Era of Light Report 4/20/2020: Failing Clones, Earth Update, Solutions

era of light report future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The many of our so called leaders, or I should say former leaders have been in the “cloning business” since the 1970’s.

The Bush and Clinton Clan, The Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s, The Royal Family and more, have been known by many different sources to have clones in “storage” for over fifty years.

Eventually they got Hollywood parasites to join in on the fun of having soulless doubles, triples, or octuples, or whatever number they felt they needed.

One of the members of the Cabal also has his own clone selves. You know him as Joseph Biden.

The 2020 elections will not be serious elections. For one, Trump will be 100% Re-Elected. Number two, the opposing side does not have an “actual candidate”.

The democratic party did not have a better candidate, or so they thought. This is why they brought in “Old” Joe. Just for show of course.

His current clone is malfunctioning, losing the ability to even put two words together that make sense.

As Donald Trump puts it: Biden’s a ‘failing’ ‘dummy’ who ‘looks different than he used to’.

In the coming months, you may notice an improved Biden on the stage. This will be a new clone.

Again this is being done to just put on an “election show”. If the citizens don’t know, all the officials know that Trump has this already won.

That is all for today!

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3 Replies to “Era of Light Report 4/20/2020: Failing Clones, Earth Update, Solutions”

  1. Cheri

    Hahahahaha! You can keep your clones hanging in the closet but they are only as good as the hive mind animating the DNA. Biden can barely string together a coherent thought and to me is the poster boy for the archonic AI mind control programming breaking down. He can’t even read a teleprompter. They all look like mannequins. God watching Pelosi is just downright painful at this point. Just a totally forced performance. All they can do is project what they have done onto others. This used to work as disclosure for their twisted law of informed consent to harm others masked as so called free will.

    I just had a dream about this too KejRaj. Of course with my clearing work I am always waking up in some funky timeline before the lightbody fires up. We were sitting around a picnic table and this group of people were eyeing me suspiciously. Finally one guy asked me if I was “manufactured” lol! So I took off my coat and they all covered their eyes and fell of the bench at my inner radiance hahahaha!

    Also two nights ago I woke up in some funky office filled with cubicles of people doing nothing but shuffling around. Someone said to me “did you hear Comey got arrested?” Lol!

    So I have been thinking about this Elohim (AA’s and A’s) being human as well lately because I am starting to understand the creational structure as being archetypes of qualities built into the grid that make up the true law of one energy structure. The Elohim hold form and function within the blueprints. They are the creational structure that make up the universe. So I was seeing them more as an angelic structure within the blueprints of planets as they are part of the central sun system of creation. Yet all is organic and I also know they are part of the prime creators monadic structure or multiversal soul group direct from source. Then I ponder on my own Seraphim DNA which is the feathers of my lightbody that do this transmuational work I described in my recent post here about our Avian lightbodies and have finally realized these are my creational chakras operating in all dimensions and octaves. The Seraphim avian feathers I see through my pineal that are doing this repair work on the planet are how we create worlds and manipulate matter. The ones in this octave appear as graphite because they are carbon. Carbon is a property of diamond so once the carbon blueprints are cleared they will become a crystalline diamond structure. So I could then easily extrapolate that we are these angels and archangels in human form because the angelic expression is our lightbodies and our multidimensional chakra system. Now I know my Hilarion monad holds the emerald flame as AA Metatron used his platonic solids to fire up this flame within and activate my lightbody which began the process of raising my kundalini, sequencing my DNA and awakening my avian chakra system. These flames hold the over lighting qualities within the rays of light that is built within the arch (overarching) angelic structure. We all hold these various qualities and rays within.

    So this is the hidden secret (that was disconnected) built into the human template as the soul evolves and reconnects with our entire DNA structure. I see the AA’s by name as the archetypes of these overlighting qualities. I have myself embodied Isis as the feminine goddess archetype (antimatter). The one who is directing this clearing work inside me is referred to as Prime Creator who I experience as the archetype Quetzalcoatl through my Mayan DNA. So these angels and the father known as prime creator are our etheric form.

    Gosh this was great to write about as this whole thing is finally coming together and making sense to me after 8 years of listening and total surrender allowing my soul and prime creator to work through my awesome lightbody!

    We are reclaiming the full potential of the human blueprint! It is unlimited and the finest creation vehicle for embodiment ever created as we are the culmination of eons of evolution genetic tinkering or refinement. We will be the first ever full human template embodied within this density! Awesome! 😘💚🔥

    PS: I was told within I did this same blueprint work in Atlantis when we got all the way down to 5d and I embodied or laid down the template for the RA blueprint. So this is somewhat of a unique speciality which is why I came back into this frequency again at the end of this cycle. So while I realize this is all me I still feel like an ignorant mushroom in this density with no memories as we all do! They call me a “reference being” because I can repair the planetary template and bring it back into full harmonic alignment as well as evacuate soul energy and repair monadic structures. It’s a source mission! So darn dense here none of us know what the heck we are doing lol!

    This is the trust and surrender! We are the zero point evolution to kick off the finest cycle ever throughout all creation! Side by side, heart by heart we step into the highest potential destiny of humanity. Love you! 😘

    Cheri of Hilarion
    House of Ra
    Order of the Seraphim 💚💚💚💚💚

  2. Kazar

    Hi KejRaj I have a question for you as an aside to you mentioning Michael (Angel) and others all having been Human. Could you give me a source for that? No problem if it’s just from you. PEACE

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Kazar!

      Years ago, it was my innate that revealed this to me. And than later I came across different sources that confirmed this. Particularly channelings. I do not have links at this moment.