Sananda: Peace Takes Shape

sananda image eraoflightdotcomIt is with great joy that I and the others in the dimension where we are, find that a sense of PEACE begins to take shape in the hearts of humanity. This despite – or thanks to – the chaos that sometimes prevails on the outer earth. Values ​​change, more and more change perspectives – see life on earth with different eyes and appreciate the community, love and affiliation between you. Many, many people – not least with the help of illness that has forced them into their interiors – have achieved a peace and contentment with what IS and have regained their inner ability to seize life, seize the moment they ARE in and enjoy to the fullest of it.

Much has changed inboard, much has been transformed thanks to the whole of Humanity having made a great increase in energy as a collective. More and more people realize how everything is connected. If you have lived in an accident before, this is reversed now that more people understand that you are getting what you are thinking or otherwise putting your energy into.

The human collective, as most of you have probably noticed, has crossed a threshold, reached a level where the already rapid development is accelerating and the sense of unity is increasing. The feeling that you all on earth now need to work together, across party boundaries, across national borders, across all kinds of differences such as religion, skin color, etc.
It is time now to let God’s plan be fulfilled on earth and create the New World with peace, freedom and justice for all beings on Gaia, no one mentioned and no one forgotten.

When this process has been going on for some time, contact with Agartha, the inner world of the earth, can be resumed because your energies were then raised enough to make open and public communication possible. Thus, the soil surface can also receive help with purification and restoration, which your Mother Earth / Gaia is in great need of. Rapid development in energy, technology and natural treatment methods for any remaining diseases will reach you in the near future.

Just as your JOY and HAPPINESS that already trickle out here and where comes to the surface and reaches you all when you become free – or rather, when you realize that FREEDOM IS HERE, inside YOUR HEART you ALL already have the Truth that leads you to a life in freedom, joy and love.

I am your Sananda / Jesus and I love you all so much.

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla