The Q Phenomenon

expansion image eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The Q phenomenon. The one that’s been heard about world wide. The one which the followers are not very clear as to who Q may be. Nonetheless, all are intrigued by this entity, or entities.

There are many who say Q is the U.S military. While others say it is a joint movement between the world’s militaries to bring down the cabal.

At the same time, some think it is the U.S President himself. And once again, others saying it is John F Kennedy Junior.

Everyone will most likely, let us say ‘accept’ anything until someone comes out and says something out of the ordinary, something out of this world as the saying  goes. And then begins the laughter and the ridicule. The attacks, and labeling of one as insane.

This may be the reason why Q seems to enjoy communicating in riddles.

Perhaps his followers are not ready for the entire truth. We’ll take it a bit further and say that they may even turn on Q, if Q were to state higher truths that may not coincide with the followers’ current knowing.

Let us move on.

Whether you are open to the idea of extraterrestrials or not. Whether you find it plausible or not. It is a reality. And it has been for Earth for millions of years.

Not only is there immeasurable amount of proof on Earth for this. But also proof from your governments, making contact with ET’s, kept hidden for centuries.

Humanity and Earth have never been alone, on this journey, for if you were, you would have been doomed. And most likely would have perished by now. Of course not do to your human collective, but do to your ruthless cabal entities, and their nonhuman overlords.

There is a group, or a family of extraterrestrials known to many as Pleiadians. These ones are your parents we would say. For they have contributed most to the genetic makeup of the current Earth human.

Currently on Earth there are many Pleiadians who walk among you. There are ones who have come from their star ships and chose to land on Earth and assist your leaders directly.

There are also many Pleiadian Souls on Earth now. What does this mean?

These are souls who have left their home world in the Pleiadian Star System, and chose to incarnate on Earth, in a human vessel, for many lifetimes to experience 3D firsthand. While at the same time being beacons of light and seeing that this world is not completely lost. Just their presence alone, has had great positive impact on this planet.

One of these Pleiadian Souls is John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior, now incarnated as an Earth human being.

Why am I telling you all of this? What does any of this have to do with Q?

Allow us to tell you. Q is and isn’t what many may think.

Is Q’s identity a secret? Only if you want it to be. Is Q one or many? One in charge, and many at play.

Why do we say many at play? This is do to the fact that this mission does include benevolent leaders of your world. The military of these leaders’ nations.

There are also beings from the Pleiadian Star System, who currently are present within the Solar System, particularly just above Earth’s atmosphere.

With utmost honor and humility, one of these Pleiadian beings, of high rank, has volunteered to play the role of Q. This one is, we will say the leader of the Q movement.

This one is in direct contact with the President of the United States, and a few other benevolent leaders of your world.

There is another that is referred to as Q+ or Q2. And this is the being you know as John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior. However, he has moved on from this role, or at least it isn’t priority for him at the moment.

Please understand that these entities, the Pleiadian high ranks, JFK Junior, Trump, and other leaders of your world, all have and continue to meet in person.

In this group, or we should say movement, from our understanding there are other entities that are part of the Q team. Entities that were incarnated on Earth before, and have returned once again to take part in Earth’s and humanity’s liberation.

These ones you have known them as George Washington, Saint Germain, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana. All of them are here now, and fully aware of who they were, who they are, and why they are here. Also just as important, this is why YOU are here now.

You are truly divine and eternal beings. The only thing that changes is your physical vehicle. Your core, your essence that is pure divine light/love remains unchanged.

As souls, once again you are eternal. You traverse the Universe, planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy, serving the Universe and expanding in ways never thought possible.

You are eternal, this you must remember. There is no death. There is only transition. Transition into another dimension, another reality, to another experience.

You have been for many lifetimes a part of the Earth experience. Which is known as one of the most difficult “schools” in the Universe. And now you ready to graduate. You are moving to a higher dimension. The 5th dimension of Mother Earth. A place of peace, prosperity and harmony for all.

We ask that you be open to more, new truths coming your way very soon. Remain calm and heart centered.

You are now on the threshold of a breakthrough that was once thought impossible. A new dawn has arrived. A new sun rises. Ahead of you is a future of unimaginable excitement.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

35 Replies to “The Q Phenomenon”

  1. Cha

    In the Pleiadies one faction is a dark one, and this is the one who is right by some of our presidents.
    St Germain is false light know as the Antichrist. How can you pretend he is link to the beautiful new Era?
    Gerasa is a slavery system with a beautiful marketing coming right after the Deep state horrible plans, very clever!
    GESARA which has been signed by B.Clinton in 2010 is a Luciferian harvesting soul system.
    So if you know well according to what you pretend, you obviously know it. So either you lie or you are ignorant of things behind.

  2. Marianna

    KejRaj this message resonates with me deeply. All your messages do. Thank you for this and this truly insightful website. 💙🙏🏻

  3. Aidan McFarris

    KejRaj! It is my first time here! So it’s my first reading. Thank you! Thank you! A MILLION TIMES, THANK YOU! Your message has lifted a heavy burden from my heart and shoulders. I have been in such turmoil! #1, from investigating all of these revelations for MONTHS! And once my eyes were open to all of the horrors that have been going on right before my eyes, I could not, in good conscience, turn away. I strongly felt the ‘call to action’. And the urgent NEED to answer that call. So, I have kept investigating and sharing all. #2 I was raised as a Christian and the sermons that I heard as a young child gave me horrible nightmares that Jesus returned and the “rapture” took place, and I was left behind! Thus, when I learned of what was about to happen, I felt like my nightmare was happening. Because I know I am not prepared for Ascension. #3 I am so, so concerned about my 19 year old autistic son. This entire ordeal, the virus, the numbers they roll out every day. (he perseverates on them, as he also suffers from severe OCD.) He additionally has the most extreme, horrible anxiety and stress, as he is SO empathetic that he carries the world around on his shoulders. Is there any hope that, with The Event, that he may be helped? He has just suffered so long, and ALL due to the horrendous toxins they put in his vaccination. I don’t want to end this message on that note however, because I want to tell you how much hope your message HAS given me! Many blessings to you! Thank you! (oh, the name I am going by, is an alias…LOL! My true name is Melody!)

    1. Cheri

      Hi beautiful Melody! Its Cheri I just laughed with you on another post too! I am so interested in just the general theme of autism and ADD which has been on the rise since the vaccines were infiltrated over the last 20 years or so. My maternal family suffers from ocd, severe anxiety, depression and schizophrenia and both my mom and grandfather died from advanced Alzheimers disease. I myself started getting severe panic attacks for no reason in my early twenties. I came from a long line of Catholics and have just come into the knowing of the horrors experienced by my ancestral line at the hands of the priesthood and their satanic practices. During my massive awakening to do this work on the planetary architecture I had to first clear my entire ancestral infiltrated timelines. The reason why most of us are here this lifetime is to clear the massive degradation of the DNA and human cellular structure from this reality of disease programming. Once my ancestral lines were clear I began investigating and working on clearing the timelines of the dark ones as part of my soul contract to heal the Nephilim. We (my inner team) have found massive biological weapons throughout the entirety of the akashic records for humanity which has affected us all. The heavy metals especially contain the archonic nanobot system which holds the mind control programming in the dark ones as they have sacrificed their life force and soul energy in exchange for power via there Illuminati religious practices of MK Uktra and and technology being run from their timelines. I am working on clearing these and collapsing their mind control algorithms. There is huge stress and anxiety within our animals as well from these timelines as they are highly empathic to the quantum field like the children. I fully expect that the clearing of their (the dark ones) timelines will relieve this viral and toxic load on our entire cellular structure which will allow the DNA to heal.

      I just wanted to send some love to you for sharing your story and let you know that there is great hope as this extreme stress carried within the dark ones coming from their sick torture of the children is what is carrying this anxiety frequency running through our omnipresence heals. So much progress is being made on all fronts. I got a demonstration by my inner team early on of the ability of the DNA to regenerate and heal. My kundalini was instructed by the Pleidians (as this is their biological technology that controls the entire human genome) to replace all the fluids in my body. I felt a huge calm as a cool temperature of extreme serenity came over me. Full hydration of pristine fluids! It was joyful and just wow!

      We have the most advanced biology ever created for pure consciousness to immerse in reality experiences. It was infiltrated. We have to be in this frequency to allow it to heal through our lightbodies. The greater part of our consciousness is outside this frequency of reality. Chloroform, thorazine, succinol choline, chlorine, flouride and pepper spray was used in our infiltrated timelines and akashic records to keep us from awakening and wipe our memories. This sick system is coming rapidly to a close as we are healing through the apocolyptic timelines which we are in right now just by our presence in this frequency. The planetary DNA was massively mutated as well from this infiltration which is what my team is repairing back to a harmonic structure that is fully organic.

