Judas Iskariot: Your Chance

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and a lot is happening on your Earth now. There is much that comes out of the hidden. People are starting to see and understand that things are not always as they thought. The confusion can be great in many people and they do not really understand what is happening in their world.

The world, just like you, has its ups and downs. All the downturns can cause some suffering, but they can also be one of the greatest blessings. It may be when you have the opportunity to grow, to change and your world to a higher and wiser way of living and being.

Now is your chance, dear Jordbor, to do something better for yourself and the world you live in. Then it is important to look through the confusion and the pain it may be causing you. Be still and observe what happens without in any way judging it as good or bad. Just register what is happening and be glad that something new can now come in. Something that is wiser and wiser than the unconscious ego or the unconscious world that you have lived in so far.

It is now you must bring love into your life and into your world. It is now that you need to stand still in your own peace and follow with the certainty the leadership you have within you. Within this sphere there is no fear and no judgment either. Use peace and love as weapons to win the battle being played on Earth today. Everything else takes over the ego. Be careful about judging your fellow human beings, you are all bound together in the collective field, and you have all put your taxes there, both the pure and the unclean. Instead, be the beautiful and wise person you are in the midst of it and help your entire world with the pure energies that burn within you. They now want to radiate through you to heal both you and your world.

The light is here now, dear people on Earth. The light is here, stretch out your hand and catch the light, let it guide you step by step now, so that a new beautiful dawn can bathe in light. Your Father calls upon you and holds the light high so that you may not get lost.

Listen in now, dear Jordbor, it’s the most important thing you have to do today, that and to follow the leadership you have within you.

There are many who have a great opportunity to wake up now, many who look around professionally. Now be a role model for your waking brothers and sisters. Show them which way is best to go. The path of love and compassion is the only path that can provide relief for what you are experiencing right now and which you have difficulty grasping and understanding.

The earth has been at war many times and endured many horrors. It is time to come up with the message of love and bring peace to Earth for both humans and animals. You can do it. You can achieve it. You have everything you need within yourself. Spend a moment each day in your still room and get the power and energy you need to stay in the light and be the brilliant torch that the Earth and your world are in such great need of today.

God your Father is with you every day and forever.

We stand by your side and instill in you hope and peace. You are so very loved.

Great love


Translation for this channeling to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg