When Things Get Tough and You Feel Like You’re Drowning…

angelic essence eraoflightdotcomWhen things get tough and you feel like you’re drowning, don’t pray and swim to shore but get out of the damn sinking boat and ‘walk on water’.

Take back your power!

As the energies increase in propulsion and velocity we find our entire internalized fear pattern buttons being pushed. We feel it well up in our stomachs and stick in our throats, Feeling the adrenaline surge through our bodies even while sitting looking at a calm peaceful setting.

Fear marches across our minds trying to enter our hearts and our day. Making itself known in all of its visible and invisible forms. It points its rusty sword at our memories, our weaknesses, and our current life situation. We feel the uncertainty well up in us like a geyser hitting every chakra point as it gushes upward towards the heavens. Fear has us by the throat.

When fear is birthed a la carte or purposefully it has access to all points of our being except for our heart. It calls up every negative thought like a blue jay in flight; every thought seems to be obedient coming like a well-trained dog. Negativity is embellished by the pressing fear. Fear immobilizes; ask any deer in a headlight. Fear immediately shuts down the crown chakra keeping all thoughts from that point backward hostage like gold fish in a bowl.

Breathe deeply into your fears. Grab it by the jowls and squeeze until you get its full attention. Look at it face to face. Now breathe deeper and more from your center place, your heart light, a place fear cannot dwell. Now see all the vibrations of fear within you (there are many flavors and scents of fear) gathering like a hive of bees to a butterfly bush. Hold that concentrated image very still within your being. Now shrink that very image. Imagine a shower of the most beautiful love filled light giving all those fears a good scrubbing. See all that your fears (known and unknown) washed clean away revealing a brilliant center of Light. Now stand in front of that brilliant light breathing in deeply. Exhale and inhale again and again until you are filled with this healing light.

Congratulations you have just transmuted nasty ole viral fear into pure god light. Transmuting fear teaches us alchemy. Fear is a timeless teacher that lends itself to a shiny future. So the next time you find fear knocking on your door (or bashing it down) use your tools of light. Look it eye to eye… then transmute it into pure Light.

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