      I fully expect autism to heal as these children are brilliant and I feel are the closest to true omnipresence as they are highly intuitive and multidimensionally creative not intellectually oriented. it’s just the signals from the mind control algorithms running through humanity’s subconscious screw with our brains which are meant to be multidimensional receivers not AI programmed reality creators. These children don’t predominately operate in these lower frequencies. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this from my journey as we create this together! All is incredibly well contrary to what we see around us lol!

      So much love to you and your son! Love to Lina too! Thank you both for your awesome posts! 😘

      1. Karina

        My beloved sister Cheri – I could say 1000 words but I just want so say I LOVE YOU!!! That*s always the emotion of highest respect and unwavering trust and love in all you are doing in service for humanity. You are truly celestial ROYALITY, spoken from the wisdom of my heart!

        LOVE YOU!!!

        1. Cheri

          Thank you beautiful Karina! You just made my day with your message to me! I can not believe how fast your light has expanded girl! You are on fire on Twitter and just spreading amazing truth bombs and love! Massive acceleration going on now! I love you too girl!

          We are down to the original Nephilim timelines and soul harvest and the work is fierce! I have never seen and felt such suffering and misery omg! The creational structure is profusely thanking me and worried that I will give up! I told them not one of them will be left behind! This is my one and only priority and why I came to fix this broken architecture! I can feel the end of my contract is near and the most exciting synchronicity dropped into my life after you introduced me to your followers on Twitter! I just stepped into my 5d timeline! I am almost one with the creator! The creator is not holy!
          He’s about joy and laughter, pure bliss, and ecstatic love. I am so excited about the end of the control system and our glorious future here!

          Go get em Karina! We are a glorious team! WWG1WGA!! Cosmic hugs to your mini-me, that beautiful daughter you brought into this world to kick off the ascension lol! 😘

    2. John

      Melody, I don’t think that you have anything to fear! From other sources I’ve been following (David Wilcock and Corey Goode, among others) the advice I’ve been hearing is that you only need to be focused on “service to others” at least 51% of the time, and you’ll easily make it into the 4th density (“Law of One” verbiage for our upcoming shift). That basically means that you just have to be nice and loving most of the time, rather than mean and hateful!

      I was never baptized as a Christian, so I am not one; however, I have always considered Jesus to be a personal role model. Whenever I feel the need for guidance, I always reflect on how he would probably have responded to a similar situation, which is always with compassion and forgiveness. If you do that, you’ll never go wrong!

      I have a niece with severe ADHD, so I can relate to your concerns about your son, but I strongly believe that he will pick up on your feelings, since you and he have the strongest possible bond, as mother and son! As long as you can feel peaceful and happy about our current situation, he will probably be able to feel and reflect those sentiments. Just remember that this current “fear pandemic” will soon be over, and we’ll find ourselves in a far brighter world than we can even envision right now!

      In the meantime, I wish you all the love in the world, and just remember that we will all get through this together! Vaya con Dios.

    3. Bren

      Melody, I just read your comment. Please know that the love of Christ is real, and most church teachings are not. At the time of The Event, your son will get a new mind and body.
      There will be no pain. Just joy and love. I can be found on twitter @saywhenbren. Many blessings to you, and the best is yet to come!

  4. Diana

    KejRej, please know that the high point of my days is coming to your site.

    Miigwetch for all the work you put into the EraOfLight. Being here gives me the hope that one day we will reach and be living in the Golden Era as has been prophesied. In the meantime, you take very good care of yourself.

    Be well always.



    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Diana. I am grateful for your kind words. Knowing this, uplifts my spirit. All the light to You!

    1. Cheri

      I do think Pamela is right on this this that Marilyn Monroe was an Illuminati controlled MK Ultra programmed sex kitten like Cathy O’brien was and used to control, spy and corrupt or bribe the non-compliant politicians or serve the compliant ones. Hollywood is the epicenter of MK Ultra. You are not given fame and fortune without the archonic exchange of your life force. She was ritually abused and tortured and programmed from birth just like Cathy Obrien to service the powerful and wealthy.

