Judas Iskariot: Keep Hope Alive

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today I want to try to give you all hope, light and love.

It is a difficult time that you all go through but after dark the light usually comes back up.

It is important that you all now keep hope alive in your hearts. It is important that you see the light gleaming in the tunnel. It is important that you now consider what is essential in your life. What is essential in everyone’s life, including the Earth. Why is this so important then? Well, because when life returns to the more normal, it is important that you take the steps that are of great importance to you and the survival of the Earth. These are the steps that you should now consider.

All of the toxins that are now on Earth and in your bodies make it difficult for your immune system to protect you from various kinds of diseases. You need to look at your ecosystems and your biological diversity that has degenerated so rapidly on Earth. You need each other from the smallest insect to the higher species of these ecosystems in which you live. What can you do now to restore the Earth’s ecosystem and its biodiversity so that everyone can benefit from it? You are not animals that can be put into factories so that more of you can be produced. The question then is if you can do so to the animals closest to you in development? It may be something to think about for the future man. The poisons that are sprayed over fields and meadows, how can you even think that they will not enter your bodies. Of course, they do, and you can also take this seriously. It may be time now to rethink and think right so that biodiversity thrives and benefits us all. A small step in that direction will do wonders for the Earth and for yourselves.

You are many now who can help bring forth the right ideas and practically realize them in your life and in your world. There are many different solutions that can improve the life on Earth for both yourself, its animals and nature. This is what gives birth to hope, light and joy. It is in this way that you win back your power and your creativity. It is when creativity flows that many bright ideas are born. There are already many geniuses on your Earth. They already have ready-made solutions for how you can heal and heal the Earth. Let these rise and be the leaders for the further development of the Earth. May the leaders of the world take their counsel seriously now and take the steps needed to make the future generations of the Earth as successful as possible. Be the bright figures that you are inside and obey the voice that is now trying to make itself heard within you. The voice of your own conscience, the voice that constantly tries to reach you and talk about what is true and true. This knowledge, this truth, it is now important to follow for all the world’s leaders today. This also applies to all people who live on Earth today. The world is calling on all the true and righteous people who know and understand what must now be done, to save the Earth and yourselves, from more disasters of the kind that you have experienced so far. I know you now have the resources to do this. You are many who see and understand what needs to be done and established for a major change to take place. It can happen now at any moment.

We are with you and we believe in you. We send you lots of light and love.

Great love


Translation for this channeling into English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg