AshtarA: Global Pandemic, Blended Children, Nova Gaia, Soul Contracts

galaxy eraoflightdotcomHello, dear Lightworkers of Gaia, this is Ashtara.* It’s been awhile since I have reached out to you and I’m sorry about that. We have all been busy; you and I both. Well, let’s see if we can carve out some time to connect today, shall we?

I wanted to let you know that you are all doing brilliantly with the massive changes that have taken place on Gaia. I’m referring to the pandemic and quarantine that is happening all across the globe. Such a dramatic change!! There is much fear and unease in the ethers. We do our best to send you love and light everyday and would love it if you could focus on sending love to the others on your dear planet Gaia as well. Send love, courage and strength to all those who are working so tirelessly to help others; whether they are health care workers, grocery store workers or delivery personnel. Everyone is pitching in to help each other and it is beautiful to behold!! We love to watch how many are stitching up masks for their family and friends and giving them away with love. We love to see those pure hearts who are helping deliver food and supplies to others who are house bound. And, not even close to lastly, but those who are still continuing to feed and house the homeless are at the tops of our list. Please reach out to help one another where you can. The joy you receive in doing so will light you up even more!

Many of your Blended Children have already come to Gaia. They may or may not be with you at this time. They are working on healing Gaia and healing the collective of humanity. You will meet them when the time is right! Please continue to reach out to them in meditations so they know you are thinking of them. As I said, we are highly telepathic. We love our parents but our missions come first and this is a key time where we need to focus on our missions. Much hangs in the balance. So, telepathic communication is best for now.

Lightworkers, the bridge to Nova Gaia, the 5D Earth has been completed and many are passing over as we speak. The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have reunited in joy and have balanced those beautiful energies. You can go there to visit or to stay if you wish, it all depends upon your Soul Contract. Many of you are the Gatekeepers and are helping others to cross over. Some come with their bodies, some without. This indeed is your Ascension!! Many of you will stay behind for a bit to help others here for awhile before joining those in Nova Gaia. As I said, it all depends upon your Soul Contract. Some had contracts to construct Nova Gaia while others are Gatekeepers and still others are Wayshowers who guide others to the Light. All Soul Contracts are sacred, of course. We even have them!! Yes, all Souls make a contract before coming into body. This is what we planned to achieve before we return “home” as you say. Our goals, missions, lessons to learn and so on–not necessary karma based as you may imagine. They are our hopes and dreams for our current lifetime. What is your Soul Contract? Are you aware of it? If not, I would kindly suggest that you meditate on it. Many include more than one mission in their contract; it can be specific or something general like “help others.”

The Divine Plan for freeing humanity from millennia of slavery is almost complete. We have assisted in removing the dark ones from your plane. You, Lightworkers have assisted in transmuting the muck of eons of dark thought forms and dark deeds. Bravo!!!!!!! That is heavy lifting spiritual work to be sure! We know how exhausted many of you are. Please treat yourselves well. Allow your bodies to rest when you need rest. Hydrate with clean water. Eat pure, wholesome fresh foods if you can get them as they will refuel your body.

Every day we get closer and closer to your Ascension. This will happen when enough of you wake up! Many sleeping humans have been jolted awake by the current situation of the global pandemic. Their world has been shaken and this is what was needed! We rejoice at seeing this. The sudden change of their lives has gently birthed a revelation of love. Families are spending time together while parents work from home and children learn online. A unexpected reunion, you might say. Please pray for those who do not have a home, or have an unhappy one. They need your support right now as much as those who are ill with this virus and those who are helping them.

I must be off to continue my work. I send all my love to you, dear Lightworkers of Gaia!!! Keep your heads held high and know that you are doing incredible work with love. We, your Galactic Family are here to help you and your Blended Children love you too. Namaste!

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Message of Love Through Dancing Dolphin

*If you are not familiar with Ashtara, she is the blended daughter of Dancing Dolphin and an Arcturian male. She is currently serving on the New Jerusalem starship of the Galactic Federation. Please see her first message here (there are 4 previous messages).

8 Replies to “AshtarA: Global Pandemic, Blended Children, Nova Gaia, Soul Contracts”

  1. TeeLight

    The need to judge and punish blocks our own Ascension.
    Yeshua taught this over and over.
    You feed the very beast you think you fight.
    Love, compassion, understanding for the mind space of the other.
    Love your neighbors, your enemies, yourselves.
    Simple message, nearly impossible for humans to learn.
    But many are making great strides.
    Yeshua tells me, and this pleases him immensely.
    So much love

  2. Teresa Harrison

    I am a Lightworker. I smile. I blast love from my core. I share peace. I know the amount of effort it takes some days. I know the joy and peace I receive from my work, when I share love and kindness and compassion. It is then an easy way forward.
    As an example, I live in a tourist town and sometimes it is difficult to be patient with other drivers, I have a routine. I huff and puff for a second or two. Then I send them on their way with uplifting thoughts Of peace, joy or adventure about their journey.
    What we send out to others, travels far and wide. Be careful. Our words and thoughts have tremendous power.
    And it is also important for me to be Love even to those who follow a different path.
    Thank you for these messages.

    1. TeeLight

      Yes, Teresa, yes.
      In order to break free from a controlling spouse I had to quit hating him and find gratitude and love.
      I, also, found this play out in metro traffic.
      “I guess they needed the road more than I do, bless their hearts and journey.”
      I strive for this thought first, though my trucker’s mouth often starts the show. But better everyday!
      Much love to you,Teresa.
      From, Teresa E, aka TeeLight



  4. Doug James

    Yah what about the cabal.. I suspect dark ones mean ETs? I also think the humans in the cabal are being arrested.

  5. Deborah Emrich

    Thank you for your encouragement and love. Lots of love right back to you!! Loving life!!