force of spirit in your life. Be patient. Spirit isn’t going anywhere. Simply keep this awareness of spirit’s help on your front burner – prioritizing it as the gift it is.

What do our higher selves want us to know and learn now? For each of us, this will look slightly different. For all of us, however, there is ONE simple thing – looking in the mirror more deeply than ever before, and being willing to see our individual shadow.

Seeing One’s Shadow

Seeing your shadow, or even admitting you have one, can be scary indeed. When you are free to move about in the world and can do as you please, you have many distractions for your focus, energy, and time. It’s human nature to want to feel good and have fun. It’s also human nature to get into habitual living, and with that, often repeating the same mistakes because of being on auto-pilot. This is unconscious living. It’s usually so busy, with so much noise, that the whispers of your higher self are undetectable.

We’re only a short time into our stay-at-home mandate – and our conditioned ego-self is demanding to know when this will end. This part of us doesn’t want to go within and be still. This part of us loudly screams: “I can’t stand this and all of the rules about how I need to be. I want my freedom.”

I have no crystal ball to tell you when social distancing ends. However, my sense is that humanity needs this now for us to be faced with ourselves.

Staying at home inevitably will bring your skeletons out of the closet for viewing. Some of you are already seeing this played out with a partner sharing the same space. Relationships, after all, are a key catalyst for learning about ourselves. If you live alone, there are plenty of other ways for spirit to get your attention. One is mentioned below.

Silver Lining of Self-Talk

There are abundant silver linings of our crisis. For this moment, I’d say it’s how we are being nudged to listen to that voice inside our own heads. This voice is our constant ego-based chatter about our current reality, mistakes of the past, and what might happen next. None of this is productive. The only good thing about it is that we are home alone with it – so are more likely to notice it.

Examples of self-talk in our current environment: (1) I’m going stir crazy in here with nothing to do. (2) Why did I marry X – what he/she did last year led to our needing to live in this house instead of the larger one I wanted. (3) What if I lose my source of income or get the virus – then what?

All of these self-talk examples are coming from lack. None of them help you in the present. All of them are dis-empowering – and can leave you feeling there are no answers and that you are doomed. This is nonsense of course, but the ego-self cannot reason or access a higher view. It has a debilitating tunnel vision.


Remember that there always is a bigger picture than your ego-self can access. One of the best things you can do right now is to put a laser-like focus on your self-talk. No judgment. Simply observe it as thoughts come to mind. The more that you learn to monitor your self-talk, the more quickly your larger quantum self can step in and stop the useless chatter.

In my “Predictions 2020” I give you a timely guide to this rare year, assisting you in connecting the dots so you can make the most of this precious time. I address world events and trends, and key energy cycles too. One of those energy alignments happens THIS weekend with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurring about every 13 years. We have 3 of these in 2020: April 4, June 30, November 12. As these cycles play out, we are being invited to go deeper within ourselves and to also look at the history of how we as a collective arrived at this juncture. It’s not about blame or conspiracies or “us vs them.” As we do our inner work, we can rediscover what really matters. I say “rediscover” here, as on a higher level we already KNOW.

We have SO much support now to navigate this crisis. Remember this daily. No one is alone. That’s a linear concept. We have each other, even the others we’ve never met. We on some level long ago agreed to come specifically for this time of crisis. Our higher selves knew exactly what they were orchestrating. No mistakes. No losers. Only winners – that’s what we are when we answer the call of spirit to stop and look inside. With that inside look and acting on what we find, we create endless miracles. Trust this.


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