Lord Melschizedek: A Story

lord melchizedek eraoflightI am Lord Melschizedek. For a time I have tried to reach you – the friends of Light who work hard on the planet Gaia in this innovative time when everything is put to an end. I am grateful that my message is now being received.

I, Lord Melschizedek, along with the team of candles that are close to me, have for a long, long time been working to support you, whose brave souls have adopted earthly bodies for the purpose of raising your consciousness. Many times we have intervened in your life to support you to remain in your Light and not let dark forces take over your souls.

When the czar in St. Petersburg was overthrown and he and his family were murdered, I happened to work temporarily in the palace as a simple poor servant boy. I helped the Tsar’s youngest daughter Anastasia out of the palace through the corridors.

Anastasia and I, dressed in simple clothes, managed to take us by train to Paris and went there to visit her grandmother, the murdered tsar’s mother. However, the admirers soon became close to the beautiful girl and the situation in the world was troubled. We were helped to escape Paris, Anastasia became seriously ill in TBC and my mission, to save the only remaining family member who could carry the tsar blood – was failing. After a long rest in France’s countryside with good but poor people, she miraculously recovered – maybe we also got some help with white magic from Orion’s team of light creatures – thus myself and my team (smiles).

To make a long story short, eventually Anastasia, with my help, arrived in Siberia’s tundra where she lived her life on in symbiosis with both animals and nature, in peace, peace and in the friendship of good friends whenever she wished. She met a suitable man and later gave birth to a son and thus my mission was completed – the blood of the Tsar family lived on. So does Anastasia.

Sometimes I have had to interrupt a mortal life in physical form quickly, because I have been needed better elsewhere. So if you are suffering from a trauma in which you have lost a beloved son, husband or other close relative, I now ask you to forgive my sudden goodbye – through an accident, illness or the like. My purpose was not to make you sad, but to work there on Gaia that I needed best to give love, encouragement and support to those who needed it most. Even though I am multidimensional, like the team, the White Magic’s Light Creatures, there is also a limit to me how many “balls I can hold in the air” / how many timelines I can be in at the same time. Therefore, all aspects of me and my friends today do not have full awareness, but work in silence for Light and Love.

The focus we have in the team has often been on saving souls who have been in danger. For example, children taken from their parents, frightened, exploited and consumed (literally, unfortunately) – all to promote the forces of darkness. Unfortunately, this has come about for long periods, but at this moment it becomes a chapter that is now ending, with the work you People have done with your consciousness that is now developing at a rapid pace. I am very moved when I see how you Beloved ground forces regain your strength and strength, grow out of the claws of fear through your clarity now that the domino tiles are falling and everything is revealed. Not least the captivity and slavery that you found yourself in, created by your own fear, stored deep inside the memory bank.

But ALL of this has now been resolved as a miracle – a miracle of Light and Power that has penetrated into everyone’s bodies and given you access to YOURSELF, in all your Wisdom, Greatness and Beauty. The time of consciousness is here, the recognition of yourselves as beings of Light, consisting of EVERYTHING – which is Light and Love, so step out of the illusion without fear Beloved friends. The role play is over, both for those who have completed their journey and for those who need more time to return to the Light.

I Lord Melschizedek am delighted with the confidence you have shown me and my team as you now let us help you the last bit on the road. From our perspective you are in full awareness, unity and love already. Soon you will also discover the New World, the New Nova Gaia as you rub the last sleep out of your eyes.

Adoration and love from me Lord Melschizedek and the Light team from Orion.

Translation for this channeling to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla