Monthly Astro-Forecasts May 2020

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomIt’s inherently human to fill life up with things to do, people to see, places to go and goals to achieve. We can become overly focused on busy-ness as we feel it gives our lives shape, structure and definition. As a result, there can be a distinct uneasiness and discomfort when it comes to consciously stepping into the quieter moments and making peace with stillness. In many ways, the more we do, the less in-tune we become with ourselves as we start to lose touch with our essence and sense of self; we become cluttered with ‘stuff’, most of which is inessential and superfluous to our everyday lives. Life isn’t shaped by what we do or achieve, it’s how we live that really matters.

Truth resides in those quieter moments as we are able to sense more, hear more and feel more. The reason so many find the stillness uncomfortable is because it’s within the silence where truth resides. Truth isn’t about finding the answers to all of life’s many questions, it’s about our willingness to look deeply into the core of our being to love and honour every aspect of our heart and soul. It’s a willingness not to push away what we see, but having the courage to stand in the silence, naked and bare, without the distraction or clutter obscuring the view. It’s our ability to accept what we see when we look in the mirror with love and compassion.

If we’re lucky, life isn’t just defined by what we lose or let go of, but by what we let in, from love and compassion, to joy and hope. Not one of us is perfect and to lovingly accept our imperfections is to open up the pathway towards thriving and flourishing. This is a time of profound healing and a time to let bygones be bygones as we start afresh and renewed. Harbouring bitterness and resentment only leads to us punishing ourselves, and we’re ready to be set free now.

Silence can be a powerful healer in life, and, at the moment, the silence is profound and far-reaching. It’s hard not to notice the skies are quieter, the roads are stiller and there is an air of calm; it’s as though the Earth is breathing deeply once again, the birds are singing more brightly, and the constant high-paced, over-stimulated, pressured drone of modern life has stopped and the white noise has eased up tremendously. This may sound strange given the current global situation, but there is a distinct sense of space and room to breathe deeply. Of course, not everyone has the time or the willingness to observe this. Many are working tirelessly in essential roles and some are struggling to survive, and it’s important we offer them support and sincerest gratitude in whatever way possible.

The silence is everywhere. Yet, it’s not empty, nor is it a void or a vacuum, it’s full of life, energy and passion. Silence carries with it the force of creation, it reconnects us to the depths within and brings us an inner stillness that enables us to live more wholeheartedly. Indeed, unless we know silence, how can we appreciate everything else as it brings life context and texture, shape and form? Silence isn’t a separate force as its inherent within everyone and everything, but it’s more noticeable at the moment as so many of us are in retreat. Just as night turns into day, and the air carries oxygen to our billions of cells, the silence seems to bring life to life.

This truly is a golden time to think about what we want in life, to highlight our priorities and to find ways to flourish and thrive. Life is short and we can never know what lies around the next corner, so it’s important that we make the most of every single moment. This period of ‘lockdown’ is taking away a great deal, but it’s also carrying with it the opportunity for so much more. We each have an opportunity to re-shape and re-define our lives from the inside, out.

Before we strive to return to ‘normal’, we need to be sure what version of normal we want. This is a powerful opportunity to re-set the balance and to create a new way of living and being. This is a time to unite and come together, to realise that we are all linked by a common thread that overrides the many differences we may perceive, and that thread is our humanity. It’s time to move beyond the discord we’ve created and to allow the silence to grow and blossom as we can no longer pretend not to notice the disharmony both within us and around us as it’s cracked us open to fully expose the underbelly of the soul.

Of course, being human is far from straightforward as we are inherently weird and wonderful creations, full of complexity and paradox. We are an awe-inspiring bundle of cells, thoughts and energy held together by skin and bone, and yet, we are so much more at the same time. It’s important to realise that we are not invincible as this virus has shown us the fragility of life. We can no longer take life or the earth for granted, and May is a time to open up our hearts and soul to our humanity, compassion and ability to connect…

I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As the winds of change continue to gather momentum within your heart and soul, May looks set to open some new doorways and directions on your path ahead. You have spent some time contemplating what’s truly valuable in your life, and there is a sense that you are beginning to focus on quality rather than quantity in terms of how you measure your happiness. You have been on the brink of a new chapter in your life for quite some time now, but you have felt stuck between trying to do what you feel you ought to do as opposed to doing what you feel is right. It’s as though you have been in-between where you were and where you want to be without realising where you are. As a result, although you’ve tried to push ahead, you haven’t had a clear sense of direction as to where you’re trying to reach, so you’ve felt as though you’ve been tied to a piece of elastic that’s constantly pulling you back to the same point over and over again.

It seems that the more clarity you find in terms of your true priorities, the more the elastic will fade away allowing you to move forwards with strength, courage and passion. You are a free spirit and a creative soul, and the time has now come for you to embrace these wholeheartedly as you make some big decisions about what happens next. It’s time to stop focusing so hard on trying to be the person you feel you ought to be and start being your wonderful, effervescent and exuberant self. Accept where you are now, in this moment, and this will help inspire you to see the bigger picture of your life in order to take some big, bold steps on the journey ahead…


Life is a constant ebb and flow of the tides, there is always movement, shift and transformation. Life frequently brings you to the threshold of change and you sometimes find yourself teetering on the edge of something new, not feeling quite ready to let go of the old. Yet, at the same time, you accept the inevitability and inescapability of change; you know only too well that life is a cycle of endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings. There are times when this can leave you feeling overwhelmed, dazed and confused as everything can feel intangible and incomprehensible, but intuitively you know that this is the way of life as nothing is ever set in stone. As much as you may long for permanency, you know true wisdom and freedom comes from accepting the ever-moving flow of life. Yet, you long for a piece of stable ground to rest upon, even for a short while, in order to take stock of the life you’ve lived, the life you’re living and the life you long to live.

When you do pause to take a big, deep breath, as soon as you grab the moment, it slips through your fingers and merges into the next moment. It’s like running water, always moving and always flowing.  It’s important to realise though, that this longed-for piece of stable ground is already beneath your feet, you just need to take a deep breath and bring yourself fully into the moment. You spend so much of your time trying to please others, trying to be the person you feel you ought to be and trying to get life ‘right’, that you can create dams in that free-flowing energy. Now is the time for you to set yourself free, to breathe deeply and to wholeheartedly go with the flow…


As you continue to ponder the concept of what it’s like to be you, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise that being you isn’t something to find or achieve, it’s something to be. Of course, you are already you, always have been and always will be, but there is a sense that you have spent a great deal of your life wearing masks and façades as you have tried to fit in with others, in particular, to fit in with your idea as to their expectations of who you should be. Yet, in truth, you have no real idea as to what other’s expectations are, and you have created a dizzyingly high pedestal that you feel you need to sit upon in order to feel ‘right’ or ‘whole’.  You don’t spend your time trying to live up to the expectations of others, you spend your time trying to live up to the ever-expanding expectation you have for yourself. Own it!

May looks set to be a month to gaze deeply into the mirror of your soul whilst allowing it to gaze deeply into you. You are wise, intuitive and empathic, but you spend far too long trying to make sense of ‘what is’, ‘what may be’ and why things are the way they are. Your quest to understand the meaning of life is admirable, but it ties you up in knots as you are usually left with more questions than answers. Whilst you know what motivates you, it’s important for you to understand these motivations as you contemplate your path ahead. You are currently in-between chapters in your life, and how deeply you breathe into the present moment looks set to shape and define you from the inside, out…


You have always had a bucket list in life as you have a cacophony of things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve. The list never gets smaller as you’re always adding new ideas and goals. This is understandable as life is forever moving and changing, but there is a sense that there are times when you are more focused on honing your list than you are on actually living the list! It doesn’t matter how neat the writing, how pretty the doodles or how succinct the words, at the end of the day it’s your intention that’s the most important thing here. You can have bucket lists and ‘to do’ lists until you’re blue in the face, but unless these lists fill you with passion, excitement and energy, there’s a good chance that you’ve deviated ‘off plan’.

You seem ready now to start re-shaping your true priorities and re-thinking your dreams as it’s important to make the most of each and every moment in life. Of course, you already know this but it’s important to realise that energy spent creating those lists is energy not being spent on living those lists. Having goals and dreams is important, but it’s the present moment where you re-connect to your true priorities. You are wise, intuitive and creative, and May looks set to be a month where you begin to see yourself and your life from a new perspective as you focus on what you really want from life. This may not be an easy and effortless process as change isn’t always straightforward, but listen to your heart and soul to guide you. It’s time to let go of trying to do more, be more and achieve more; it’s time now to be you and to love yourself for it…


As you continue to unravel and unpick the knots and tangles within, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a clearer sense as to why you are the way you are. As a result, your focus has shifted beyond the humdrum of the everyday towards living a more extraordinary life. Of course, you’ve always been extraordinary, it’s just that you are now more aware of this and its allowing you to look at the panoramic bigger picture of your life with honesty, truth and courage. It’s not always easy seeing so much about yourself, as there are quirks and nuances that you often like to ignore, however it’s important to acknowledge these now as they all form a part of your true sense of self. You may look up at the sky and feel that one of two missing stars wouldn’t matter, but they are part of the whole and without them the picture isn’t complete. This is exactly the same for those aspects of yourself that you often overlook or dismiss; they may be small, but they matter!

For a long time now you have tried to be the person you felt you needed to be, the one who holds everything together, sacrificing your own needs in the process. Whilst this has turned you into an essential cog – the person no one can do without – you have placed an enormous weight around your neck at the same time as you have very little room to breathe. Of course, you will always help and support others, but you need to find balance as the lion in you wants the freedom to roar freely once again. So, be proud of your quirks and imperfections, embrace your extraordinary essence and dance freely in the fiery passions of life once again…


May looks set to be a month for a deepening period of reflection and review as you continue to contemplate your journey through life: the path you’ve walked, the path you are walking as well as the path you’d like to walk ahead. You have spent a long time trying to be the best you can be, working hard to achieve your goals and taking big strides towards your hopes and dreams.  As a result, you have achieved a great deal and you have become wiser with each passing year. Yet, there is a part of you that never really feels as though your best is good enough; it’s more than simply wanting to evolve and grow, it’s almost a sense that, on some level, you don’t believe you are trying hard enough. Of course, logically you know this isn’t the case, but there’s a belief system stuck in your programming that has left you feeling a sense of lack, as though you need to ‘do more’ or ‘do better’.

Whilst this has inspired you to push your boundaries and explore pastures new, there is a sense that this belief has also instilled some self-doubt as well as a layer of self-recrimination. Both have the capacity to trip you up and thwart your evolution as they are the little voice in your ear that creates uncertainty and angst. This can leave you so focused on keeping on keeping on that you forget to appreciate your gifts, achievements and accomplishments. It’s time to use your formidable mind to see the bigger picture, to let go of those beliefs that no longer serve a positive purpose and to wholeheartedly acknowledge your gifts as you begin to re-focus your energy in new ways in order to live the life you were born to live…


Being human can be a complex and confusing experience, being you even more so, as your awareness reaches far and wide as you can see not only your own bigger picture, but everyone else’s as well. It’s as though, in a single moment, you can hear and sense every thought, every breath and every sound. Most would find this intolerable, but you take it in your stride as it’s your ‘normal’. As a result, your awareness of the ‘human condition’ is profound as you can see life from so many different angles and perspectives. This has brought you a great deal of wisdom and understanding, but sometimes this overloads your circuits, leaving you craving quiet and retreat. There is no doubt that humans are a perplexing bunch, full of idiosyncrasies and quirks, and whilst this makes for an interesting and colourful world, it also leaves you trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are.

Although you know how complex life is, and you accept your phenomenal intuitive and empathic tendencies, this doesn’t stop you from expending a great deal of time and energy seeking out clarity and coherence. This can create frustration within you, as well as a deep sense of energetic fatigue, which can wash over you without notice. Being so worldly aware is a blessing but do ensure you take time out to re-charge and replenish yourself. It’s time to embrace acceptance more wholeheartedly and rather than carrying so much of this intense awareness around with you all of the time, learn how to let it go. You won’t suddenly lose your abilities if you let go, you will simply re-discover your effervescence and creativity as you will have more capacity to be yourself. So, take a deep breath, set yourself free and let your soul sparkle…


As you continue to explore your intuition and creativity, there is a sense that you are beginning to reconnect with your true essence as you can see beyond the clutter and clatter of everyday life of things to do, people to see, places to go and stuff to think about. You are very finely tuned into the background hum of life which would be disconcerting to many, but you rather enjoy the buzz as it helps you feel connected and a part of the whole. However, there are times when this buzz takes over and prevents you from being fully in tune with your own essence and this can leave you feeling discombobulated and unsure how to move forwards with your life. On the surface, you are something of an open book, but a quick peak into your mysterious depths reveals a complex, creative and somewhat contradictory soul; so something of an open and closed book at the same time!

The contradictions arise because you strive so hard to be everything to everyone, and this can pull you in different directions, and very often away from your own path. Whilst you admirably love to do so much for so many it really is important not to forget about yourself in this process. This is why having an opportunity to reconnect to your own essence is so magical as it brings you a well-needed moment to think about your true priorities and to work out what you really want from life. This is neither selfish nor indulgent, it’s necessary in order to keep your essence flowing freely; you need some breathing space and a chance to recalibrate and rebalance yourself. You are a vibrant, passionate and compassionate soul and it’s time now to shine your light brightly as you step towards pastures new…


As you continue to crave some quiet time for contemplation and reflection, it seems that you’re beginning to realise just how fast forward your life actually is. You are always on the go, rushing from one place to another, thinking up new plans and drawing up ‘to do’ lists. In fact, you may even have ‘to do’ lists for your ‘to do’ lists as you are simply bursting with energy and ideas. In many ways you are the epitome of being a ‘wind through your hair’ kind of soul, craving living on the open road of life, seeking adventure and new terrain. Staying in one place for too long feels too stagnant and restrictive for you as you need movement to thrive and blossom. In many ways you could be described as an energetic wriggle bum, never sitting still and even when you do, your mind is in overdrive. Of course, you can find your quiet moments during meditation or creative endeavours, but it’s hard for those thoughts not to creep back into your consciousness.

This is your ‘normal’; it’s how you live and how you function, but there is a sense that you would benefit from easing up on the throttle for a while, enjoying the view rather than trying to get from where you are to where you feel you need to be as quickly as possible. Take a breath! Relax! Sometimes the true gems in life are in the here and now rather than on the horizon, don’t miss them because you are moving so fast. Your eagerness and enthusiasm help you to achieve a great deal, but you need to start realising that sometimes less is more. In other words, sometimes doing nothing is the most constructive thing to do as it can bring you perspective and balance…


As you continue to find ways to conduct your very own orchestra in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how much of your time you spend bending and flexing trying to accommodate the needs, wants, foibles and wishes of others. May looks set to be a time for some self-exploration as you begin to contemplate looking beyond the four walls of your everyday life to the landscape beyond in order to think about what you really want. In many ways you are happy keeping on keeping on, but there is a part of you that wants more than contentment and definitely more than the apparent mundaneness of keeping on keeping on. Of course, keeping on allows you to steadily plod through life, but you want more than this, some magic and sparkle that takes you off the beaten track and towards pastures new. It can be confusing being you as on one hand you want to be a free spirit, exploring your creativity and pushing your boundaries, but on the other hand you quite like the ‘comfortable slippers approach’ as well!

It’s time to ask yourself some important questions in order to work out your true priorities and to know what you truly want. Maybe you’re happy maintaining the status quo, if so, make peace with that as it’s perfectly okay to like wearing comfortable slippers. If not, then believe in yourself and know that creating change is not only possible, it’s also your birth right as you have the creativity, ingenuity and passion to flourish. Whilst you can never know what lies around the next corner, this doesn’t mean that you always have to err on the side of caution. Life is for living, and surely you owe it to yourself to make the most of now…


Your quest for acceptance and balance continues in earnest throughout May as you begin to explore new ways to live your life. You have reached a kind of crossroads, a turning point where what once seemed acceptable and normal now feels awkward and uncomfortable. It’s as though you have evolved to a point where ‘normal’ just no longer fits you, not that it ever has, you just mastered the art of fitting in as that’s what so many do in order to get on with the business of life. However, fitting in just doesn’t feel right to you now as you want the space to explore your uniqueness and the freedom to follow your dreams. You have truly evolved beyond ‘normal’ and moved into the realm of the extraordinary; into a space where you feel happy in your own skin and feel blessed to be unique, intuitive and deeply empathic.

It seems that the more you have tried to fit yourself into that normal-shaped pigeon-hole, the more you are realising just how exhausting that can be. It’s only when you take some deep breaths and shake off the cloak of normal that you can feel lighter, brighter and more energised. It’s time now for that spark of creativity within you to re-ignite your passion and self-belief as you begin to think about how to live the best life possible. Trying so hard to fit in has seen you achieve a great deal, but you seem ready to seek out a new level of enrichment from embracing your uniqueness and wholeheartedly accepting your true essence. Living the best life possible takes courage and strength, but you have both by the bucket load; so take a deep breath, feel the earth beneath your feet and get ready to soar to new heights…


As you continue to take some shelter from the ebb and flow of life, cuddling up in the warmth of your soul, you are beginning to gain a truer understanding as to what the concept of nourishing you from within truly means. You have long been aware of your blurred edges as your empathic and energetic connections with others is so deep and so profound that you rarely know where you end and where others begin; instead you feel merged into a kaleidoscope of energies. This is as beautiful as it sounds, but it can also be confusing as it means it’s hard for you to gain a clear sense of your true self. May looks set to be a month to continue this period of reflection but, at the same time, to start considering just how you can define yourself when you feel so indefinable. This isn’t an impossible conundrum, it’s just that you often feel nebulous and without edges, and, because you believe this, it’s hard to realise that you are the kaleidoscope; just because your edges are blurred and moveable doesn’t mean you are not still you, however you have to believe this to be so!

Whilst you may feel like a piece of driftwood being carried along by the currents, you have the will, courage and skill to transform that piece of wood into a majestic and beautiful ship. It’s important to realise that you have considerably more presence and oomph than you give yourself credit for as this is a pivotal moment in the timeline of your life to stop drifting and to start steering towards a new way of living and being. Yes, the current may carry you off course at times, but keep feeling the warmth within your soul as it will guide you forwards and show you the way…

» Source » By Sarah Jane Grace