Godess of Creation: Love of Self Creates Love for All

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThe more that the collective consciousness integrates the 5th dimension, the greater amount of love vibration there will be upon Earth. While there are certain times when there are great bursts of energy, there are other times when there is a steady flow of energy and light. A key element of living in the 5th dimension is the realization of love. When you feel and allow love into your life, you look at the world through the eyes of love. In certain cases, you can no longer allow experiences that pull you or others down to take place.

When we got to the All That Is, the Goddess opened a door that allowed us to see the Earth. It was as if we were in space and looking at the planet. She then asked us to pay attention to the matrix and the collective consciousness. The perception of the matrix was that it was segments of light that created a band around the world. Some segments were brighter than others. As we looked at the collective consciousness, it was a density that surrounded the earth. Some of the density was more transparent or lighter than other aspects. As we consciously looked at this, we then infused love. Love from us, love for the planet, love for all. After that we linked with Gaia and infused flow into the earth clearing out darkness, infusing it with light. There was a noticeable difference when this was complete!

We then worked on opening ourselves and feeling how love impacts our lives. We were able to clear out our own hearts. She did this through our emotions, thoughts, actions, relationships and more.

It was so clear to see how we are all interconnected. I could literally see how each person who was in a space of love was like a shining light. This light then spread out connecting all upon the earth. People could choose to connect with it or not through free will.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you at this time of transformation that is taking place upon the earth.

When we were together the last time a couple of weeks ago (Change is Here! 04-05-20) there had just been a dramatic shift in the consciousness of the earth. That shift was related to clearing out very old, old ancient densities and very low vibrations. It was due to ascension that took place through what everyone is doing upon the earth. It was also during the time when people had begun to stay home because of the pandemic.

As a result of that, Gaia was able to begin her own process of re-booting. Fast forward to where we are tonight two weeks later. Even more of those energies have now come into the earth, even more of the light vibration that is here to transform everything. It moves through the consciousness of everyone, it moves through the consciousness of the collective consciousness; it moves through the wildlife, the energy of the trees, the grass.

So much of what is upon the earth has its own vibration and its own conscious awareness. That whenever there are these big flows of energy that come from the universal light that assist with filling in these spaces, everything responds. It is as if everything is blossoming. Take a deep breath in. Feel yourself that is the energy or the essence that is you.

I invite you to take a deep breath and breathe from your heart center, sending the energy down through your body and into Gaia. It is as if there is that beam of light that links you and this time follow that stream so that you have a sense of reaching out to feel the earth as it is today.

Take a moment to consider; how does this feel? Is it the same as it has always been? Are you noticing that there are some subtle changes that are taking place? Or are you noticing that there is a massive change?

Gaia will always find her own intrinsic balance. However, there will be filters and different energies that will be affected both by what is upon the earth and what is within the earth. This is your opportunity to create your own relationship with Gaia. Know that the earth is here in support of you. Feel the wave, feel the energy for what it is. This is grounding to you; this is nurturing to you from within your lower energy bodies.

Allow your focus to back up from through that column of light and it circulates once more through your heart center. You then send it out, you send it through your throat, through your third eye, through your head center; you send it all the way up until it automatically aligns with your higher self.

Take a moment to look around as if you are looking around at a space where you like to come. Some of what you are manifesting right now is located within this space. Some of those projects that you thought about but decided against are still here. ~whew~ clear them out.

I ask you to just make note, you don’t need to think about it but just make note; is there any ease or expanded awareness of your higher self at this time? We send that stream of energy even further up. It goes up through that stream of energy that connects you with your soul, it goes all the way up until it links with your divinity. Feel how your energies expand as a result of your alignment with your soul.

As you feel this blending take place, have a sense of looking outward. As you do so, take in the energies of whatever it is that is within your I AM presence that makes itself known to you right now.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you. I reach to embrace you as the consciousness of this lifetime and you as the blend of your divinity. As our energies merge, there is this shift that takes you into the All That Is.

Take a moment allowing your consciousness to discern; is this any different than your perception has been about it in the past?

I would like you to have a sense of looking outward and I am going to open up a door so to speak. Because I would like for you to look at the earth. It is as if you were in outer space or in a different perspective looking at the earth. You may have a perception of coming into the space on earth in which you live. You may find your awareness some place else.

I invite you to look at the earth and just take in your perception. My perception is that I can see a greater clarity as I take in the earth and its matrix that is around it. Let us have a perception of looking at the matrix. As you do so, I’m also going to ask you to look at the collective consciousness; so, you see the earth and these are levels or different perspectives.

The perspective that I have as I look at this is that when I see the matrix, I see these impulses of light that are shooting all around the earth; sometimes quite brightly, sometimes not as bright. As I look at the collective consciousness there are times it looks bright and clear and times it looks dense with very slow energy moving through it.

I invite you to take a moment to just center within yourself, center within your heart and just send a wave of love energy out from you. It will go out into everybody that is here from this perspective and it’s going down into the earth. As I see this wave of energy, the matrix itself lights up! It receives that love energy and the impulses move faster and faster around the earth.

As we send that light energy into the collective consciousness, some of the more sluggish areas are lifted up and some of the other already higher vibrations begin to spin or move even faster.

And then you take a deep breath and allow your consciousness to just look, to see if there is anything now that comes into your awareness. Perhaps, look all the way down into the earth. Are there energies or places within the earth in which we can send that love vibration? Take a deep breath in ~whew~ and send that energy inside the earth to any place at all that needs illumination.

What is interesting is that in this we have looked at three difference perspectives of the earth and what is around the earth. As we sent that third one that went inside of the earth, I felt this massive expansion as light infiltrated many, many different places. Now going back to when we linked with Gaia at the beginning, most could feel the clarity and the balance from Gaia herself. Therefore, from an outside or a different perspective, we could go in and transform areas that needed to be illuminated with light. Whew, as I said it again, I felt another wave go through me.

Allow your focus and your consciousness to come back within yourself in the All That Is and again have a sense of closing off that energy. (Speaking of the window that showed the earth.) As you look, or as you feel within your heart center, what is the first perspective that comes to you; be it emotions, thoughts, experiences. As we are here in this space of the All That Is and as you align with your heart center, this is an opportunity to create a greater clarity.

Was there anybody that when they think about their heart, they have experiences, emotions, thoughts; whatever it may be that is weighing heavily upon you and within your heart, it causes your heart to constrict to a certain degree. Whatsoever those experiences may be, I invite you to have a sense of just scooping them up and ~whew~ let it go. As you let go these experiences, there is even more space that opens up within your heart.

Take a moment to focus upon love and balance within you. Within your heart do you have a sense of feeling balanced? Okay, I could immediately feel a great number of you saying no! If there is any imbalance, no matter where it may be from, I invite you to focus on whatever that is to bring it up, bring it up, bring it up; ~whew~ let it go.

As you let this go, take a moment to just let the natural flow of love and light rebalance the energies within and around your heart.

As you consider where you would like to go in this life, what do you need in this now moment. Open up your heart be it conscious or unconscious and receive into you, the energy, the light, the support for whatever that may be.

You are in the All That Is. This is a high vibration for creation. This is a moment for you to create the life that you would like to have.

As I spoke those words I could see most people were re-adjusting within their energies. I invite you to allow the vibration of love to be the foundation. If you consider what that might mean in your life, if you know that you are loved by your soul, by your divinity, by I the Goddess, God Source, all of these energies that are right here; if you know that you are loved open to become empowered.

If you know that as you look outward from yourself you look through the eyes of love that opens you to compassion, respect, thoughtfulness and as you are creating your life that foundation will allow you to see life differently. As we looked at the world just a few minutes ago it looked different as love was the foundation.

As you go back inside and once again if there is any residual from what you let go, allow for love to flow within.

Within the fifth dimension and the higher dimensions, love is the foundation as I have said for many, many years. The other aspect of this is that when you are in a space of love and balance and you look out at the world from love and balance or through love and balance then you seek to assist the world in also becoming a place of love and balance. We just did it a few minutes ago. You can open and be filled with love and then as you send it out into the world everybody else that is doing the same creates a vibration that moves throughout the entire world supporting everybody. As you are in this space, if you find yourself frustrated, angry or upset be it with yourself or someone else take a step back, breathe in love and then look at the situation again.

There have been so many people upon the earth whose only focus was to control and manipulate others; this is a third dimensional vibration. As you are expanding, as you grow even if you are dealing with someone still in that third dimension coming at you, you send love, you send light and light will always break down the dark; always.

As you breathe into your heart center once more, is there any fear within you? Breathe in the balance and the love sending it into whatever it is that creates that fear, letting it go, releasing anything and everything that is associated with that fear.

If love is the foundation within your life, frequently happiness, joy, peace, contentment will be a part of that flow, therefore as we are integrating more love, if you have any of that that is outside of peace, happiness, flow, this is an opportunity to consciously send love and the heart center into those situations.

Okay, okay, as I could see people sending out that flow of love, I suddenly saw a number of people considering relationships in which there is a discrepancy. If you have a relationship within your life, where you may be in a heart center place and that other individual perhaps is not, take this opportunity to simply send the flow of love into that relationship.

It makes me chuckle, because in some of you I saw, bounce, bounce, that you would send love but because that individual was closed down it would just bounce off of them. What is that telling you?

You cannot fix somebody else unless they want to be fixed. I know that’s a discrepancy but the foundation is there may be other people around you that might be cut off within their heart and perhaps they would like to change, they simply do not know how. You may be the one that can help them be it conscious or unconsciously.

I therefore speak of two different situations. If there is someone where it’s bouncing off, and they are not open then chances are you are not to have any impact. However if someone seems closedown and you send love and there is a shift then perhaps there is more that you will do within that relationship. Relationships are in your life for many different reasons and for some of them is to have that experience and go your separate ways.

If that is what a situation needs to be then honor yourself and honor that individual by not trying to make them be what you want them to be. If you have other relationships where you come together and it seems you buttheads and you flow love and light and energy then perhaps that relationship moves in a different direction, if not, know that all you can do is flow love and light and that person will do whatever they will do in their life.

Within the fifth dimension and higher when you are in a place of love within you, that can link with everybody else that is in that space of a heart centered life and it becomes a wave and that wave gets bigger and bigger and bigger helping more and more people that are open to changing, that are opening to love to experience that within their lives.

Within the fifth dimension there is no control of another individual. There is only love.

Okay, I so appreciate how people frequently will through up a discussion to me when I make statements and what I just heard was, ‘as the third dimension is clearing out how can you know love unless you know the opposite of love’?

Because you are all living in this time where the third dimension has been so prevalent in your life, you are very well aware of what the opposite of love is all about, what it feels like, what it looks like and what it is within your life. The more that you are within the space of love and the more that it is branching out and moving out from you the less you will notice the lack. Trust that when one person is in that space of love within them and they send it out that it is going to spread giving everybody the potential to be within that space.

A heart centered life is one that is inclusive rather than exclusive. A heart centered life seeks to create potentials where others are supported through your own desires and choices. The day will come when you need not even think about it, it will just be. It is the not so distant future.

I will therefore say open your arms, open your heart, feel the love and be the love.

I invite you to come back together as a group. At that sense of a circle being created by all the light beings and all the people that are part of this journey, I invite you, I’m going to open up that space again and gather together the energy that is the inclusion of love, meaning as you are in the space of love and the expansion of that, so too is everyone.

Send that intention into the center of this group and as you do so it is creating a ball of light. This light swirls in and around itself taking on color and vibration. You take a portion of this, it goes out into the universe giving the universe that energy with which to work and the rest as you see the earth down below you ~whew~ we send that ball of energy and life ~whew~ a huge surge just went through everybody.

We send that ball of energy and light that it may expand the matrix; that it may further clear out the collective consciousness and it goes all the way down into Gaia, into her core essence and in doing so it comes back up through the earth. Take a moment and feel it coming up within you, knowing that everyone is interconnected and the love for one is the love for all and that swirls moving in every different direction.

You can feel the earth’s energy literally expanding as this takes place. Bring back the rest of your consciousness, that aspect of your consciousness that was still up in the All That Is. You have a sense of letting it gently come back down moving through the soul plane. It moves through your higher self and it anchors back within you.

Take this moment as you are anchoring these energies and consider everything that you did. You shifted relationships with people, you cleared out anything that was outside of love and then you embraced more and more and more of it as it came within your heart center and then expanded out from you.

Be in the space of what that is.

This is YOU as your authentic self.

In everyday of your life, I invite you to wake up with a conscious intention of breathing into your heart center, inviting your heart to open up. As you have this experience of breathing into your heart center then have a sense of sending it out from you allowing that understanding that as more and more people are tuning into within themselves and as that emanates from them; more and more and more of the energies and the vibrations of the earth are going to be what is supportive of one is supportive of all.

You as humanity are aligned with one another. Be in the space of love, be in the space of balance and you are your authentic self.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you



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