Disclosure; Stepping Into Our Own True Power and Beingness

energy waves eraoflightdotcomOver the next few days and weeks we will be exposed to a lot of information coming through regarding the disclosure of the very dark agendas that have been playing out on this planet for a very long time. It is important to remember that what is to transpire will be a shock to many but that it concerns us all. Disclosure is not just for the masses, it concerns everyone of us. We always discover greater truths, all of us. None of us knows it all and we will all be affected by the process of disclosure to some degree or another. It is also important to remember that we all occupy our own realities to a certain extent, so what is our truth isn’t that which everyone else is experiencing. Some will fall into denial. Let us hold space for EVERYONE.

Those of us that have already familiarized themselves with the topics at hand such as the ritual satanic abuse and consummation of children and people, are positioned and have been prepared to be the energetic balancers for the collective energies about to unleash. Some of us have already been prepared and transmuted to a large degree what most of the collective will feel such as shock, fear, anger, grief and horror.

It is important for those of us who have been prepared for these relevatory times to stay as balanced as we can in order to hold space for the collective at large to make it through this transitional, shockingly, fear inducing and transformative period as easily and gracefully as possible. All are being ‘red pilled’, ready or not. Due to the accelerated clearings that have been ongoing energetically, especially over the past few months, we are now at a stage where these clearings of negative energies and entities is becoming manifest in our physical experience/ realities.

Part of this is also the lifting of veils which is accelerating at a greater speed of linear time. Greater truths are being unveiled and this will accelerate now immensely for all to see how much corruption, deceit, abuse, control and manipulation we have been subjected to. This will come for many as a deep shock and even those of us who have been seeing beyond the veils of illusion for some time will still have moments of deeper shock to transcend as the truth is truly more surreal and shocking than any Hollywood movie may try to portray. Truth is certainly stranger than fiction.

Staying in neutrality as best as we can during these trying times as well as in non judgement and dropping ever deeper into our hearts and unification with all, is what will serve us well and help keep the balance and transcendence of polarities playing out for everyone.

When we can see from the eye of the Creator, God Source, where everything simply is as it is, it is what transcends these old realities for good as we don’t participate any longer in the victim victimizer programming anymore which keep us trapped in these lower realities playing out and trying to keep us looping there. Let us not be divided and conquered, which is another agenda playing out. We don’t participate in the separation between us and anyone any longer. Understanding that at highest level all are truly One and that everyone is playing their role in the unraveling of the experience of learning through polarity consciousness.

Let us remember that this is the time of resolution and that we are all learning how to once again live by the Law the One where what we do upon another is what we ultimately do upon ourselves. Every action has a reaction, every cause an effect. So we are all learning what true unity consciousness truly means and how to discern between ‘right and wrong’. We understand that discernment and boundaries are absolute KEY! If we don’t acquire these tools of discernment we would simply have to keep repeating the lessons we are suppose to learn over and over again until we do. And I truly believe we have to a large part transcended these lessons or we wouldn’t be in the times we are in now where all is truly changing, for the ‘better’, even if most of those positive changes aren’t visible yet.

The best way we can truly support disclosure is us stepping into our own true power and true Beingness, which is magical, powerful and activating our true potential, gifts and abilities beyond human comprehension, through being as authentic and truthful in who we are at our core. Whatever we are seeking in the world to see more of is what we are being asked to be more and bring more of. So whenever we recognize and wish for there to be more of, such as more gentleness in this world, more acceptance, more compassion, understanding, forgiveness, love and so much more, we are asked to BE THAT. LET US truly BE THE CHANGE and the way we wish to see in the world. We add all those attributes and qualities we see that are lacking in this world, this is how each one of us can create change and higher realities.

The most beautiful as well as challenging times are lying ahead of us and are already happening. In truth it has all already happened at an energetic level and time happens simultaneously, it’s parallel, as such there is no past or future, all is accessible in this now, where we can merge and transcend ‘timelines’ and quantum jump to much higher realities than our minds deem possible.

Let us embrace every moment, feeling, sensation, revelation the best we can, with as much grace as we can muster. Even if we don’t always remain balanced, let us come back to the inner peace that can not be taken away, as quickly as we possibly can whilst also acknowledging and transmuting all that comes up to be transcended. We keep transmuting, we keep transcending, we keep neutralizing, we keep balancing all that arises. We keep visualising all that we wish to see in this world, how we wish to see this world. Let us not resist, deny or look away from anything we would rather not know to be true, for we have to face the collective shadow for it to be purged and transmuted. Let us see the world as it is without judging it, for it to transform. Let us embrace our individuality whilst knowing and feeling our ONEness with ALL that is.

Let us love everyone unconditionally for who they are without us trying to change them and forgive those that by all means don’t deserve forgiveness in the eyes of men, as we are the change we’ve been waiting for and RADICAL NEUTRALITY DISSOLVES ALL LOWER REALITIES.

For only when we become ONE WITH ALL, can we overcome all.

Let us merge and integrate all polarities within and without, for them to collapse.

The old shall be washed away whilst the new is arising.

For so it is!

~Ramona Lappin

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