Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Will the Scamdemic Flush out the Secret Space Force?

era of light alternative news connectionAlthough there may seem to be a stalemate on the surface as the battle for Planet Earth rages on, something huge is coming, multiple U.S. government-linked sources agree. The secret space program is about to be unveiled, NSA sources say.

For their part, NASA sources say some sort of anomaly is “affecting the very fabric of reality.”  The U.S. military is also now in full war-time mode with over 1 million reservists being called up.  As a result, the list of missing celebrities, billionaires, and politicians keeps growing as a massive purge of Satanists continues.

As the real criminals are being rounded up, the bankruptcy of the U.S. corporation is now leading to the mass release of mostly non-violent offenders.  While many law and order advocates are raising alarm bells, the fact is the U.S. has been operating a massive prison slave labor gulag.

Americans are 20 times more likely to end up in jail than Chinese.  For example, an African American friend says her brother was jailed simply because his hair tested positive for marijuana.  This is but one of countless examples of the ruling cabal using any pretext to gather up prison slave labor.  A colleague in Singapore has seen U.S. bonds backed by prison slave labor being sold to investors in the Far East.  Let that sink in: the U.S. government has been selling slave-labor backed bonds to the Chinese.

The bankruptcy of the corporation is now shutting down this gulag.  Only the truly dangerous criminals need to be kept in jail in the present circumstances.  Maybe setting up a system of gang-controlled prison reserves might be the way to go forward on this?

The sheeple meanwhile, hunkering down in their homes, are very slowly beginning to realize their current government is composed of criminals and liars.

Many traditional news outlets are now waking up to this reality.  The New York Post, for example, is reporting that Bill Gates may have created the coronavirus in order to microchip people.  The NSA is saying the same thing, as crazy as it sounds. coronavirus-to-microchip-people/

The vaccine industry is being busted big time and people will be horrified when they learn what trusted medical officers have been doing to them.

The rabbit hole runs deep and there can be no doubt a family mafia has been running the Western world like a giant slave ranch for thousands of years going back to Babylon.

The Russians have been hysterically attacked because they were able to pinpoint the leadership of this mafia.  The photographic evidence below, for example, is just part of a mass of proof that shows Adolf Hitler’s children have been running much of the Western world since WWII ended.

Did you know Barack Obama’s mother, a criminal wanted by the FBI, was according to the Russians a daughter of Adolf Hitler?  His father, Frank Marshall, was an American communist agent.  Here is a picture of the FBI wanted poster and agency file photo for Obama’s mother.

These other photos sent by the Russians may help you wrap your head a bit around the enormity of the lies we have been told since the end of WWII (if not longer).  Before looking at them, please realize Hitler escaped Berlin on a plane to Norway before taking a submarine to Argentina.  He lived to a ripe old age in Paraguay on a ranch that was subsequently bought by the Bush family.  That is why many of his children were born long after the war ended.

The right-hand side photo we have posted before showing Adolf with his daughter Angela Merkel.  To convince doubters we now add an official photograph on the left side of the young Angela for comparison purposes.
Then we have Angela’s maternal grandmother’s photo (Eva Braun’s mother).

The following photo shows three of Hitler daughters who ended up in positions of power: Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Dalia Grybauskaitė, President of Lithuania

Here we can see the percentage of Jewish blood among top Nazis.

Merkel makes a fascist salute to Nazi Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

The release of evidence like this is part of an attempt to wake up the sheeple to the reality of their gangster government.

After the false-flag attack on 9/11/2001, the Nazis fulfilled their long-term plan of taking over the United States and turning it into a fascist puppet state.  That is what is now being taken down by the White Dragon Society and its Western and Eastern allies.


Here is a summary of what is being uncovered (from Prepare for Change):

  • The Governor of Michigan used to work for George Soros
  • California Governor Gavin Newsom is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew.
  • Nancy Pelosi is Hitler’s niece.
  • Adam Schiff’s sister is married to George Soros’ son.
  • John Kerry’s daughter is married to a mullah’s son in Iran.
  • Hillary’s daughter Chelsea is married to George Soros’ nephew.
  • ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Adviser.
  • CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
  • ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to Jay Carney, former Obama White House Press Secretary
  • ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary.
  • ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Elizabeth Sherwood, Obama’s former Special Adviser.
  • CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to Tom Nides, former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary.

The White House, Senate and Congress lists go on and on…it’s all one big cabal family club and you are not allowed anywhere near it!

This is what the alliance is fighting against.  These are some of the celebrities and politicians we are being told have already been arrested (it has yet to appear on an official Justice Department press release so think of it as provisional at this point):


Seth Green, James Gunn, Dan Scheinder, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Spacey, Kathy Griffin, Oprah Winfrey, Shawn Carter, Beyonce Knowles, Anthony Kiedis, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Jim Carrey, Steven Tyler, Ben Affleck, Stephen Collins, Will Ferrell, Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon), Marshall Matthers III, Jeffrey Jones, Victor Salva, Marc Collins Rector, Charlie Sheen, Tyler Grasham, Madonna Ciccone, Katheryn Hudson, Gwen Stefani, Stefani Germanotta, James Franco, Will Smith, Justin Roiland, John Cusack, Demi Moore, Brian Affleck, Meryl Streep, Wanda Sykes, Chelsea Handler, Michelle Wolf, David Yarovesky, Pharrell Williams, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Downey Jr, Courtney Love, Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp, Brian Warner, Asia Argento

Some Political Elites:

Joe Biden, John McCain, Bob Menendez, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Jacob Schwartz, Ed Murray, Barney Frank, Brock Adams, Mel Reynolds, Neil Goldschmidt, David Wu, Tony Mendoza, Anthony Weiner, Peter Strzok, Adam Schiff, Charles Windsor, John Kerry, Joe Scarboroug, Andrew Cuomo, Justin Trudeau, Brian Stelter, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Pope Francis, Bill Richardson, Peter Soros, Prince Andrew, Barack Obama, Anderson Cooper, Sheila Jackson-Lee.

This group is still not going quietly into the night and it is clear they tried to kill us and scare us back into submission with the coronavirus “plandemic.”  It is also clear that for some reason, their bioweapon attack on the human race is being neutralized.

This Italian politician is one of the sheep that woke up and realised the illusory nature of this pandemic when he checked the facts and found out that the so-called coronavirus deaths were nothing of the sort: vid-19/

Here you can see the real causes of death, which are mostly heart attacks and cancer:

However, the Chinese and Russians are fully aware that the US regime tried to kill us all with bio-weapons.

Look at these official statements:

We have taken note of the statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry…

The United States has set up numerous laboratories on the territory of the former Soviet Union, which is causing serious public concern in the neighboring countries concerned, said the spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Geng Shuang, on Wednesday (April 28)

Meanwhile, the official Xinhua News Agency said

Washington must respond to concerns that the delayed and chaotic US response has accelerated the spread of the virus to other parts of the world.

This is as diplomatically obvious as they blame the USA for the spread of the pandemic without an actual declaration of war.

Since the bioweapon attack turned out to be a dud, there is now a serious ongoing attempt by the cabal to kill us with electromagnetic weapons.

This is getting closer to home. Last week the vet to whom I entrust my dogs addressed me with a fascinating story.

He said they had conducted a 5G experiment in Zenpukuji Park, which is near my home in West of Tokyo:

Birds began to fall from the sky. I was summoned and I brought 3 dead pigeons back to my hospital and examined them.

They all had torn lungs as if something had been confused with the sodium ions in their bodies. They also all had the same symptoms as infectious peritonitis in cats (a coronavirus that destroys cats’ lungs).

He said it was not naturally possible for pigeons to get a cat corona virus.

Apparently birds fall from the sky in other places like Australia. 205888

We have heard earlier from Dr. Michael Meiring and others that HIV was created by mixing a cat disease with genes from African green monkeys and other nasty stuff to make it contagious to humans. ealth-information/feline-health-topics/feline-infectious-peritonitis

These people must be removed from all positions of power as quickly as possible, and that is what is happening now. The last bastion of their control network is the corporations and the banks.

Therefore, the US corporate government and its financial system must be imploded.

One way to achieve this is the collapse of the oil price. The recent negative oil prices have driven computer speculators out of the oil market.

The same happens with other raw materials. It is about separating the financial speculators from the real business world.

The cabals defend themselves by trying to destroy people’s livelihoods, by shutting down the economy with the pretended isolation against a pandemic.

This struggle can be seen as a recovery of the stock market (enrichment of the cabal), while the US adds a record 30 million unemployed (impoverishment of the people).

These satanic rulers are so arrogant that they still leave public signs of their activity, in particular the number 666. For example, on 29 April FRB’s balance sheet reached 6.66 trillion dollars, while Italy’s crime rate fell by 66.6% due to the lockdown.

As things stand, the US military is the only institution capable of dealing with the collapse of the satanic US corporation.  A total of 1,031.03 reserves are being mobilised to ensure that basic survival items (food, shelter and emergency medical care) are available to all people if the system collapses.

The cabal’s efforts to close meat processing plants are an example of how the military has already intervened.

You can confirm this by reading the following execution instructions.

The EU is also disintegrating together with the USA and is breaking up into its constituent states.

What’s next?

It is hard to say how long the chaos will continue and get worse, but the worst will probably be over this summer, Pentagon and other sources predict.

