President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action To Ensure The Safety Of Our Nation’s Food Supply Chain

uncovering truth eraoflightdotcomPROTECTING MEAT SUPPLIES: President Donald J. Trump is using the Defense Production Act to ensure that Americans have a reliable supply of products like beef, pork, and poultry. President Trump is signing an Executive Order providing the authority to ensure the continued supply of beef, pork, and poultry to the American people.

Under the order, the Department of Agriculture is directed to ensure America’s meat and poultry processors continue operations uninterrupted to the maximum extent possible.

To ensure worker safety, these processors will continue to follow the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Unfortunately, a number of America’s large meat processors and their workers have been affected by outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19).

In addition, recent actions in some States have led to the complete closure of large processing facilities.

This action will further ensure that vitally important food processors are able to continue to operate safely and meet the consumer needs of the American people.

SUPPORTING CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE: Closure of meat and poultry processing plants can quickly have an outsized impact on our Nation’s food supply chain.

Given the high concentration of meat and poultry processors in a relatively small number of large facilities, closure of any of these plants could disrupt our food supply and detrimentally impact our hardworking farmers and ranchers.

Closure of a single large beef processing plant can result in the loss of over 10 million servings of beef in a single day.

Similarly, the closure of a single plant can eliminate more than 80 percent of the supply of a particular meat product—like ground beef—to an entire grocery store chain.

Failure to process livestock could force millions of pounds of meat to disappear from the market, potentially leading to long-term disruptions in our supply chain.

To combat this crisis and ensure the adequate availability of food for the American people, it is vital that these processors are able to remain operating at this critical moment, while also taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities.

STOCKING OUR SHELVES: President Trump has taken decisive action to make sure that Americans retain access to a variety of food and goods during the COVID-19 outbreak.

From the very outset of the domestic COVID-19 outbreak in January, the President has worked to ensure the grocery store shelves remain stocked with food and goods.

In March, the President held a teleconference with grocery store executives to make sure food and essentials would remain available during the outbreak.

In April, the President announced that his Administration would provide $16 billion to farmers, ranchers, and food producers who experience economic losses during this pandemic.

Through the Department of Agriculture, the Administration is purchasing $3 billion in fresh produce, dairy, and meat products of excess supply to be distributed in order to assist Americans in need as well as producers with lost markets.

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22 Replies to “President Donald J. Trump Is Taking Action To Ensure The Safety Of Our Nation’s Food Supply Chain”

  1. Doug James

    I saw the Trump during the briefing
    The clip was edited there was a clearly pause between words. Disinfectants can be taken internally in small drops.. example MMS sodium chloride or H2O2 food grade hydrogen peroxide .. I personally take it as it converts water and O so it boosts your immune system! Also UV therapy.. Trump hasnt started ww3 has he? He isnt pro vaccine he has openly called the media fake..surely all on here know that right? He isn’t perfect he isnt a savior but he isnt trying to kill us either. By now if you haven’t figured out our media twists anything he says or does to attack him you clearly are not being honest about him and what is happening.
    He acted appropriately in closing down travel and in fact each State must close down via their Governor… Idaho and WA are not applyimg the same levels.. and now we all know.its a fake pandemic nothing needed posed it was all staged..

  2. Ed😘🥑💜


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  3. Tom

    Cheri the Clorox statement came out of your President mouth every one heard him.I know you believe he is a great president but the fact is the last great president was JFK.And Donald J Trump is not a great president. Of course you know I do not care for your president.
    This man caused this problem by not taking care of it back in January when he was brief on the virus. Now that is a true fact.As for the deep state or the swamp Trume is right there with them.
    You ask people to wake up please Cheri take off your colored glass. I read many of your statements and I believe you are a good person.And I am sure if we ever met we would agree on many things
    But friend the Trump Presidency is a cult.

    1. Cheri

      Tom he did not say to drink Clorox he was talking about the UV light technology done through airway tubes to purify the lungs. It is valid research with good preliminary results. He used the word to “disinfect” instead of “purify” or “eliminate” viruses in the lungs but the MSM purposely put out the narrative that he said to drink bleach or disinfectant. You do some research for a change!

      Look I know sadly you are paid to put out disinformation but there are a lot of people awakening and it is time we speak out against the nonsense propaganda you constantly spew.

      It is ridiculous to even think that anyone let alone a President would espouse drinking Clorox or Lysol and even more ridiculous to think that we are stupid enough to do it!

      We are keeping ourselves “safe” from the virus not the President. You guys are such victims! Wah! The President isn’t keeping us safe boohoo! Go find a dictator and he will keep you safe from all your individual freedoms!

      I am curious though if you guys work for Media Matters or which Soros funded outlet you work for? Infiltration from within! Silent war of the mind with weaponized information and propaganda.

      Keep it up though! You guys are what is fueling the great awakening! 😘

      1. Tom

        No Cheri if any person is blind to truth its you my friend. People were drinking it because Trump stated that it would kill the virus. Do your homework.
        Also why are reporters told they a price if they push the story of Pence not wearing a mask when he went to the Mayo clinic. Mother stated he did not know I guess he’s as dum as your Hero.

        1. Tom

          Tell me this Cheri wht does this president back terrorist in our country? He backed them in Michigan when they storm the states offices with their guns. Trying intimate the state workers. They had their big Trump sign out on the street
          Why is the head of Education taking checks off students to pay their Bill’s on student loans. It is not allowed by Congress. But she could care less of the law just like her boss Trump. Buy the way look in to it she owned stock in the banks that give out student loans
          You Trumpsters are fools the man in the White House can not even keep people to work for him. He’s has a very high turn over no other President had that problem. So much for his promise of hiring the best people. I guess that’s promise made promise keep!

        2. Cheri

          Tom my god! One person gave her husband fish tank cleaner that had the ingredient chloroquine in it which killed him and the media jumped on that because she said she gave it to him because Trump said to! Hoax! And now she is being investigated for murder. You can not possibly be this gullible!

          Also people have a right to bear arms that is in our constitution. Law abiding citizens protesting lockdowns are not “terrorists”. This is about freedom not violence. Look no further than Antifa and the cartels to find real terrorists.

          Sorry I still love ya but but you are a shill lol!

  4. John Browne

    This is a press release from the White House.. not a “news” item. There’s been NO willingness on the part of the meat-processing industries to keep their employees free from viral contamination. One State governor has threatened the workers with NO support if they fail to report for work– ie NO unemployment benefits, NO Food stamps (SNAP), & NO help at all. The workers are exposed to a disease that Trump has ignored because he sees it as an embarrassment. The chicken plant in Washington State that was closed had a work crew where 12 different languages were spoken! Many Central & South Americans & East Asians employed with NO continuity, NO valid communication from the management, & NO protective clothing offered these workers!

    What if the MEAT INDUSTRY is suffering? There are plenty of fruits & vegetable, & seafood available. No one is likely to starve from an absence of BEEF, or BACON! ^..^

    1. Cheri

      It is all about the media promoting ripples of fear amongst the population imho. It’s about false news promoting panic. Food shortages were part of the apocoplyptic plan along with mandatory vaccines. I am not sure of your point about farm closures and people speaking several languages? Hope you are not going to say it is about race which is media propaganda. It is not an embarrassment to President Trump he is one man in a huge government apparatus. It’s about ensuring that no American business fails during this pandemic. Unemployment insurance in the US is federal it cannot be cut off by a governor. There is full unemployment being paid to all who are out of work during this crisis (rather than partial which it has been in the past). The unemployment benefits are slow because the systems are antiquated and there is a huge surge right now. We all (Americans and green card immigrants and legal refugees) just received stimulus checks directly to get us through. I just got my check didn’t you? Food stamps are still available. Food banks are giving food to those who need it.

      Noone is withholding protective gear that is media propaganda. If they are they would be reported and arrested. This country follows strict standards for safety that is mandated by law. If one industry fails it creates ripples in the food chain. This is about solving problems not letting businesses fail. I hear your point about meat but this is a free country and some people prefer meat. Remember WWG1WGA! We want no failures in the system as this is the deep state agenda. Don’t buy into the panic and fake news. Wish the best for all and most especially our leadership is my motto! We are loving this nation back into wholeness but we are a team!

      1. Diana

        Very sensible response in my opinion Cheri!

        Perhaps I was a little hasty in judging what I read. I have to admit I had a little niggling feeling that the info might not be true. However, I am glad I shared, I feel a little more at ease now…



  5. Cheri

    President Trump is not in favor of mandated vaccines my gosh people! There will be vaccines and cures made available not mandated. We can’t ban the vaccines until we take back control of the deep state invasion of our government and big pharma. I wish you people would stop blaming the President for everything you feel powerless to control. We are a nation of consenting people not a dictatorship or victims of our government. This is one man who is finally doing something to help us. The swamp is deep and is now on parade for us all to see! He is doing the best he can for the benefit of Americans but is surrounded by the globalists installed throughout our government and all these bogus world organizations. For once we have a President who cares about America and her people but he is just one man. Wake up!

    1. John Browne

      President Clorox® has provided MORE swamp-dwelling creatures to the “Deep-Swamp” in DC than ANY President Ever (or at least since the Harding administration). He considers himself INFALLIBLE, & he prefers to rule as if he were a monarch. The COVID-19 virus is “an embarrassment” to him.. & he’d rather NOT support testing, or an accurate count of victims, because it only magnifies the level of his ineptitude. He is “never wrong”, & “always tells the truth” (even about his golf scores). I will feel much better when he’s back in business, and leaves the country’s government to be run like a Government- & not like a Business! ^..^

      1. Cheri

        Gosh John! That Clorox thing was a hoax! Do your own research and stop parroting the narrative pushed by the lame stream media! There is research on UV light internally healing parasites. You can go with big pharma and big government running your life or freedom and a market economy we all participate in and is driven by the people who participate. Bug government leads to communism and socialism which always fails and the people become pawns. It’s about power of the few not the welfare of the people.

      2. Doug James

        You mean by those who want to kill us ran by those people? Who allow Muslim brotherhood into all areas..who stage shootings and other events to manipulate and try to disarm..? Pelosi Obama Bush jr. 911 fame those people who view us as sheep and wld kill 90% of us and enslave the rest?

      1. Cheri

        Thanks Diana! Appreciate some actual source material lol!

        I don’t trust anything from the fake news but most especially Bloomberg and this starts out “According to sources from Bloomberg”. They are democrat shills. Never have sources on the record, always anonymous. I go straight to the horses mouth so to speak. President Trump said in a briefing recently that vaccinations were being developed but were at least a year away from being approved for release by the FDA as they would require extensive testing! I would be the first one to jump on Trump if he was supporting mandatory vaccines. He is a freedom lover. Calling out the WHO and the UN and all these globalists was a great start! He is surrounded by them but he does have control over his cabinet and he knows the deep state agenda very well. To me he is the only thing standing between us and them at the moment. In his televised briefings he is promoting cures not vaccines. The hydroxichloriquine is showing great results in CRV and is a cheap generic drug that fights malaria and lupus and other viruses but the MSM jumped on him for suggesting that as big pharma wants to make big money on Remdesivir which is like 10x the cost of CHQ. Anything to make a buck for these greedy deep staters. He is not a dictator and not Illuminati. You can’t kill your patients or mandate vaccines once a cure is found. Some people get a flu shot every year which I would never do. We have to stop obeying and just say hell no! They are used to being in control and looking to the government to do everything so the sheep feel safe! We have to take our power back and say hell no which we see happening now with the quarantines and all these idiotoc bans on mowing lawns and buying flags and closing beaches, I mean it’s just ridiculous. CNN said the virus can live on the water so this guy sold his kayaks hahaha! A cop in Australia told my friend she had to be moving on the beach or in the water as you can die just laying out on the beach. We are in absurd territory. I follow my heart knowing with Trump and definately do not take anything at face value anymore lol! I mean we know how this movie turns out and it ain’t in armageddon lol! Thanks for sharing though as I can feel your heart in your posts! We all want what’s best for humanity and that’s what we are seeing as the control structure unravels. Love to you! 😘

        1. Diana


          Miigwetch, for responding back to me. I was hoping that this was disinformation. It was on Quayle’s site and I thought he… well… was accurate, although a bit of a fear monger at times.

          We shall wait and see I guess, I’ll still be sending prayers for him just in case he needs a little help. Frankly, I was wondering if someone might be coercing him to take that stand.


          Love back to you too🌹

  6. Diana

    Not that it relates to this article, but it appears that President Trump is apparently now in favour of mandating vaccinations for everyone, and at warp speed as well! I have until now withheld any judgment or opinion about this man. He has a tough job, let him do it, was my thought.

    I was disappointed to learn that he appears to now be in league with Bill Gates and Big Pharma. I seem to recall that he was initially NOT in favour of vaccines because of the damage done to one of his children through vaccination. Has he turned into something or someone else? The fact that he seems to be in favour of removing one of our most basic human rights, freedom of choice, makes me wonder what or who this man really is. He doesn’t appear to be of the light. At present I have no other recourse but to send prayers for him for his highest good.

    Absolutely no one will force me to do something to my body which I feel is dangerous….. and yes, I would fight to the death if necessary. To be honest I do not even subject my dogs to vaccinations and they live long healthy lives.

  7. Marilyn G.

    Oh, like I trust the CDC, the WHO, or any other Deep State oriented org. Dear Mr. President: Would you mind terribly ensuring that our Constitutional rights are returned to us? As Bill Bonner said, this lock-down “is a little like putting women in jail to keep them safe from rapists.” You GO, Bill.

    1. Tom

      Tell me Marilyn do you have a anger problem. From your past statements it sure looks like that.
      Let’s review the past 4 months with our leader Trump.
      1 In January he was told about this virus in a white house meeting which he did not believe

      2 In February at one of his rallies he blamed the Democrats for it and stated their were around 12 to 14 people who had it in this country
      And this was not a problem another Democrat ploy to hurt him.
      3 March again ne claimed it was nothing and in the spring it will go away with the heat of the spring wealth.
      I could go on but at this point I feel I am talking to a wall
      As for Trump doing his job he has failed to keep this country safe from this virus. His business records prove that how many times has the man gone under in business that he started.
      He has screw any one that he deals with in business. In the end it comes down to this if he did his job right from the beginning we would not be in this mess today. I know it’s not his fault nothing ever is!

      1. Doug James

        Tom you really are blaming Trump for a bioweapons attack by dark actors who wanted to kill millions and force all to take a bio chipped vaccine? What the hell are you on this era of right site if you think Trump is to blame you watching CNN.