Goddess of Creation: Change is Here

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomTonight’s channel took place at an amazing time in our lives!! In a very unprecedented way, society is encouraged to stay home in social distancing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. To say that change is here is an understatement! We have all worked towards ascension for many, many years. The higher vibrations have been available for all who have studied, meditated and sought that place of awareness. Now, everything has shifted. The earth and all of the collective consciousness is ascending!! This is so exciting to me.

With this isolation that people are experiencing, most are changing their lives. It may be temporary or it may be permanent. Businesses are changing because of people staying home. Some may have more work from home when this is done. With people staying home, they are slowing down and this leads to a natural instinct to look inside. It may not be conscious, but this all goes hand in hand. The ascension of the earth that has been coming for thousands of years is here, it’s now, it’s completing the final process.

When this is done it is the beginning of the release of the 3rd dimension. when people live predominantly in the 5th dimension, they release the energies associated wit the 3rd. So too, people now have access to the 6th and 7th dimension. The energy that is associated with this is love, balance, and the crystalline vibration. I encourage you to become clear with your own life and intentions, to become in your relationship with yourself and then others.

Vibrate LOVE!

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace all that are here. I reach out to support you, not only from the spiritual perspective, but support you with everything that may be going on with in your life.

This is a massive transformation taking place upon the Earth. This is what I have been speaking about since 2012 when the consciousness opened up into the 5th Dimension moving most everyone into that higher perspective. It did not take with it at that time the Collective Consciousness of the masses of humanity who were not yet on their own personal journey.

What is taking place right now is that the remainder of that consciousness is now moving into the 5th Dimension. So, if you have anything of a more negative vibration rather than it going down into the 3rd Dimension it will tend to drop back to the 4th Dimension.

Dimension, State of Consciousness, Vibrational Alignment; there are many different words that refer to the same thing. You will also hear some people speaking about a dimension or the shift in consciousness and it mean something different to them. When I speak of this, what I mean is the vibration of the consciousness and the vibration that is made available to you in your everyday life.

All of you go out during your dream state to experience, sometimes teaching, sometimes learning, sometimes helping others, sometimes it’s a place of nurturing. Therefore, your sleep state can be a time when you are very, very, active particularly at this time. If you are feeling tired, more tired than usual, this could be a reason.

When you then consider your everyday life how much of your life is spent moving busily from one thing to the next, to the next, to the next? At this moment in time as people are staying home. As people are taking this opportunity to clear out their houses, literally. This is also a time when you can clear out your house energetically.

Yesterday April 4th 2020 there was a massive meditation that surrounded the entire Earth. This meditation has taken place in years past and it always has an impact upon the consciousness of the world. This year as you take into account the changes that were already taking place; because of people staying home, because of people clearing out, because of people moving into this higher vibration; that time of meditation was even more profound.

When you live in a higher vibration the foundation is love. Therefore, no matter what you may feel within your life; if there is anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, I would invite you to get into a habit of breathing in love.

As Humanity you are used to controlling, or having an intention; or when you work with the energy perhaps it comes through as in a prayer and these prayers are for so and so to be healed, for so-and-so to get their job, for so and so to find their relationship. In other words, there is always a specific intention.

The vibration of love is massive. It can do all of those things that I just mentioned without you needing to direct it. If you invite love into your life and you are love everything reflects that.

Take a deep breath in feel the love, feel the balance, feel the essence of love. Take another breath in where you breathe all the way down sending that energy into the Earth. As you send it into the Earth it spreads out in different directions. Take a moment to understand, or feel, or sense if your perception of Gaia has changed. As you allow your energies to blend with Gaia it is anchoring you in a new and different way. Allow yourself to feel what that is for you.

Let that all flow back up within you. It comes back up through your energy body. It swells within your heart center and then you send it upwards. It moves up through your throat, your third eye, your head center and it moves up until you find yourself in alignment with your Higher Self.

Look around. For some of you this may be identical to what it has always been, but for others of you the perception may have changed. I would invite you at this time, because of so much that is happening in the world, to send a breath of energy (phew) through your Higher Self so that you may find a new beginning with your relationship and your alignment with your Higher Self. If you have certain projects that you have been working with some of those energies or those threads of energies may come back within this space. Take a deep breath in feeling how close this is to you in your consciousness of your everyday life.

You then send that energy further up. There is that stream of light and stream of energy that takes you all the way into the space of your Divinity. It comes into the Soul Plane and directly in front of you is your I AM presence. This is you as your Soul. This is you spread out showing you the many different vibrations and lifetimes that has created this space for you.

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you as the human that you are, you as your soul essence. As we do so the energy moves into the All That Is. I invite you as you come into the space to look around, because it has changed. This space has moved into a higher vibration. This place has cleared out as so many of the energies of the Earth have cleared out. Look around and invite your Angels your Guides, whomever it is that you routinely work with, to come into this space with you.

I would invite you to open up your senses in such a way so that you may recognize that you’re working with that same Guide however at a higher level of vibration. There may be someone new that has come into the space to work with you. Your own perspective of Self is here. Look at your life with open eyes. Look at your life from a perspective that is more heart centered perhaps than what you would usually experience.

Is there anything that you would like to release that no longer serves you? Perhaps as you look at your life there is something that stands out as discordant and it just doesn’t resonate with you. Allow your essence to bring it in, ~whew~, clear it out. Let it go. There was quite a bit of energy that I could feel releasing with that.

Now is the time to consider your heart’s desire. Perhaps it hasn’t been the right timing. Perhaps there were vibrations or energies that were holding you back. At this moment, as you look around, what is your heart’s desire. Not your mental desire, but what is your heart’s desire as you look at the All That Is.

Life is changing. All is transforming. We are here in this now moment.

Consider relationships. Your relationship always begins within you. In this next level of consciousness if you have thoughts, or beliefs, or actions, or you speak out in ways that pull you down it will become very discordant within you. By that I mean it will actually feel uncomfortable for you. Now is an opportunity that as you look at the relationship within yourself to consider; are there times when you put yourself down? Are there times when you allow someone else to put you down? Are there times when you think less of yourself as if you are not good enough to accomplish something? Let this energy or this vibration show you or illuminate for you whatsoever that might be. Bring up any and all of that energy ~whew~ and clear it out.

As soon as you release those old energies there is an immediate flow of love, unconditional love, that comes into you. It replaces those places inside of you where you no longer were accepting who you are.

Can you feel the compassion? Can you step into a reality in which you are love? Allow that flow within you. Allow it to fill into any of those places inside of you where you were hard on yourself.

As you re-balance within you look out at the relationships around you. Look at them through the new eyes of ascension. Look at them from the eyes of love. How many of these relationships were you trying to force to be something that they are not, because perhaps you didn’t want to be alone? Perhaps you thought there was something you needed from the relationship. So many things that you tell yourself and you try to make yourself believe them. This vibration will show you what is in your heart.

Understand that any of those destructive relationships can either be reprogrammed into something where you are filled with love and you look at them with love, or you can simply let them go. There are many relationships that you will choose not to let go. However, as you change your own perspective and you send that, and you act through that vibration with these individuals, the relationship will change. You are not controlling anybody else. However, you are honoring and respecting yourself which will then be reflected in the relationship. This is this is releasing control. This is accepting who you are.

For many of you, you have been doing this for years. You have been clear and cleaning out your energies, and shifting things and moving through. This has been a process for you for a very long time. I would invite you to consider that it will now transform as the Earth around you transforms.

In so many ways it would be impossible to predict what will happen, because as this transition is completed it is putting the entire world onto a new potential, and as you know there are always multiple potentials. However, the foundation will be love and through love there will be greater clarity.

Look at your life and allow me to say some dimensions and see what your perspective is. We speak frequently of the 5th dimension. As you go inside of yourself, as you consider it, as you have that intention to vibrate at the 5th dimension how does that feel within your life?

What is your perception of the 4th dimension? As you look at your life in regards to the 4th dimension are there things, perceptions that come up to you. If so, take note of what that is or perhaps even how much of your life is within the 4th dimension.

Let us look at the 3rd. For many of you as I say the 3rd dimension you can literally feel as if someone is pulling you down. I would simply like for you to have that awareness of what these different levels of consciousness are. Of course, one’s perception is unique to that individual.

How much of the 3rd dimensional energies are still within your vibration? Take a moment to breathe in ~whew~ and clear out whatever it may be. Allow your focus to come back up within your 5th dimensional perspective. Feel how much better that feels to you.

As you continue to have experiences within your life that are pulling you down into the 3rd dimension it will create that discord, and it will become even more evident to you. You have felt this for the past several years, but could still function at that 3rd or 4th dimension. However, moving forward it will become even more difficult for you. So, let go of the control. Let go of the 3rd dimension. Let go of the old energy.

I ask you to consider the 6th dimension. Feel how your vibration moves for many of you very easily into the 6th dimension. I ask you to look at the 7th dimension. This is where once again you begin to see a separation and for many of you the 7th is as if it is just a number and it no longer resonates with you.

The more that you have released the 3rd dimension and that you live within the 5th the more that you will perceive the 6th and 7th. You may ask why. Because in the higher dimensions there is more love, more balance, more ease and greater tranquility within your life.

Pull all of those potentials, kind of within you now, so that you can flow easily within those potentials so as to create a greater understanding in your life.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As we do so take a moment and perceive. Perceive yourself as you merge with the other individuals. Perceive how many more of these other people, Angelics and Beings of Light there are, because you will see more of the finer vibrations as you vibrate at that higher-level.

This time I invite you to have a perception of looking at the Earth. We will use the Hologram again, because for many people it gives them a focus. So that Hologram of the Earth comes up with in this group. As a group I would invite you to send a flow of energy of the conscious awareness of these various dimensions, and also send a solid vibration of love and expansion into this Hologram.

As the Earth is going through the transformation, I put forth a distinct intention that all those old energies are cleared out. That fear is removed. That control and manipulation is removed. As we do so this Hologram that represents the Earth takes in more of the vibration that you are each sending into the Hologram.

As you send that flow in love within make a conscious choice to support the Earth and its ascension and all the many, many, changes that are going to come with this. Be at peace. Be in balance. Be in love. As all of that moves into the Hologram the Hologram is actually expanding.

You send a portion of that vibration out in the to the Universe. The remainder you send down into the Earth. As this Hologram encounters the Earth it’s surrounds the Earth and it moves through the Collective Consciousness. It moves through all of the energies, and the many layers of energies, clearing out and getting rid of the lower of vibrations or anything that no longer is supportive. ~whew~

As that Hologram moves through the consciousness it goes down inside of Gaia. It links with this new vibration and this higher energy of the Earth and then it begins to come back up. It comes back up within the Earth. It comes back up each one of you are receiving your own transformation through that link that you have with Gaia. The remainder of this Hologram is coming up through the many layers of the Earth. It is coming up onto the surface of the Earth and on every level, it is sending out love and balance. It continues all the way up so that it once more aligns with the vibration of the Collective Consciousness. Once more sending an energy of peace, love, acceptance of one another. Everything flows with its own pattern of life.

I invite you to have a sense of bringing the rest of your consciousness back down into you. You move through into the All That Is into your I AM presence. It follows that stream of light and as you breathe deeply, as you integrate, feel who you are. Take a moment to understand that you have let go of past programming, past experiences. You have let go of those things that kept holding you back and it anchors deeply within you.

Feel the love. Feel the compassion. Send calm and balanced energy throughout you, throughout your life, throughout every aspect of your world. As your waves moves out from you, they will encounter other people and so these waves of transformation will become anchored around the world.

So, my beloved family as you move through this time of massive transformation upon the Earth, I remind you that you are not alone. I remind you that many of these things that are happening are things that have been at coming for a very, very, long time. In fact, this ascension process has been in the process for several thousand years and it is here, and it is happening, and it is now.

Be open to a new way of looking at life. Be open to a new way of living your own life. Be open to looking at the world as a means of co-creating for this planet. Change is here. Change is happening, and you can be an anchor and a balanced individual to help create an easier flow; not only for yourself, but for anyone around you.

You are love. You have ascended and you have arrived.



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