The Sun Moves Into Taurus- Embracing Gaia’s Love, Unexpected Enlightenment, Sensual Vibes, Trusting Yourself

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomOn April 19th, the Sun, which represents: our ego, vitality and life force, moves into the sign of Taurus. Taurus, the 2nd sign of the zodiac, is all about: earthy pleasures, practicality, values, tenacity and patience.

The Suns entry into Taurus will bring a concentrated effort to who and what we value in life. Since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which represents: love, beauty and blessings, there is a renewed recognition of our inner earth god/goddess being called forth.

The Sun in Taurus will promote our ability to stay centered while also embracing our sensual and romantic sides. We are being encouraged to slow down and feel with all the 5 senses. Taurus likes to: touch, smell, taste, see and hear with an earthy awareness. Walking in the grass, while sipping a juice, smelling the sweet scent of flowers under a sunny sky are the vibes of Taurus. Enjoying the simplicity of life is encouraged, as is taking it one step at a time. This is always sound advice but even more so now with the crazy energies of our world.

The Sun in Taurus is asking you to find that solid inner strength and stand with love and gratitude for the miracle of life. Even more so in these times, we are being reminded to see the beauty within the simple moments. In fact, that’s all we have on this journey.

The Sun in Taurus will encourage us to embrace our strength and fortitude throughout any worry or concern. It’s time to drop down into your heart and soul. There’s always something to be grateful for and this season wants to remind you of your own divinity.

The Sun in Taurus is here to: create calmness within the current storm, bring you back to the beauty of nature and remind you of your worthiness and self love. Happy birthday to all the lovely Taurus folks.

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