But the real question is whether the collapse of the US corporation will remove the secret space program and secret military technology monopolized by the elite.  The WDS turned to the Nazis and offered them full amnesty (with the exception of child torturers and mass murderers).

We hope that the revelation of their secret space program will provide the USA and the rest of the world with the spark to start a new age of wonder.

Whatever happens, the global awakening of the masses, which has begun, can no longer be stopped.

Humanity will be freed from thousands of years of slavery.


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12 Replies to “Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Will the Scamdemic Flush out the Secret Space Force?”

  1. Fry

    It’s really hard though to figure out what’s going on, as now the internet is getting bombarded with truth as well as bogus information to make it look like the cabal is winning. I still see all these criminals walking the streets and twitting. To be honest, I don’t know how I feel about this trust the plan anymore. It seems they keep pushing to take our freedom away. My roommate says, Trump is showing the people the evil. Well the evil is now just continuing, enough is enough. Just get it done, I mean, this one state had a MARP tank out pointing guns at civilians. What are they waiting for, so over it.

  2. Tom

    I disagree with Fulford is a journalist. You see Marilyn a journalist if they are worth their salt doe their homework and gets back up data on the subjects they are reporting.
    I have read Ben for many years and to be honest I would say 90 percent never comes true. Just like Q all talk no results from Q.
    As for the statement that most of the black hats are Democrats this I can not say with out prove. Her are some facks I do know CIA biggest drug dealers in the world. Bush Family are as dirty as the Rockefeller Rothschild Clinton Cheney family’s and let’s not forget Nixon and Kissinger

    As for JFK daddy Bush was in on that killing as his father Preston Bush back Hilter during WW2 with many other rich white family’s who’s boys never seen action in that war.So to close that is just a few facks I do not see one party that is cleaner then the other but I will say history has shown Republicans working for corporations over the working man and woman.But we all see things differently!! But thanks for that information.

  3. Doug James

    Lets stay positive keep grounding the light and know God Galactics Alliance US Military Agarthans LWs are unstoppable.

    1. Marilyn G.

      griffineagle7 — Two deep states? Are you speaking of the cabal as well as the shadow government? I confess it’s confusing. There are so many ways of referring to the Illuminati. It’s “in” to say ‘cabal’. There are warring factions inside the cabal and that, at least, provides comfort. Let’s hope they destroy themselves, because that is possible.

  4. Tom

    After reading this and other stories by Ben.
    I believe he works for the deep state.
    All the bad people are Democrats and yet Bush family buys Hilter Ranch
    Were are some deep state players like:Kissinger, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Cheney, Gates, The only ones he states is Clinton’s. We all no the dirt runs in both partys. Who pulled off 9-11we all know it was the Bush Family!

    1. Doug James

      Agreed I would think all must go down..still today people think 9ii was real despite it being impossible for steel bldgs to collapse due to a fire.

    2. Kazar

      Hey. If I remember correctly Fulford at the beginnings of these types of blogs stated that the White Dragon society offered him protection from one of the US intelligence services trying to kill him in exchange for being their spokesman. So that is the perspective he writes from. So it’s like anything else out there a mix of truth and disinformation.

      1. Marilyn G.

        Kazar — I should imagine that it was the CIA trying to kill Fulford, as the CIA is un-American and determined to take the reins of power from the grasp of we, the people. The WDS is comprised of White Hats and good on them for protecting one of the world’s true journalists. The CIA needs to be destroyed by whatever means possible. There are some good people in there, fellow Lightworkers in fact, but their desire to bring decency to that org. is an uphill battle. JFK wanted to break the CIA into a million pieces; let’s hope DJT can pull that one off. Good riddance to the rotten-to-the-core CIA, murderer of democratically elected officials worldwide. May Ben Fulford live a long an prosperous life.

    3. Brenda Kuder

      I agree with you. It’s the same with the Q information. They claim all of the good guys are on the right and all the bad guys are on the left. A more balanced approached would go a long way.

      1. Kazar

        Agreed Brenda. The Republic has been betrayed by both houses of Congress the DOJ, Presidents, parts of the military, The Supreme court, bankers, media, FDA and Both the the Democratic and Republican parties. While many of the things President Trump has done appear to be positive, he could do a thousand good things and undo it all with mandatory vaccines. TRUTH is Independant or you lose your voice to call out both aspects

    4. Marilyn G.

      Um, Tom? That is incorrect. As Fulford has explained, he’s a journalist. A reporter. He has his sources. But listen, realistically, most of the Black Hats in the U.S. ARE Democrats. Maybe you should re-assess your loyalties to that party. I was a Dem till about 30 years ago, I began to realize that this was no longer the party of JFK. Democrats are aligned with socialism, communism, and Satanism, like it or not. This is your wake up call.