Spiritual Boot Camp; Being Prepared for Big Changes

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomFor a very long time, those of us on a path of awakening have undergone preparations for being alive in the 2020s. We wouldn’t be here now if we weren’t prepared! On a soul level, we understand this. We’re beginning to have context too, as we reflect back on our lives and how we personally and collectively have lived. For those of you able to access past lives, you likely have become aware of key historical times when you were impacted by disasters, wars, and pandemics. Continue reading to know the big picture of what you struggle with now, and why it’s essential to your spiritual progression.

Spiritual Boot Camp

I suggest shifting your focus, as you read this, from daily challenges with temporary things like wearing a face mask to a big picture view of your predicament and how you can best navigate its twists and turns.

I awakened today with these words – spiritual boot camp. What does this mean? Firstly, this is not your ordinary boot camp and certainly not a military one. Secondly, it’s not something the outside world is forcing you to do. Thirdly, it is spirit-in-action in your life – gently and persistently nudging you to make changes on a scale unheard of in any other times. Fourthly, it’s very personal while also being a group collective effort. Fifthly, your response to the spiritual boot camp is the only thing you have any control over.

Basics of the Boot Camp

In a generic sense, a boot camp involves extensive, rigorous and often very challenging training. The ego-self won’t like it one bit, and will fight it each step of the way. How? The ego is creative: denial, distraction, complaining, projecting things to the outside world, retreat, compulsive consuming of media, and keeping the mind-body so busy that there’s little time for self-reflection and making plans for a new type of life.

To the degree we on an individual and societal level need to change how we are living is the degree to which the need for our boot camp arises. As you are well aware, our world has reached a tipping point of imbalance. It is that very tipping point that has catalyzed our boot camp.

This is not coming from the outside world as a form of punishment. It is a mega wake-up call from spirit and the natural world, however. Our higher selves are totally on board!

Being Prepared for Big Changes

Our spiritual boot camp is all about being prepared for big changes this decade. These changes won’t be like any we ever encountered and our world won’t look the same.

As we might tell a child preparing for the big change from high school to college, preparations need to be made in order to make sense of life and thrive. Imagine a child still in primary school and the parent needing to prepare him or her for a world no one knew to anticipate. This is how big our changes are going to be. I describe this much more in my “Predictions 2020” book.

Coping with Spiritual Boot Camp

Here are a few tips for coping with spiritual boot camp. Include in your daily spiritual practice contemplation and reflection, reminding yourself of the big picture. Take it one day at a time. No one has all the answers – not even about when COVID19 is managed. Spend less time exposing yourself to fear by limiting media intake to one or two items daily. That last thing you need now is your emotional body reacting to highly-charged words. Use this time for a deep and thorough inventory of how you live, what you could do differently to be in more balance, what you treasure about life, and how to adapt your gifts and skills as the world changes. Again, a step at a time. Really big changes don’t happen overnight. Pieces of those changes indeed will be appearing – and as they do, invite a knowing of how your personal life and outer world life need to change.

In summary, all of us here now are in for unprecedented changes in the 2020s. Needed changes we fight will persist as challenges and roadblocks. Be grateful for our spiritual boot camp. It gives each of us an opportunity to remake our life experience and it gives humanity an opportunity to discover how to cohabit this precious planet in a loving and peaceful way.

Your feedback on this is welcome – either via email or on my social media pages. As you contemplate your response and invite spirit’s view, even more insights will come to you. Trust this.


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