Neutrality is a Gateway to Higher Consciousness

light waves eraoflightdotcomConsidering the recent events in the world, it seems that everyone has their own version of what this all could really mean.

Many of these stories blame China, or the dark cabal, or the hooded victimizers that supposedly want to take down humanity. What if we all are really the ones responsible for this great outbreak?

The ego’s agenda is to keep it’s vehicle extremely polarized, and always choosing sides. This is a big way that it keeps the dynamic of separation in place. It further confuses the situation by preying upon the sensitive human nature and making one believe that it is the polarizing result that must be healed.

We could be here for a thousand years calling out all of the ways the human blueprint is polarized. What if an approach was taken that did not focus on or try to fix or heal the polarized condition.

For example, we are forever trying to stop the actual conflict, ending war for example, eradicating evil and bringing light to the darkness. Yet, this approach only keeps the charge of polarity in place.

This is because each side wants to blast the other side with what it claims to have. It would seem that this only creates a deeper rift and keeps the push and pull of consciousness in place. The ego has won and we are still on the gameboard.

Consider that shifting the polarity all together might be much more effective than trying new strategies to manage the polarizing result. This indeed, is a game changer!

Instead, and as a much more effective approach, consider repolarizing the consciousness by unifying the polarity within. This especially concerns the pattern of thought that keep us spinning in separation.

To unify the polarity, the consciousness is brought into balance between the pairs of opposites. A very powerful way to do this is through the practice of neutrality. This brings the entire human blueprint into the neutral zone to be repolarized from the flow state.

This is what it means to let go of the shore and to move fully into the moving current. While in the current, and whether it is gentle or raging, life ceases to be one of choosing sides and instead becomes an experience of spontaneous unfolding.

* Through neutrality, one perceives from wholeness, therefore, all extremes are brought to a middle ground. The highly charged perceptions and emotional responses fall away. There is no longer a desire to be for or against anything.

* Through neutrality, one no longer gets stuck in the game through strong opinions and speculative beliefs. One is able to operate from an evenness of mind that is undisturbed and unattached to anything of a temporary nature. No matter what is going on, a great stability is maintained because one understands the bigger picture.

* Through neutrality, adherence is severed to the plethora of material attachments. This includes the constant barrage of concepts, beliefs, unending desires, and fantasized ideals that have controlled the life through outer seeking.

When you are in a neutral presence, you do not think negative thoughts or perceive from “us” versus “them”, or “me” versus “you” scenarios. You neither are swayed by the human senses.

You walk in equanimity because you understand the bigger picture. You know that all is divinely orchestrated. This is where true compassion comes in.

Through neutrality, the old patterns and triggered responses can no longer hook into you. Instead, your energy field expands and new doors of opportunity open.

Neutrality is like a gateway that moves the consciousness into a new timeline. In this new reality, the fortress of concepts and belief fades away. The polarized charge greatly diminishes concerning such ideas as to what is good or bad, and right or wrong.

Rather, one remains in the middle of the pole as a neutralized beacon of pure presence.

By Tiara Kumara
Excerpt from the program, Avatar Blueprinting