Rising Intensity

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomI don’t know about all of you lovely people, but I’m feeling good! It’s surprising me after 3 broken nights sleep in a row, and considering some of the utterly horrible information that has been taken on board of late.

In terms of the stars, well, they’re hotting up as we move into a short yet intensive period. This is because the Moon be exactly opposite to Pluto in just under 3 hours from now. They’re very close to that direct opposition now, and the Moon is also in a strong opposition to Jupiter, who is still just under 2 degrees from Pluto.

Jupiter and Pluto, what a major combination! Things started getting crazy when Saturn and Pluto came together in January. And then things got really crazy as Pluto and Jupiter came together after that. They’ll do so on 2 more occasions before the end of this year.

One can read into this in so many different ways, and it will mean different things for all of us individually. As a collective though, and bearing in mind the state of the world, I’m hoping for massive revelations and truths coming to the surface, and that seems to be playing out more and more, even if so many are still sleeping!

There are more sinister takes on the combination, and they’re also in play. Yet, at least we have awareness, much more than many of us had only days and weeks ago. Justice needs to be served; who can argue with that?

Something that intrigued me yesterday was the release of UFO footage from the authorities in the USA. How rare is that? I love the idea that we’re being de-sensitised to their existence in preparation for……………!

Uranus is now near enough half way between the Sun and Mercury, who are sitting 3 degrees either side of our whacky friend in the further reaches of the solar system. Uranus continues to be highlighted big time in this moment, and will be so strongly in our senses and perception as Mercury closes in within the next 48 hours. I expect it’ll feel crazy at times, yet maybe liberating as well?

Before that happens, the Moon will be directly opposite Saturn. A powerful yet testing opposition that will remind us of limitations. Don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s grounding, and we do live on the ground!

All in all, a powerful couple of days, and especially so in the coming few hours.

» Source » By Richard Stephens