We Live In an Alien Playground

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomHello, my name is Deep Prasad. Not that the name should mean anything to you. A couple months ago I briefed the deputy commander of NORAD on how to detect and track hypersonic UFOs. He’s essentially the highest ranking military official in Canada. It had some overlap with my main line of work, which is heading a small Quantum Computing company out of Toronto — fortunately backed by Bloomberg’s venture funding arm and other VCs. We build software that run on normal computers as well, for which one of our clients includes one of the largest banks in Canada. After graduating Industrial Engineering I was supposed to take up a high paying job as AI engineer and head of an AI division within Wealth Management at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)..but I left after 4 days and ended up pursuing my passion for quantum mechanics to the point that I managed to turn it into a career.

Recently my paper got accepted into a top conference within my field (Quantum Information and Computing), I ended up being the only solo author who was accepted and didn’t possess a PhD. Last week I had a call with a scientist who was given a contract by the Pentagon’s UFO program which was recently declassified in 2017. He mentioned to me that the intelligence the DIA was studying is capable of manipulating people’s consciousness easily, and I half jokingly, half hesitantly said to him, “Does that mean the phenomenon could have seeded your brain with the set of hypotheses you just listed off to me regarding where it might be physically originating from (ie deep underground, extra dimensions or from space)?”

Without skipping a beat this defence contractor, 60+ year old senior scientist said, “Yes. Absolutely. In fact it might be possible that the way we perceive this intelligence could have been planted in our DNA millions of years ago.” So we could have been primed to interpret the entire essence of an advanced nonhuman being in certain culturally appropriate ways (such as a grey alien, an angel, etc).

I’m 24. To say my life is complicated is a f*king understatement. Over the next couple paragraphs I’m going to layout my most daring theory about the world as we know it. I don’t want you to believe or disbelieve it. Just read it for the sake of entertaining the thoughts and musings of a fellow human being. But also realize I never speak without a basis.

Okay here we go:

First of all I believe that Alien spacecraft crashed on Earth in different countries around the world from the 1940s onwards. Some of these crashes could not stay under wraps, hence embarrassments like Roswell. At first the generals involved had no idea what to do with the bodies or technology involved. All they knew was that this had to be kept absolutely top secret, and the nature of the situation immediately led to the greediest and most fearful but powerful of the bunch taking control. Overtime, it became well known fact in upper echelon military and tech circles that Aliens exist and sometimes bring technology to Earth that can also be theoretically reverse engineered for military/tactical purposes.

Any technology that wasn’t made by anyone on Earth is automatically the most valuable asset on the planet. Period. Now imagine if that asset could get you to any point in the world within seconds, and no one on the planet could stop you from doing so. That technology is real, and the Pentagon once again asserted it isn’t theirs or of any known entity. Going back to the group of people who decided to classify the Alien issue as top secret. They realized that there was even more to these beings than they could have possibly imagined. It must have been impossible to determine if humans were being told the truth by recovered UFO occupants. However what *could* be validated was scientific and technological knowledge. Of which I believe was provided upon request up until a certain point. That is to say, the Aliens were never and are still not the type to divulge critical technical knowledge to humans. It seems to be a Universal agreement that no one is allowed to know what it takes to go beyond quantum mechanics for example and discover more accurate physics that would take us closer to Alien science.

Eventually the Generals and other scientists involved started to understand how the game works. By the game I mean interacting with ETs in a useful way that led to some sort of pseudo mutual-benefit for both parties involved. Some ETs that are only slightly more advanced than us often get here in super worn down spaceships which need repair or can’t function well enough for a return trip. These ETs, not being able to bring an entire manufacturing factory with them to make a new ship or large parts, have struck some sort of agreement with a highly regulated and controlled group of generals, military scientists and private defence contractors who provide material resources as necessary and protect their presence from being revealed to the world.

Just like with humans, Aliens come in a vast array of intent and motivations. With some groups looking to influence us when they get here, some to work with us as almost equals, and others who are completely indifferent to our existence. This means it’s not far fetched to imagine a world where some are flying around in fancy ships and never talk to us, while some are engaging with humans in very controlled environments such as military bases or remote locations owned by private corporations. Then others still are interacting with us in ways we probably can’t conceptualize so well. The groups that work with these beings, likely figured out more advanced physics than any mainstream scientist ever will. But they probably hit roadblocks and have super clunky, barely working replicas of real Alien spacecraft based on first hand knowledge. Oh also, in my theory, these interactions between Aliens and humans on a reverse engineering program has certainly resulted in calculated leaps and breakthroughs in our technology. I believe the internet was planned and necessary for disclosure to occur, and that our technological development has been monitored by and facilitated by different Alien groups. Not all of the species that are on Earth and not of human or terrestrial origin are working together, either.

To add complexity to the situation, there are biological extraterrestrials like us humans, who end up evolving mostly humanoid body types. Some Aliens look similar to us, suspiciously so, because they probably are some version of us and humans as we know it are a cookie cutter species. Dropped onto a planet to see in part how we would develop and respond to various thousands to million year long experiments.

Yet, some lifeforms are coming from different points of origin for which we lack the physics, words or philosophy to describe. I believe these lifeforms are Godlike (but not God of course, should such an entity exist). More so than any Alien that comes here and flashes its psychotronic weapons and invisibility cloaking techniques on us.

I believe these lifeforms are part of a creator species. They are made of something more powerful than matter. This allows them to take on any form they want — even one of a different, biological Alien species from a different planet if they have to. That’s right, I’m implying there’s Aliens out there who are way smarter than other Aliens and mimic them so us dummies can even comprehend that they’re Aliens in the first place! Likely at some point, the power hungry groups of the world realized these specific kinds of lifeforms, whatever they are and whoever the hell they are, do not conform to anything predictable. In my OPINION, these lifeforms are benevolent and ultimately represent the end goal of evolution in the Reality we live in. They have been with us forever, altering our genetics long before we became homo sapiens. They are hyper intelligent, playful beings who have affected all human cultures in the background by appearing to people in their dreams, waking states, psychedelic states and so on throughout time.

Finally, tangible evidence exists of Alien bases that are inhabited by species a few hundred to maybe tens of thousands of years or more ahead of us. This evidence will be readily found the day a private space company like SpaceX goes to the dark side of the moon where there are multiple massive structures there that were not built by man. They existed before we even landed on the moon. Key people in NASA/DoD as well as high level officials from Russia and China are well aware of these non-human bases.

My final theory about the world is this: We live in an insanely factually incorrect world. It is actually scary, and has been emotionally taxing coming to grips with some of the things I’ve been wrong about, learned and concluded over the past year and a half. In less than a decade it will be common knowledge I predict, that we are not alone in the Universe and are being actively visited by intelligent non human life forms. I predict we are being primed to walk among these entities again as we used to thousands of years ago. The only difference is this time around we’re going to be able to grasp what we’re looking at better than we could have in the past. Interacting with these super intelligent entities who silently move around us like we are babies that shouldn’t be disturbed, is a topic deserving of the utmost dedication and research by members of the human race.

There will never be a time in human history again where our collective world view had to change this much, this fast. But it is going to happen and has already started to happen with the disclosure and declassification of the Pentagon UFO programs. I will share this article periodically as disclosure moves along, to remind us all that these UFO videos were never just about UFOs. It was always about the occupants inside and what they’ve been doing here all this time.

Deep Prasad

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