High-Tech Gadgets That Help Alleviate Your Snoring Problems

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomSnoring is as common as they come and they don’t usually pose a serious health issue. It happens when air is partially blocked in its path in the nose and throat when you sleep. The impeded airflow causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate which creates the familiar sound. Those who have excess throat and nasal tissue are prone to snoring, also those that have “floppy” tissue are susceptible to snoring too. The tongue, depending on its position, also affects airflow and may cause you to snore.


Chronic snoring can diminish the quality of your sleep – resulting in fatigue, decreased focus, and other health issues. Loud snoring that keeps your partner awake can strain your relationship too. Fortunately, with today’s modern technology you have a number of options to remedy or mitigate the effects of loud snores. You can select from the best anti snoring device 2020 and learn more about how certain devices can help you and your partner improve your quality of sleep. These technologies can help you overcome relationship issues brought about by snoring.

Here are some of the modern devices that can help you with your snoring problems:

1. Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Although it may look like an ordinary mouthpiece, modern versions of this device help you adjust your mouth and jaw to improve airflow. It is designed to make small adjustments by pulling your jaw forward to adjust the passageway of the air.

2. Tongue Stabilizing Device

This device does not only address snoring problems but also helps with sleep apnea. What it does is it slightly moves the tongue forward to improve airflow. Your tongue has the tendency to fall back when you’re asleep on your back and this obstructs the air that flows through your throat. It is designed to fit into any size or form of mouth so you won’t have to make any adjustments before using it.

3. Chin Strap

A chin strap is made from a flexible material that you wear around your head particularly supporting the jaw. It works by keeping the mouth closed so air doesn’t travel through the throat and prevents flapping of the tissues that cause the sound that snorers make. The advantage of this device is that you won’t have to put it inside the mouth which can be uncomfortable for some people. It also won’t affect your sleep quality if you’re a side sleeper because it can fit snuggly around your head.

4. Sleep Mask

This is an innovative device that you wear like an eye mask. The way it works is that it is connected to your phone and an app listens if you’re snoring and it sends signals to the mask that gently vibrates causing you to change position.

grayscale photo of sleeping woman lying on bed

5. Nasal Plugs

They are not necessarily “plugs” that block the air from entering into your nose. Rather they are more like air vents that expand the nostrils and increase the passageway of air into your nasal cavity that helps improve your breathing while you sleep.

For a long time snoring has been brushed off as mild irritation, but for suffering partners, it has become a source of serious problems. Sleep deprivation or lesser quality of rest contributes to irritability, resentment, and difficulty in concentration which leads to a more serious condition like disorientation and dampened judgment. This has also cause couples to abandon the marital bed which strains the relationship and pile up to grounds of divorce. If you have a snoring problem, chances are you are not the only one suffering because of it.