The Angels: It is OK to Unplug

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is OK for you – even if only temporarily – to detach from the world and all its pain. You may go to work and see it. You may be “exposed” every day, or you may be one of the fortunate souls sitting in a comfortable home with little to do. In any case, each and every one of you needs to take time to unplug from the pain and suffering, to unplug from the dramas of the human condition, and to plug back into the truth of Love and Light that exists within and behind all things.

Spend a few minutes each day in silence. Spend a few minutes doing something that brings you joy. Even if you are a health care provider in intensive care, you can come home, wash up, shut your eyes, and breathe in the love of your angels and your Source. You can read a few sentences of inspirational material or listen to one song that elevates your soul. You can shut your eyes and imagine sitting under a tree on a beautiful Spring day feeling its loving support against your back. You can picture streams of light and grace, and love and well-being pouring into you and emanating outward.

Dear ones there are so many small ways for you to detach from pain and suffering and plug into love.

Even if you are sick, you can sit and surrender to the fact that you are loved beyond measure by angels and by your creator, by relatives on this side and in the heavens. You can imagine light streaming into your lungs even if they are not working so easily. You can listen to songs that elevate, read material that inspires, and if you don’t have the energy for that, shut your eyes and imagine being in your favorite and most relaxing place on earth with your angels all around you. We are there for you, channeling light and assistance at all times. Fear blocks our healing energy from getting to you. A willingness to surrender, relax, and trust allows us to assist.

So many of you have prayed for so long to have time to relax and now many of you have it. Don’t complain about about your down time, dear ones. Use this time. Allow yourselves to dive deep within, to rest, to sleep, to meditate, to read, to educate yourselves, to connect via your technologies, to send light to the world… We could go on and on with so many ways that you can share and experience love now.

Pray for the brave souls who are “out there” supporting society. If you are one of them, pray to be open to the Divine grace and well-being that flows at all times. Allow yourself to be, in the words of St. Francis, “An instrument of peace.”

The world is in a time of great pain right now, and yet we continue to see a bright and beautiful future. The souls who are leaving earth are being welcomed into paradise in the heavens with such love you would not be at all sad for them, if you could feel only a fraction of it. The souls who are sick and suffering are being sent so much love if they could surrender to it, their lives could be transformed by this love. Those of you without work, are being guided to rest, to envision a new future for yourself, or to serve somehow while you have the time to do so.

Detach every now and then, dear friends, from the pain of the world. As you raise your vibration into peace, love, joy, compassion, or any of those other loving frequencies, you are actually connecting to a brighter world, to the truth of the light within your greater Self – the Self that includes all others. By seeming to “let go” of the pain, you are embracing the love. You become an even greater contribution than you can possibly imagine.

In truth, and in love, you are the hands, the eyes, and the heart of God expressed in human form. We appreciate you and we are here to serve you in remaining in love… no matter what you witness there upon your earth.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

» Source » Channel: Ann Albers