      These people are not for the most part willing spys and honey pots, they are tortured children with walled off personalities that are AI programmed. Her soul seemed beautiful just like Cathy Obrien, they are sweet children put through hell by their parents who were sweet children put through hell by their parents, etc, etc. for generations. This is the truth of the illuminati power structure. Cathy Obrien broke her programming and wrote a great book and speaks on you tube as the truth is all finally being revealed. She is the sweetest of souls and I bless her for all she has revealed at great personal risk.

      This is MK ultra programming, some are unaware programmed sleepers to wake up by phrases given by the leaders. It’s a control system of generations of tortured children through MK Ultra. This is what we are healing.

      I think we will see a lot of the sleepers being activated as they are all in to remove Trump from office. You will see all the controlled Republican politicians suddenly turn on him as Fox News is doing now under the leadership of the bribed and controlled Paul Ryan.

      All media, Hollywood and political assets are being activated in this final push to keep him from getting reelected. However they will still fail but be revealed for us all to see!

      I am sure she was Pleidian though as the Illuminati infiltrated the entire blueprint of humanity. This is my opinion only from my own research. I guess it is irrelevant at this point as it is an effed up system that needs massive warrior love to get fixed. 😘

  5. Cheri

    To me I can clearly see and read in the field that Q is a “Q”uantum structure that moves within the hearts of the Patriots and ripples throughout the hearts of those that love their country and are creating change and freedom from the control structure. It is primarily a source point of creation from prime creator to charge the Indigo truthers to fire up their soul missions. Some of us respond to this modality of awakening, some respond through their religious filters to massive interesessionary warrior prayer groups through awakening the christ light within and some of us awaken to this material and respond to spiritual and group meditations to raise the vibrations of the planet.
    Some of us follow and find enlightenment through the UFO commmunity. This is clearly the divine plan to awaken a diverse population across many filters as no one size fits all. None of these groups are in opposition to another, they are all pure creational vehicles for awakening, truth and revelation! They are all high vibe and highly resonate. I do not follow anything but do my own research to find what resonates within. The whole premise of Q is think for yourself, research and find truth. Do not parrot the narrative but don discernment and put on the armor of god (lightbody). They use all kinds of biblical and patriotic references. They don’t give answers because it is not a control structure, nothing is pre determined as we are creating this not offworld ETs or creators outside of us from higher dimensions. We are these creators. We are these ETs. We are JFK Jr. and many other masters and angels incarnated into these current timelines. The military has a plan for what it can control which brings me great comfort. Trump is standing between us and the cabal continuing to launder our money for themselves. His mission is to spearhead the rebuilding of this nation. Good people are stepping up across all platforms to protect our freedoms and restore law and order and equal justice. No one is our savior and no one group or person is doing this alone. This is a team ascension. We are creating this from pure organic potential by our thoughts, our living consciousness!

    Once we understand this we stop opposing the other groups involved in various light creations. Let us all create the reality and bring forth the disclosures and justice and creations that resonate with our hearts and souls. The dark forces do not oppose each other, they work in coordination and lockstep precision of a hive mind which is fake omnipresence.

    There is no more unifying phrase of the pure truth than WWG1WGA!! This is unity consciousness! The Q movement is waking up millions and millions of people globally. I find it fun and fascinating to follow the truthers. I work on the planetary architecture so I know all this is real and can see the higher picture. But we gotta step into our power and find what resonates. The one size fits all model is a control structure and what we are in now. Just find your heart and follow those things that are interesting and resonate joy. We choose where to put our energy. We are creating this ascension with energetic support from the rest of creation.

    KejRaj is a Pleidian Candle hahahaha! I am an Arcturian Planetary Architect. We are still stuck in a false holographic projection and a mind control manuscript of fake omnipresence but until then hold the freedom codes and wish the best for all without opposing other peoples solutions or soul calling. The dark forces are literally withering up and incoherent. The lame stream media and fake narrative is currently being exposed for all to see! It’s happening super fast now as we approach the collapse of the control structure! I am on the team creating this and so are you. That’s my two cents! Love to you all! 😘

    1. Lina

      Wow. Mon Cheri, well well said. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I deeply resonate. Love and light to all. 💗💕

  6. Doug James

    Sounds great to me since many of us I am sure came from other planets or ships to be here now. Just amazing JFK jr is alive I cant wait for him to make an appearance explain to the world what has been going on! Help awaken the masses! Love to all!

  7. Kazar

    Greetings. Peace be With You. It all sounds fine but the Feelings are that something is slightly amiss. A Great Awakening would seem to imply that the mass of people would have insights and intuitions to usher in a shift for humanity. Not be doled out breadcrumbs to which they have to go down rabbit holes to find truth. Many have not come back out of the Warren for Fresh Air. Truth is found within then expressed without. Wwv1wga. Do metaphysicians believe that? Now maybe all the Q followers have the same base frequency and in a Harvest do have the same destination. But what of the rest of Humanity? For a division of the People is based on innate frequency and intent. Not based on thoughts or who you follow. Moving forward is based on connecting with Spirit within not following a movement. FOR ONE WILL BE TAKEN AND THE OTHERS LEFT STANDING. Or some such. The current model being presented is a battle over Power and Control. Where is the talk of paradigm shift from the leaders. The Prince of the Air is also the Prince of the Airwaves. This may give the impression that a minor skirmish means the Dark predators have given up. This is not their Truth. The Upstart BabyQ Austin Steinbart has pointed out as a positive thing that the Military is going to be taking over the worldwide internet thru Elon Musk(who he calls a white hat) by deploying thousands of satellites forming a grid over earth. This to prevent evil tech overlords from controlling us with Quantum technology. REALLY? I also just watched a vid where Trump appears to have given up power to Fema with Pomeo at the podium. Blackstone managing the Fed? I Believe in God Immanent not God Transcendant. Finding the Truth and Perception in our Hearts. To put on the Full Armor of God requires an active Heart Chakra or you lose the most important part. Let’s stay diligent this process is not over.. love you kazar

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      “Moving forward is based on connecting with Spirit within”… That is precisely why I created this website. To gradually lead people to that exact truth that you mentioned. However, each one needs to take their own steps and not be pushed towards anything. We have many who are still caught up on movements and greatly follow the political seen. I think even they, sooner or later will arrive to a different level of awakening.



    1. Luther Renfroe Jr.

      thank you very much. I – AM – of the light. i am a light warrior..even though i remember nothing .. may light and love guide your way..

  9. Tom

    Here is my question. Why nothing gets don Q has been talking for a long time.Yet nothing changes when is things going to change.

    1. Brenda Kuder

      Tom, you and I are of the same mind. In order to evolve we must stop playing 3D games. One of the most divisive ones are the political games. Q makes it sound like everyone in the alliance are from the Right and all of the bad guys are from the Left. How can that be so? Corey Goode has said the 3 days of interrupted communications with start on the 25th. David Wilcock says maybe they won’t need the 3 days now. I will not be led by the nose. I will stay connected to my heart center and take everything with a huge grain of salt.

  10. Doug

    Thank You as always….this definitely rings true…not because I want it to be true but because it feels so….even so, I have learned over the years to allow threads of details to just be and to embrace the bigger scenes as they unfold. The details are just that…always changeable.

    I am a child of light, I serve with the Brotherhood of Light, to bring Love and Light to this world and all worlds in all times and all dimensions, and may we soon gather as one family to celebrate all that we have given, Loved, embraced and sacrificed to be here in these unfolding moments of the Divine plan.

    Thank You and Blessings for all that you do and share. These messages have meant so much to so many.

    Live Long and Prosper,

  11. Marilyn G.

    Thank you for the transmission, Kejraj. Was JFK Sr. from the Pleiades, as well? I worked on his campaign when I was 14 yrs. of age, in S.F., because I’d read Profiles in Courage and realized what a fine man he was. And today? I can barely look at his portrait without crying.

  12. Maureen Brulé

    So grateful for your messages! We Need all the encouragement we can get at this point! In Faith, I continue to be patient, & visualize a Better future for us all, & our dear Mother Earth.

  13. Ben

    Thank you for your work as always!! I come to your site daily for inspirational articles and posts and I have no doubt my aura just shines brighter because of it, hopefully causing an energeric ripple effect 😀 but all that to say, THANK YOU!

  14. Deborah Emrich

    Thank you. The communications mean more than words can express. Cannot wait to remember my entire self along with everyone else’s. What an exciting time to be alive! No hint on when some of the rest of us may start remembering our true selves? Sorry, can’t blame a girl for trying. LOL
    Loving life! Good vibes and love to all!

    1. John

      Here’s a link to a video which I may have already shared, but which is very relevant at this time. JFK Jr. is specifically mentioned in Part 10. Please share it: