Rinus Verhagen: God’s Needle, and Human Trafficking Painfully Exposed

top news article eraoflightdotcomWhat I suspect happened.

It was a terror attack that Obama committed against China, destroying an atomic bomb.

The Corona Virus also came out of its tube at the behest of Bill Gates.


Know who was in power in the U.S. at the time.


Countries have made a treaty not to place nuclear weapons in space to attack a country.

Then the idea arose of the Military Industrial Complex to build GOD’s Needle and place it in space.

It leaves no real traces of impact.

Here’s how I think it works.

Tungsten is the heaviest metal in terms of specific gravity, this in combination with gravity and steering rockets you can use the GPS system on the meter to make an attack that can not be traced.

Suppose I had to make it look like this.

The gravity of this blunt heavy case, with its beginning propulsion that can strike exactly at the yuckish place, is just as false as atomic bombs that can’t be traced by radar, destroying right out of space with an unprecedented speed.

The harder the surface of the impact, the more devastating energy is released during the impact.

The Cabal tries in every way to destroy the world and its people.

This has also happened in Russia, at a refinery https://www.videoman.gr/nl/151091.

But also in the US and other countries, it’s all about power and energy in this rotten Cabal world.

It’s the Deep State that passes governments and wants our destruction.

Now that Trump is in control, he could easily destroy the Satanist governments’ buildings if these bastards are in there.

This could then be interpreted as a biblical miracle to deliver mankind from evil.

The reason why Erodgan is supported by the Satanic EU, and ISIS is funded by the Cabal governments from the west.

Satanist Rutte with his Cabal government, which is completely illegal, has financed ISIS with 70 million from the tax money of the population, with goods and Toyota vehicles.

Why did he do that?

This is clearly not for a weak stomach, because it’s diabolical what you see here:


Rutte and Fake King Willy together with their spiritual cooking class mother Beatrix are monsters, together with their Nazi government and politics.

People with a conscience, I ask you to stop feeding them with your energy, and stop paying taxes or fines that you have received.

Let it come to a trial, because they can never defend this.

A Cabal without money, is a toothless tiger, confront them with their crimes, and don’t let them escape, they have outlawed themselves to the people.

Rutte and his Satanists have started a war against us that they can never win.

Throughout the Netherlands 5G masts are an easy target, but don’t forget the cable distribution caste of KPN throughout the Netherlands, there are tens of thousands.

Also next to the NS railway, there is a fibre optic network that can be used as an emergency network.

We will not be irradiated with 5G genocide weapons.

It will no longer be possible to trade a single share for months, which means that everything will be completely destroyed, thanks to people who demolish this infrastructure.

It can’t be secured, because of the size and large number of these nodes and connection points in the KPN network, just like the network of ZIGGO.

Laws and sanctions are no longer applicable in a lawless state, as the Hitler cabinet has been in power since May 18, 1940.

Make use of your right of self-defense take action, against these child murderers, don’t let your tease ghosts rest for a second.

Go and hunt them down like mad dogs, they must spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder.

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