The Light is Victorious

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomAs truth regains territory so does deception. Discern and trust your heart. Your heart is the perfect lie detector, if you master full heart presence and mindfulness your heart and whole body will respond to truth and stay centered. But if not, these coming days and weeks can become very bumpy to say the least. “Nothing is as it seems”, will inevitably be replaced by “it is as it is” and indeed truth can be outrageously and ruthlessly painful and shocking. It is no longer a matter, if you want see, truth will be exposed for All to see with enough evidence, witnesses in the millions, not just a few whistle blowers or conspiracy freaks, that paved the way and endured immense ridicule, haressment and even had their lives taken or had to go “under cover”… some of those ladder will soon re-emerge to the surface, when the threat has been besieged. That will be a mega surprise….

Your ego might jump and scream, because what you are about to witness, is not what you thought it was. The immediate emotional response might be one of anger and frustration. You might feel betrayed by god, by your government, by your church, by your news station… by your idols and all those you placed hope in and praised …. and yes you might even feel betrayed by your own self, that avoided to second question what your heart already told you to be true, but you were unwilling to see. The consequence of buying into a narrative as true, because of the consent of the majority as labeling it as true, is self deceit and often triggered because of fear of being subject to repercussions and punishment. When you question the collective truth, you are considered a rebel and threat by ego… the state and any other authority outside of self, that you have given your power away to.

It’s time to reclaim your power and your truth … and to listen to your heart. It is time to speak your truth unreserved despite any fear of being intimidated or silenced. It is your sacred duty to your soul and the only way to being in divine sovereignty. Be your own state and law and let your heart’s inner knowing be the measure for truth and for your integrity. No more pretending. Time to show what you are made of. You came here to expose and end the greatest hoax in history and the mind controle programming, that you have been subject to. A battle is going on between the mind and the heart… between truth and deception. And these coming days and weeks will demand us to be diligently and fully discerning as to what FEELS true… even if the world as you know it, is suddenly turned upside down…. if everything in your mind is obstructing to accept it, allow your heart to be open… stay calm, stay in divine equilibrium to lessen the shockwaves, that are going to rattle your “truth” and innermost core. There are those that have prepared for this moment of full disclosure and even so they might still be shattered to the core, as the collective story is broken into trillion pieces. From the ruins of deception a new and sustainable foundation shall be born based on transparency, integrity and truth and it starts with every one of us. Be transparent, be authentic, be truthful to self. The truth shall set you free, even if it feels unbearable… once the pain ceases and the waves calm, you will have gained a new won freedom to be and speak your truth and to build up trust in your heart and in love for real. Liberation is at hand. The light is victorious.

Grace Solaris

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