Sananda: What Has Been Foretold Is Now Transpiring

sananda image eraoflightdotcomI am Sananda. It was going to be one of my aspects, that one known as Yeshua, that was going to be with you today, because of this time, these moments that you are in now, this special day that you call ‘Easter.’ But it was determined by many that I should come in his stead, I should be the one to bring this momentous news to you.

And that is, as you know, many things are in flux now. Many things are in the changing process.  And you have heard many, many times previously that “the truth shall set you free.” That the truth shall be revealed.  And you are beginning to see the aspect of that coming true more and more.  For those of you that look.  For those of you that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  For those of you that have awakened, or in that awakening process.

But I tell you now, that in your next days and weeks to come, there is so much change that is about to befall mankind.  Not only here in this country, your America, but throughout the planet itself.  For things have been set in motion that have been foretold for many thousands and thousands of years, and those things that have been spoken of by many of the sages, many of the prophets of old, are now coming to pass.

This is certainly not the end of your world.  But it is the beginning of a new world.  The ‘New Age,’ as you have come to know it.  The ‘Age of Aquarius.’  And it is a new beginning, now.  You are at the point, the culmination, the point where you are at the top crescendo just prior to this great changeover that is about to come upon you.

There are things that are coming forward to be revealed.  Some truths that have not been shared before, or that you have only had but an inkling of previously.  They are going to come into the Light.  For it cannot be held back much longer.  Those forces of darkness, those ones that continue to fight against the very stream of thought that is running now, that of the Light winning.  As they continue to fight against this as you have heard at various times as if an animal has been cornered.  They are fighting back with everything that they have.  These forces of the dark are doing exactly that.

But they only have a certain playbook, if you will, that they continue to follow.  That playbook is antiquated.  It does not fit the new vibrations at all.  They are fast, now, finding that out, learning that their time is up.  But do they surrender?  Do they give up?  Do they turn to the Light?  No.  Most of them do not, and have not, and likely will not.

But it is up to you, our Very Dear Ones, all of you that volunteered to come here and to be a part of this new great changeover.  It is up to all of you to continue to hold the Light, now, hold it, share it when you can.  But most importantly, be the Light.  Because each and every one of you arealready, Light.  You have a saying, you are all in this together, and that is certainly true.  You—we–are all in this together.

There is a certain connection that is going to come forth and be revealed, having to do with your political scene, and the one that is the President.  His connection with those of the Forces of Light that is going to be revealed, and very much more as well.

But I am not here to spoil the surprise.  I am only here to assist and help to prepare you, and for each and every one of you to know that all of this shall pass.

You will find yourselves out of the storm and into the new beautiful calmness, the new Golden Age.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace and love.   And implore you, each and every one of you, to continue to remain within the calm.  And also to continue to go about your mission of spreading the Light wherever you find it possible.  To help those to awaken, that are reaching out to you, to show them the way.

Peace and love be with all of you.

» Channel: James McConnell

9 Replies to “Sananda: What Has Been Foretold Is Now Transpiring”

  1. ishanathayoga

    Thank you sooo much. Yes, we will work to remain in the quiet after the lockdown has lifted. My friend said, the planet is breathing differently [better] now. Thank you sooo much to the Great Ones who have helped our Mother Earth at this time. May everyone be blessed by them and may they be always blessed by God. Aumen.

  2. Haraldur Guðbjartsson

    This feeling has strengthened a lot over the past week and Easter.

    1. Good Taste Art

      Befall struck me as having a negative connotation too, but you must remember that the message is filtered through the vocabulary and understanding of the channeller too, so that could be it. Fear is not your friend, better to be neutral as to what you discover, remember you will find what you seek, if you go looking for proof that things are worsening that’s what you will find, notice the peep in comments below has seen lights in her yard – she is consciously or subconsciously seeking proof of spiritual happenings and that is what is appearing in her reality.. Just saying’.

  3. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    “I am not here to spoil the supprise. In the next few weeks there is so much change to befall mankind.” Befall means something bad will happen, overtake. I watch youtube Richie From Boston to find out how bad things are. Have you noticed that storage food takes maybe a month of waiting now before they send it? Have you seen the prices of Potatoe Shreds on Ebay now, from $14 to $70, for one size 10 can?

    1. Good Taste Art

      Of course, “befall” can apply simultaneous to good changes, i.e., the shock of the truth will befall those who have faith in tradition. Good changes may emerge at the same time such as assurances of income as things change for the better such as improved medical tech.

  4. Deborah Emrich

    Bright lights in back and that came across my yard tonight, di they have anything to do with the lights in the sky?